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Klass' Infamous Theory About Valentich Incident

From: Giuliano Marinkovic <giuliano.marinkovic.nul>
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2013 10:33:32 +0200
Archived: Sun, 30 Jun 2013 10:45:18 -0400
Subject: Klass' Infamous Theory About Valentich Incident

Dear Colleagues,

Don Ecker, former Director of Research for US UFO Magazine,
digitized and made available important audio of the 1992 debate
in Denver between him and Phil Klass which was organized by
Michael Corbin at the time.

During that historical debate, Klass made the infamous comment
about the Valentich incident suggesting that "there is reason
to suspect that Valentich who was a very young and
inexperienced pilot, may have been on a drug-running mission."

Audio of the debate was broadcast in Don's show Dark Matters
Radio and you can download it here from this link:


Thread on The Paracast Forum about this debate is located here:



Extraction from Don's post about Klass' theory:


"The debate itself became very infamous because of something
Phil Klass alleged. We were discussing several then well known
UFO events and the case of Fredrick Valentich was raised. Klass
claimed that Valentich was smuggling drugs because he had 4 life
preservers on board his aircraft. I landed on Klass Hard in the
debate. This totally unsubstantiated claim by Klass was
eventually discovered by Valentich's family who were rightly

Phil Klass Wikipedia entry about that claim:


"In the late 1960s, Klass quietly abandoned his plasma theory
and afterwards argued that all UFO sightings could be explained
as misidentification of normal phenomena (such as clouds, stars,
comets, or airplanes) and/or as hoaxes. Clark contends[21][17]
that Klass argued in favor of hoaxes more than almost any other
UFO skeptic, but that Klass rarely had evidence in favor of his
accusations; this position was echoed by Don Ecker,[22] who
asserted that during a 1992 debate, Klass made unsubstantiated
charges of "drug smuggling" against Australian pilot Frederick
Valentich, who disappeared in 1978 after claiming a strange UFO
was flying near his airplane."

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Best Wishes,


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