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FBI Files - Searchable PDF Archive

From: Isaac Koi <isaackoi.nul>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2013 21:12:24 +0000
Archived: Thu, 07 Feb 2013 05:22:33 -0500
Subject: FBI Files - Searchable PDF Archive

I've uploaded searchable versions of FBI documents relevant to
ufology to a directory at the link below.

By clicking on an option at the top right of that webpage, you
can download all of these FBI files with a single click (which
is considerably less time consuming than going to the individual
links for each file on the FBI websites):


Due to the bandwidth problems that a couple of people
encountered last time I previously posted (with the permission
of the Canadian government) a popular collection of UFO
documents on the Box.com file storage website, this time Iíve
also uploaded the same FBI material to the "Skydrive" file
storage website at the link below (which can, hopefully, also be
downloaded easily by going to "Folder actions" on the top left
of the screen and selecting "download folder"):


The downloadable collection of PDF files at the links above is
limited to documents from the FBI websites themselves (both the
FBIís current "Vault" website and the FBIís previous FOIA
website), but goes beyond the 16 files labelled "UFO" on the FBI
website. This collection also includes the FBI files on NICAP (a
UFO group), cattle mutilations, the MJ-12 documents,
extrasensory perception, Carl Sagan, Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm
Reich, Jack Parsons and Silas Newton.

Some highlights from that collection are given in my lengthy post
at the link below. Various issues requiring follow-up action and
research are also indicated (particularly in Part G and Part H.


That lengthy post is split into the following sections:

Part A: A brief introduction

Part B: Files labelled "UFO" from current FBI website
Part B1: Roswell and Hoover on access to "discs
recovered" (1947)
Part B2: The toilet seat upset (1947)
Part B3: The Guy Hottel memo (1950)
Part B4: Were UFOs a secret military project?
Part B5: The Air Force and Men In Black
Part B6: Air Force "greatly concerned" memo (1952)
Part B7: Air Force at a "complete loss" memo (1952)
Part B8: FBI forensic examination in scoutmaster case (1952)
Part B9: Lonnie Zamora sighting at Socorro (1964)
Part B10: "Alien" photo in FBI files (1967)
Part B11: Other documents that caught my eye
Part B12: FBI responses to queries about its
involvement in UFO investigations

Part C: Relevant files not labelled "UFO" from FBI current website
Part C1: Majestic 12
Part C2: Bluebook
Part C3: NICAP
Part C4: Roswell
Part C5: Guy Hottel
Part C6: Silas Newton
Part C7: Carl Sagan
Part C8: Cattle mutilations
Part C9: Extrasensory perception

Part D: Recovered additional files that used to be on the FBI
Part D1: Jack Parsons
Part D2: Wilhelm Reich
Part D3: Nikola Tesla

Part E: Unrecovered additional files that used to be on the FBI
Part E1: Philip Corso

Part F: Files on other websites purporting to be FBI releases
Part F1: Philip Corso
Part F2: J Allen Hynek
Part F3: Phil Klass
Part F4: L Ron Hubbard / Church of Scientology

Part G: Files not online purportedly released to some
Part G1: Files listed by Nick Redfern
Part G2: Jan Aldrichís list
Part G3: Barry Greenwoodís list

Part H: Conclusion

Part I: References

Part J: Postscript

All the files that I cover in Part B, Part C and Part D are
available in the collection of FBI files at the link at the
start of this page.

Those members fairly familiar with the FBI documents relating to
UFOs which are already available online are urged to head
straight to Part F, (particularly) Part G and Part H (the
Conclusion) of that lengthy post in the hope that the issues
arising from those Parts can be taken forward.

The material in Part F and Part G (particularly the latter)
should, at the very least, give some ideas for focused Freedom
Of Information Act requests to the FBI, so that complete copies
of the files mentioned in those categories can be added to the
above collection of files.

Frankly, I think that ufology could benefit considerably from
making more underlying documentation easily available in a
searchable format.

Once downloaded, the entire directory of FBI files at the links
above can be read or searched quickly and easily (together with,
if you wish, archives of UFO discussion lists, various UFO
magazines/journals, other official documents, UFO books,
academic dissertations relating to UFOs etc) using a method Iíve
previously outlined at:


Kind Regards,


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These contents above are copyright of the author and
UFO UpDates - Toronto. They may not be reproduced
without the express permission of both parties and
are intended for educational use only.