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Re: Caracas UFO Sighting - July 31, 1974 Article

From: David Biedny <dbiedny.nul>
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2013 12:33:09 -0400
Archived: Sat, 08 Jun 2013 20:03:31 -0400
Subject: Re: Caracas UFO Sighting - July 31, 1974 Article

Here is a much better translation of the "2001" article text,
provided by researcher Scott Corrales.


Source: Biblioteca Nacional =96 Hemeroteca =96 Caracas, Venezuela

2001 =96 Caracas, Thursday 1 August 1974 Price 0.50 Issue No. 325

Mysterious Objects In The Sky Over Caracas

Seen By Thousands; Malquet=EDa Radar Picked Up Nothing
By Eduardo Su=E1rez

There was no explanation until this morning about the phenomenon
that was a source of concern for thousands of residents of
Caracas and that was immediately associated with the
controversial notion of =93flying saucers, following the quick
flyby of four luminous objects crossing the skies of the capital
city within 15 seconds. Interpretation of the controversial
event is the account that no nocturnal overflights by combat
aircraft were involved, and that the Radar Operations Center at
Maiquet=EDa, from where the objects were also sighted, did not
pick up anything on its various electronic systems.

On An West-East Direction

Transit of the unidentified flying objects was witnessed by
thousands of persons. Dozens of phone calls were received at the
=932001=94 newsroom as from 11:30 last night, requesting information
on the matter. Reporters of this newspaper, returning from an
assignment in Maiquet=EDa, also witnessed the flight of the
luminous objects, along with other people who saw them in places
as distant as Catia or Prados del Este.

Among the witnesses is a commercial airliner captain whose name
is kept confidential and who provided a more nuanced version in
accordance with his logical awareness of aeronautics. Our source
explained that it was a formation of four luminous objects - a
main one, lacking a tail, and three acting as =93escorts=94, leaving
a luminous wake as they crossed the heavens =96 which appeared in
the southern area of Caracas at 11:30 p.m... The formation was
located at an elevation of between ten to fifteen degrees over
the horizon, crossing the skies over Caracas in a West-East
direction at prodigious speed. The four objects vanished =96 to
the eyes of the informant, who was located at Prados del Este =96
behind the hills of Petare in the La Lagunilla sector. The
flying objects covered the entire distance in no more than 20
seconds at a speed far in excess of any known jet, and making no
noise whatsoever.

This account was confirmed by passerby on Avenida San Martin, as
well as others in the capital=92s downtown area and even by
residents of Los Ruices.

At Miraflores And Maquetia

News of the unforeseen and inexplicable appearance of the
unidentified flying objects became known even in the Miraflores
Palace, where President Carlos Andr=E9s P=E9rez and his Ministerial
Cabinet were holding an extended session at the moment, one
whose outcome was expected by dozens of journalists. The event
was remarked upon, although there was no formal interpretation
of the occurrence.

Possibly by official request, the Radar Operations Center at
Maiquet=EDa reported that the flying objects had been visually
detected, but that no electronic device had recorded their
transit, as would have been the case with airplanes. The matter
acquired an incredible context when it was established that no
commercial flight had passed over Caracas and that the General
Air Command had asked Maiquet=EDa for a report on the subject,
which proves that no nocturnal operations by Mirage supersonic
fighters could have been the cause, as some suspected. A similar
request for information was also made by the Ministry of
Defense, as was learned in Miraflores. This corroborates the
non-existence of any flight over the skies of Caracas.

In the early hours of the morning it was learned that the
luminous objects had been seen only minutes before 11:30 p.m.
over Marcay and Valencia, where the possibility of nocturnal
exercises was also raised, given the proximity of the Palo Negro
air base. This suggestion was discarded, like the others, and as
of this morning the strange phenomenon still remains
unexplained, waiting for the Cajigal Observatory to put forth
one final possibility: that it was a meteor shower, even when
this alternative has been dismissed in advance due to the fact
that meteorites fall in semi-vertical trajectories and do not
fly horizontally, much less maneuver, as was the case last

(Translation by Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology)


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