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Re: Astronauts Kept Secret For Fear Of Dismissal

From: Dave Haith <visions1.nul>
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2013 13:05:37 -0000
Archived: Sat, 23 Feb 2013 09:23:10 -0500
Subject: Re: Astronauts Kept Secret For Fear Of Dismissal

>From: Dave Haith <visions1.nul>
>To: UFO Updates <post.nul>
>Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 10:21:49 -0000
>Subject: Astronauts Kept Secret For Fear Of Dismissal



>But the Professor revealed that he had had a conversation with
>an astronaut who revealed that previously all the astronauts had
>experienced the weird lights but had not reported them because
>they feared being taken off the space program.

>If individuals were scared to speak up about a few flashes of
>light then one can maybe understand their reluctance to report

>The link above may not work outside the UK. I have a two minute
>clip with the above quotes as an mp3 which I can send to anyone

Further to this email I have now had a response from UFO sceptic
Jim Oberg in which he appears to pour cold water on the whole

In the interests of fairness and balance I will paste his email


Dear Mr. Haith:

Alas, the lurking pitfalls of depending on decades-old memories
to validate mysterious phenomena, and to be made to appear to
validate existing biases.

As the slightest attempt at verification could have provided,
the light flashes phenomena was noticed beginning with missions
beyond the Van Allen belts - the first was Apollo-8in December
1968 - although as mentioned, ambient cabin lighting made them
difficult to spot. Example:


Nevertheless, they were made an issue when Buzz Aldrin observed
them on Apollo-11 andhis curiosity was piqued. By the later
flights, the crews were provided with head shielding devices in
an attempt to determine the origin directions of the flashes.

Any crew reluctance to talk about them had nothing to do
whatsoever with the 'unusual' nature, which you jump to conclude
would also prevent them from reporting 'UFOs'. The crew concerns
were with medical screening that might lose them their flight
status, a constant battle with the crew flight surgeons.
Similarly, EVA crewmen rarely reported 'bends' symptoms  because
of the  potential of being removed from future spacewalk

The exact opposite is true regarding 'UFOs'. From the very first
manned space missions, all visual phenomena outside a spacecraft
were of intense interest requiring immediate descriptions over
open loops, to allow consideration of hazards from spacecraft
malfunctions. Detailed reports of such phenomena were conducted
and distributed by NASA teams. Here's an example from 1970:


Since the evidence you cite is first, misremembered and
erroneous, and second, proof of the exact opposite that you are
trying to claim, please have the intellectual integrity to email
this note to your mailing list for them to consider the
alternatives. I have posted details and evidence for my views on

Thanks for the opportunity of straightening this out....

Jim Oberg


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