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Re: Kathleen Marden on Coast to Coast

From: Jason Gammon <boyinthemachine.nul>
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2013 18:42:51 -0400 (EDT)
Archived: Mon, 03 Jun 2013 05:45:33 -0400
Subject: Re: Kathleen Marden on Coast to Coast

>From: Kathleen Marden <Kmarden.nul>
>To: post.nul
>Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2013 07:24:29 -0400 (EDT)
>Subject: Re: Kathleen Marden on Coast to Coast

>>From: Jason Gammon <boyinthemachine.nul>
>>To: post.nul
>>Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 12:34:12 -0400 (EDT)
>>Subject: Re: Kathleen Marden On Coast To Coast

>>Ms. Marden, with all due respect and no offense intended, but at
>>the end of the show you were discussing "the astral plane",
>>"astral projection", and "raising one's vibrations". You were
>>discussing it because that's what your abductees told you, so
>>therefore it must be right, correct? You have left science
>>behind and have entered New-Age "woo-hoo" land. However, you can
>>make a u-turn and come back. I suggest you do so immediately.

>With reference to statements I made on Coast to Coast, I was
>speaking of information I received from 3 theoretical physicists
>that I had consulted regarding information that several
>experiencers had passed to me independently. I asked if it was
>scientifically possible and discussed the answers I received
>from them. Are you suggesting that these highly respected
>physicists who've worked at Harvard and MIT are out in woo woo

I seriously doubt that theortical physicists would be interested
in the alleged astral plane. However, if you can provide me the
names of such individuals I would be much interested in hearing
their views on this.

>There has been much discussion recently about other dimensions,
>parallel universes, and other planes of existence. It is all
>theoretical and highly speculative. But I've been asked to
>express an opinion about it, along with religious belief
>systems, so many times, that I included a discussion of
>alternative hypotheses, including psychological explanations, in
>the last chapter of "The Alien Abduction Files. In the past,
>I've refused to engage in this type of speculation, because I
>find it uncomfortable. But I have addressed it recently. What
>some consider mysticism, others consider science. It is in my
>gray basket. But I will discuss what others have hypothesized,
>when asked.

Time travel and parallel universe are a potential reality. The
concept of other dimension is perhaps the least likely scenario
that some researchers have presented. We exist in multiple
dimesions so it would be likely that any intelligent life would
also exist in multiple dimensions as well. If an intelligence
from multiple other dimensions were to interact with our world
it would not be in the form of flying saucers and space men. It
would appear extremely strange and foreign to our normal
perceptions. We would not know what we were looking at. I don't
have the link here but in the past I've found websites that
portray what an object in multiple dimensions would appear to us
as if it were to interact with our dimensions.It's rather freaky
looking, nothing like flying saucers or aliens.

However, the intersting thing to note is that one does not have
to invoke time travel or parallel universes. Any machine capable
of travelling through deep space while abstrating fuel from
space and capable of self-repair can travel between stars
without needing to travel faster than the speed of light and
definitley without need to travel to another universe. If you
are familiar with Dr. Eric Walker then you may know that it was
his opinion that the aliens are not travelling here from a home
planet. He believed they have basis within the solar system,
possbily here on earth, the moon, etc.

>I have certainly not thrown western scientific materialism out
>the window. I have merely stated that some abduction related
>phenomena cannot be adequately explained within the tenets of
>our current scientific paradigms. For example, how does one
>explain telepathic communication, light orbs, and passing
>through solid surfaces? We'd have to state that it is a figment
>of one's imagination. Yet, hundreds or thousands of individuals
>from around the world have described the same phenomena, in
>conjunction with UFO abductions.

This is what I'm trying to communicate. You claim it's beyond
explanation within the scientific paradigm. Where's the evidence
for this? Why have you either forgotton or dismissed technology?
Remember Arthur C. Clarke, it (extremely advanced technology) is
going to look like magic. Believe it or not, humans are not
currently existing at the climax of human technological

>I disagree with your final assessment of abduction experiencers.
>There is consistency that you couldn't possibly have knowledge
>of. It is information that researchers, such as myself, hide
>from others. We use it as a ruler to measure the veracity of
>one's claim. I would never reveal this information.

Unfortunatley much of the information that was kept secret has
been spilled. I don't want to open a can of worms and name names
on that so I will let that be. However, this isn't what I'm
referring to here. I'm cautioning you not to take what abductees
or even the alleged aliens say or do at face value. It doesn't
matter if 2,000 abductees tell you something. Why? Because every
single one of them is controlled and manipulated by the control
freak aliens during an abduction. So when all these abductees
tell you of being shown images of some vague destruction on the
planet you can not conclude that the aliens are positive and are
attempting to prevent such scenarios from taking place. For all
you know those screens with the images are merely a diversion
for the abductees conscious minds while their unconscious minds
are downloaded for mind-control programming. So sure, you can
say that this is what abductees are reporting. However, I'm
cautioning you as to what this actually means or represents. You
can't merely accept what either the abductees or the aliens say.

>Just as an aside, approximately four years ago, Budd Hopkins and
>I discussed my book. I was apprehensive about writing it, but he
>urged me to proceed. I had a great deal of respect for Budd's
>work and the compassion and kindness that he carried for
>experiencers. We can learn much more from the well grounded,
>well educated, perceptive and scientifically knowledgeable
>experiencers that share their information with us quietly and
>anonymously, than we can from those who admonish us to watch out
>for the whackos.

Ms. Marden, when you have proven yourself to be en par with Budd
Hopkins we can disccuss this further.

>I've been involved in UFO and abduction research for 23 years
>and have three books and many essays to my credit. In addition
>to this, I have lectured across the United States, appeared as
>an on-camera expert on television shows, and made guest
>appearances on hundreds of radio shows. However, I'm not
>familiar with your work. Will you please send a list of your
>publications to me?

Ms. Marden, your so-called 23 years experience in UFO and
abduction research has absolutley nothing to do with abduction
research outside of your aunt and uncle's experience, which you
have exploited to your benefit, perhaps even greater than Betty
Hill herself. In reality your delving into abduction research is
about a little over a year, possibly two, long when you began to
actively seek out abductees in order to study. You admit you
only recieved what, like 54 responces? Yet, Hopkins and Jacobs
recieved hundreds, if not thousands of mail each year. This
serves only to underscore your newness to the field.

I can not of course force you to accept my advice. So you can
simply take it or toss it as you like. I would hope that you
would be mature and wise enough to see that I'm offering you
constructive criticisms to prevent you from going down the same
tirde road that many people have travelled before you. It leads
to nowhere. As one of my favorite English teachers once said,
"if you alwways do what you've always done then you'll always
get what you always got." It's time for something new. Focus on
the technology for the answers behind the seemingly magical
abilities. They have nothing to do with latent psychic abilities
or anything outside the scientific paradigm. They are merely
examples of extremely advanced technology.

-Jason Gammon

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