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Re: Grant Cameron's 'Mental Effects'

From: David Rudiak <drudiak.nul>
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Subject: Re: Grant Cameron's 'Mental Effects'

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>Subject: Re: Grant Cameron's 'Mental Effects'

>>From: David Rudiak <drudiak.nul>
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>>Subject: Re: Grant Cameron's 'Mental Effects'

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>>>Subject: Grant Cameron's 'Mental Effects'

>>>Does anyone have more info on Grant Cameron's views on the
>>>'mental effects' with regard to UFOs?

For a recent lecture by Grant on exactly this topic see:


Grant talks about his own experiences about 80 minutes into the
lecture when he and others were chasing UFO "ground lights" in
Manitoba during 1975-76 during the big flap there. After weeks
or months of trying to get closer and failing, Grant came to the
conclusion that the lights always seemed to be one step ahead of
them, anticipating their every move as if they were having their
minds read, though Grant never said he received any sort of
telepathic message.

This is hardly unique. For example in the 1976 Tehran UFO
intercept case, the UFO seemed to anticipate the pilots'
intentions. When they armed their weapons system to fire, the
UFO shut them down.

Grant also mentions the Skinwalker Ranch experience where the
whatever again always seemed to be one step ahead of the
scientists there, seemingly knowing their intentions.

(I've also heard Grant mention this before, but he notes how
back in 1975-76, they tried to communicate with flashlights and
the UFOs would respond by blinking or moving. In private, Grant
has told me that because of his own experience in this, he
believes Steven Grier he claims to get UFOs to respond to
flashlight or laser beam signals.)

>>I don't know Grant's personal views on how it might work, but he
>>does bring it up with regards to the Wilbert Smith Nov. 21, 1950
>>memo. Besides saying the saucers are real, classified higher
>>than the H-bomb, and a small group under Dr. Vannevar Bush were
>>looking into their "modus operandi", also brings up the subject
>>"mental phenomena" being investigated. Smith would also
>>sometimes bring up being in mental contact with the "boys

>>Another "mental case" that Grant has looked into was that of
>>Mrs. Francis Swan, a 1950s contactee, who said she was in mental
>>contact with an alien named AFFA. I helped Grant dig up some
>>obscure information on this, such as the 1954 orbiting satellite
>>story that broke in the news in August 1954.

The AFFA story begins about 40 minutes into the lecture. Go
about 49 minutes into the lecture, and Grant talks about Betty
Hill's connection to this. Hill lived less than a mile from
Frances Swan, was put in contact with Swan by Adm. Herbert
Knowles who knew Swan well (they were neighbors also) and had
sent her automatic writing connection to AFFA up the
intelligence chain of command (which eventually ended up on
Eisenhower's desk). When Hill tried to talk to Swan about her
abduction experience, the very religious Swan refused to talk to
her when Hill described the greys, saying they were the "evil
ones" whereas AFFA was one of the blond Nordics and one of the
good ones. Swan threw her out of the house.

Decades later (not in the lecture), Grant told me he also spoke
to Mrs. Swan and she was still calling the greys the evil ones
and AFFA one of the good ones. Grant told me she also said that
she tried to warn the CIA guy not to try to establish mental
contact with the evil ones, but that is another story.
(Allegedly the guy couldn't get them out of his head and went
half crazy.)

Wilbert Smith also claimed to be in telepathic connection with
AFFA and was receiving information on how to build an
experimental device to test antigravity propulsion. Smith also
said he was able to communicate with ordinary radio.

Yes, this is also very weird to me as well, but Grant is
probably the authority on Wilbert Smith, having all his known
papers and talked to his family and associates, and is a serious
researcher who thinks out of the box and goes places I'm afraid
to touch because I don't have any idea on how to approach the
material. It also gives me the creeps. But it is certainly
interesting to think about.

>Mrs. Swan's psychic contacts gave rise to a fantastic legend
>about UFOs over CIA headquarters. The legend, which David
>mentions, isn't true (or, more accurately, is wildly
>exaggerated). Nor is there any reason to believe Swan's aliens
>existed outside her head.

But according to Grant Cameron, Smith, the Canadian government,
the CIA, and the Office of Naval Intelligence (Adm. Knowles
connection) took Swan and AFFA very seriously and were trying to
establish communication with him, even have him land at a
Canadian base. Paul Hellyer, when he was Defence Minister back
then, had a hand in this.

It is also true that Swan was independently saying AFFA was
telling her that they were in two large orbiting satellites
(this was early 1954). This eventually ended up on Eisenhower's

Totally unknown to her, astronomers Clyde Tombaugh and Dr.
Lincoln La Paz were engaged in a telescopic search or "natural"
earth satellites funded by the Army. In May 1954, Donald Keyhoe
was saying his Pentagon sources were telling him they were
successful in their search and had indeed discovered one or two
such satellites. Keyhoe in his books went further, saying the
Tombaugh search was triggered by new long-range radar picking up
these satellites in orbit. Tombaugh in Hynek's 1952 astronomer
survey, told Hynek that his telescopes were at the disposal of
the military to search for UFOs, so Tombaugh being involved in
such a search makes perfect sense.

As I mentioned before, the orbiting satellite story broke in the
mainstream media in August 1954, being first published in
Aviation Week Magazine. Then newspapers like the NY Times jumped
in, the usually UFO-debunking Times getting a source close to
the project to state that the story of the satellites was true,
though denying any flying saucer connection.

I have articles that post-date this where the orbiting
satellites story kept coming up. Popular Mechanics ran two
stories the following year, probably disinformation, claiming
they had sources saying that the U.S. had secretly orbited two
such satellites. Of course, this was nonsense as the first U.S.
satellite wasn't until 1958 after the two first Soviet Sputniks
of late 1957.

Another interesting story from June 1955 came from conservative
columnists Stewart and Joseph Alsop, who first criticized the
Eisenhower administration for lagging behind the Soviets in
satellite development. In the course of this, they mentioned the
two rumored satellites from the year before. In subsequent
columns, they related how Eisenhower's National Security Advisor
was so infuriated by this column that he forbade two members of
the NSC staff from having any social contacts with the Alsops.
The Alsops complained about Cutler's heavy-handed methods and
censorship of the media.

Hmmm, is this the same Robert Cutler of the MJ-12 Cutler/Twining
memo of July 1954? Indeed it is. And if you think about it, two
large alien satellites in orbit might very well trigger an
emergency meeting of the NSC with an MJ-12 type control group.

My point is, how did Mrs. Swan know anything about two orbiting
satellites before anything was said publicly? Was it a lucky
guess from somebody who only thought she was in mental contact
with an alien named AFFA? Why would the very unsophisticated
Swan even be thinking about artificial satellites in early 1954?
These were hardly household topics back then. As those of us who
lived through those times remember, it wasn't until Sputnik in
1957 that satellites really entered public consciousness in a
big way.

>Still, it's one of the more colorful episodes from the early
>saucer contactee era. There is a comprehensive account of the
>episode (along with a separate treatment of Wilbert Smith's
>involvement with space communicants) in my UFO Encyclopedia, if
>anyone wants to know more.

I haven't read Jerry's treatment, but I don't know if he has
gone into as much depth on this as Grant Cameron concerning
Smith, Swan, the CIA, and all the rest. Smith certainly does
mention in his 1950 memo that the U.S. government thought the
"mental phenomena" associated with UFOs was important, and Grant
speculates why that would be, perhaps related to the stories of
the surviving Roswell alien communicating telepathically.

I spoke to Frankie Rowe last year in Roswell, Rowe being the
daughter of Roswell fireman Dan Dwyer, who had allegedly gone
out to the crash site and seen the dead aliens and one live one.
Rowe told me point blank, as she has others, that when her
father came home he spoke of being in mental contact with the
living alien. Grant brings up the Dan Dwyer story, as he does
the the Marion "Mac" Macgruder story of his War College class
being taken to Wright-Patterson to see the live Roswell alien
and being in mental contact with it. That may be why Smith was
told that the government considered the "mental phenomena" so
important. They had a telepathic alien in their custody.

Grant also speculates that this may be related to the MK-Ultra
mind control program that started up only a few months after
Smith's 1950 memo. Unknown to me, this was a joint program of
the CIA, UK, and Canada, who had their first meeting at McGill
University in Montreal, not far from where Smith lived.

And CIA officer Chase Brandon also figures into Grant's lecture.
As you may remember, Brandon last year made headlines when he
claimed to stumble on the "Roswell box" at CIA headquarters and
saw enough in it to understand that Roswell was quite real. But
what Grant is really interested in is how Brandon speaks of
"phenomenology", which he says is CIA spook talk for everything
paranormal, with UFOs, remote viewing, ghosts, etc. all being
lumped together, leading Grant to believe the CIA believes there
is some deep connection between all of these.

Dr. Eric Walker, connected to Vannevar Bush, MJ-12, the U.S.
Research and Development Board, and Dr. Robert Sarbacher,
Wilbert Smith's primary informant in 1950 and who outed Walker
as being the guy to talk to, also brought up the subject of ESP
in one interview, saying that unless you had this skill you
would never be part of the UFO control group, which was now

So yes, weird stuff, but Grant is always interesting and
provocative in his lectures. So even if you don't buy any of it,
it is still well worth your while to watch.