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Barry Goldwater UFO Radio Excerpt

From: Giuliano Marinkovic <giuliano.marinkovic.nul>
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2013 22:36:40 +0200
Archived: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 06:37:31 -0400
Subject: Barry Goldwater UFO Radio Excerpt

Dear Colleagues,

I just discovered within my archives another Barry Goldwater
piece where he talks about UFOs. I have uploaded the audio and
you can listen here:



Back in April 6, 2008 I informed Grant Cameron that I obtained
video interview with Barry Goldwater where he mentioned his
attempt to gain access to Blue Room at Wright-Patterson through
General Curtis LeMay. That piece was broadcast October 1, 1994
on Larry King Live From Area 51.

I was able to get the complete DVD recording from an archivist
in Ohio from which I extracted the excerpt. I exchanged various
UFO related material with that archivist for many months via
snail mail.

After I sent video to Grant, his webmaster Paul Robinson
uploaded it to YouTube and its available here:


Since then, it was viewed many times in the UFO community.

Today, while I was transferring some of my archives to a new HDD
with 2Tb of space, I stumbled on another Barry Goldwater piece
that I was not even aware that I have. I probably obtained it a
long time ago in a set of audio files that I have in
a folder.

After some research I was able to determine that it was recorded
by host Mike Murphy - who was interested in UFOs - from KCMO


When Barry Goldwater was scheduled to be his guest, Murphy
couldn't miss the chance to ask about the Wright-Patterson

Others also tried to get the audio but with no success. Check


Here is finally the transcript of the exchange:


MIKE MURPHY: Now, I don't know whether this is folklore, whether
this is true, but I've been a flying saucer fan since I was a
little kid. I use to know... I used to know Major Donald
Keyhoe... his mother use to live next door to us. So back in the
40s he came out with Flying Saucers Are Real and all these
books. So I am little kid and I've been with this all my life.
And maybe this is folklore, but the story is you tried to find
something out about the Roswell crash.


MIKE MURPHY: Is that true?

BARRY GOLDWATER: I know that in... at Wright-Patterson field
the Air Force had, and I have to assume that it's still there...
had a room where I think they called the Blue Room or the Green
Room in which was assembled all the information that the Air
Force had put together on UFOs. So I called my friend Curt LeMay
one day and I said: "What about this Curt? Can I see the stuff
in there?" He curse me out in every four letter word...

MIKE MURPHY: You remember what he said?

BARRY GOLDWATER: I can't repeat it.

MIKE MURPHY: [Laughing]

BARRY GOLDWATER: He said: "Don't ever ask me that again and
don't ever talk about it to anybody! I don't want to hear you
ever mention it!" Now I... I can't say... I wont say here and
say I believe in UFOs but I can tell you this. There is about 2
billion planets in this universe that we know about. How many
are there universes out there? We don't know. Nobody can't tell
me that this is the only planet of 2 billion... on which there
are Living Things Like People.


Mike Murphy unfortunately died in March 2011. Here are some
articles and videos about his work:

Some of rare archived audios from Murk Murphy show:



1998 After Words Interview With Mike Murphy



Kansas City Radio Legend Mike Murphy Dies of Stroke


Article and Video:

Kansas City broadcaster Mike Murphy dies



Kansas City Radio Legend Mike Murphy Dies



Best wishes,

Giuliano Marinkovic

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