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Billions Of Earth-Like Planets Near Earth

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Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2013 07:39:48 -0500
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Subject: Billions Of Earth-Like Planets Near Earth

Source: HuffingtonPost.Com



Kepler Space Telescope Data Reveals Billions Of Earth-Like
Planets Near Earth
Lee Speigel

If ET phones home today, his long distance charge might not be
as much as people believed when Steven Spielberg's classic film
came out three decades ago.

That's because recent data from NASA's Kepler space telescope
suggests that billions of Earth-like planets are much closer
than ever before imagined.

"The information we presented today will excite the general
public because we now know that the nearest potentially Earth-
like world is likely within 13 light years of the sun,"
astronomer Courtney Dressing said in an email to The Huffington

"Astronomically speaking, 13 light years is practically next

While we don't know if intelligent life exists on any of these
planets, it raises the chances of that possibility.

[More at site... thanks to Stig Agermose for the lead]

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