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The Importance Of BCI In Alien Technology

From: Jason Gammon <boyinthemachine.nul>
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2013 09:44:40 -0400 (EDT)
Archived: Tue, 04 Jun 2013 06:28:50 -0400
Subject: The Importance Of BCI In Alien Technology

One of the things I picked up on with regard to alleged alien
technology either witnessed or described was the prevalence of
what we call Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), a.k.a. Brain-
Computer Interface, or Mind-Machine Interface.

This technology is currently in a primitive state for humans but
with the visitors it appears to be at an extremely advanced
level. I've been saying this since about 2005 but seem to have
only reached a couple of people. Perhaps this time this will
prove to be an eye-opener and help people to realize that
technology is the route to go.

What is BCI? In a nutshell it is thought-controlled machines.
However, theoretically the reverse is also true. A machine
intelligence could use BCI to control a human being for example.

With regard to the aliens we see this pretty much everywhere
with regard to their reported technology. Below are some key

1. Flying the craft

There have been many reports of the UFOs being flown via
thought. Corso mentioned a helmet that was believed to allow
it's wearer to control the ship. Other sources have claimed a
control panel that fit the aliens' hands is used. The aliens are
then believed to have special exposed nerves in their fingers
that allow the BCI to form when they place their hands on the
panels. Abductees also report lights turning on automatically
when they enter a dark room. Although this could be something
akin to a motion sensor it is also possible this is done via
thought by one of the aliens which would make it an example of

2. Alien Toys

Abductees routinely report being made to play with strange toys
like floating balls. The abductees are told to concentrate on
the balls and make them move in different directions via thought
alone. Those researchers who are not scientifically minded may
interpret this as supernatural abilities akin to telekinesis but
in reality this would also be BCI

3. Telepathy

In order for technological telepathy to function there would
need to be an interface between say two minds and a machine that
could perhaps read the thoughts and translate the information
between minds. I'm no expert on this for sure. We are currently
working on very primitive forms of technological telepathy. The
visitors display an extremely advanced and wireless form of this
this technology.

4. Mind Control, Manipulation Of Perceptions

BCI is a two-way street. We humans can use it to control
machines and a machine intelligence may also make use of it to
control or manipulate human beings.

5. Virtual-Reality

Similar to telepathy and the mind-control and manipulation of
perception, the ability of the visitors to stage scenarios that
only exist in the abductee's mind is also likely to be a form of
BCI. Abductees also report being made to watch screens. While
watching the screen it's very often reported that the scenes
come alive like it is happening in reality. This may also be a
form of BCI.

BCI is going to be one of the biggest technological
breakthroughs to be on the lookout for. Imagine driving cars
with thought alone, never pushing a button in the elevator and
only thinking of the floor number, even paying for goods or
services via thought. It's going to change our society in many
ways. What people may not know is that advanced BCI is a
necessary step for the creation of cyborgs. It will
revolutionize the world of prosthetics. Below are some
interesting videos on BCI.








-Jason Gammon

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