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Re: 1956 Radar Witness Report Manitoba Canada

From: Chris Rutkowski <canadianuforeport.nul>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2013 16:18:35 -0600
Archived: Tue, 05 Feb 2013 17:48:22 -0500
Subject: Re: 1956 Radar Witness Report Manitoba Canada

>From: Terry W. Colvin <fortean1.nul>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <post.nul>
>Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 18:25:15 +0700 (GMT+07:00)
>Subject: 1956 Radar Witness Report Manitoba Canada

>Radar Report - 916th AC&W Site, Beausejour & Milner Ridge,
>Manitoba, Canada - Fall 1956

>This sighting from 1956 was in response to one of my Project Blue Book
>radar reports. It is an example of the unreported radar sightings.



>Thank you for your reply.

>The Fall of 1956 is a bit earlier than the U-2 program or at
>least before longer flights were accomplished. I picked this up
>from Wikipedia: The first flight occurred at the Groom Lake test
>site (Area 51) on August 1, 1955.

>There is probably no where to unofficially report an older UFO
>report. I could pass this along to the UFO UpDates mailing list.
>This would not have your name or identifying information.

>Maybe the HRI was the AN/FPS-6 in use at that time. See:


>If I may I will send this along.



>(USAF Radar Station Veterans)
>Re: Project Blue Book - Amplifying Air Intelligence Information Report
>Sun Jan 27, 2013 1:32 pm (PST)

>Posted by: "Lee" stookguy

>This is what I contributed to a researcher some years ago. When
>I saw the project Blue Book heading I decided to send this

>I was in the United States Air Force. I was stationed at the
>916th AC&W Site located near Beausejour and at Milner Ridge,
>Manitoba. It was in the fall of 1956 when this happened.

>You are probably wondering how an American was stationed there.
>During that era, we were in the middle of the cold war with the
>Warsaw Pact. Missiles were pointed over the pole and threats,
>real or imagined were on everyone=C2=92s mind.

>I was on duty in the radar operations building manning the
>scopes and calling in plots of aircraft in the area. I noticed a
>return in the Northeast quadrant approx 175 miles from the site.
>It was a strong return, therefore I was convinced it was an
>aircraft. The next trace showed it very far from the first plot.
>Since there was no other traffic in that area and seldom any was
>there, I suspected I had a false signal. In order to confirm, I
>checked the HRI (height/range indicator). In plotting the track
>thru dead reckoning, I saw the return at 75,000 feet. When it
>came up on the scope again, I set another dead reckon and
>spotted it again at the same altitude. The speed was in the
>range of 6,000 to 7,500 knots. That was faster than any known
>aircraft at the time.

>If I had not confirmed its location on the two independent
>systems, I would have just passed it off as a malfunction. I did
>track it for about 10 minutes. It flew a fairly straight course
>with some variation but always at the same altitude. The closest
>it came to our location was in the vicinity of MacArthur Falls

>I reported this to the controller who called it a malfunction. I
>did not think he was convinced until the next day when I was
>called in to his office and instructed not to disclose what I
>claimed to have seen.

>I have thought many times about what happened but rarely
>mentioned it for fear of being labeled some sort of nut.

>I am a rational, reasonably intelligent person who would gain
>nothing by fabricating this story.


I wonder if I was the "researcher".

I had been putting notices in newspapers and visiting towns in
person looking for older reports.

As I noted in my blog a few years ago:

"In going through some old directories on a computer hard drive
before junking it, I found the following email that had been
bad-dated and was still "unread" in the Inbox. It was from 1995,
almost 15 years ago!"

The testimony is on my blog, word for word identical to what you


This report is in my database of about 500 Manitoba-only UFO

There are seven cases with the location "Beausejour," which is
just a short distance from the Milner Ridge radar station that
has now been converted into a medium-security prison.
Five of these cases are from CUFOS' original UFOCAT.

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