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Kimball & Maddow On 'Citizens Hearing...'

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Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 14:53:48 -0400
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Subject: Kimball & Maddow On 'Citizens Hearing...'

Source: Paul Kimball's Facebook page


April 16 2013

"I'm a big fan of Rachel Maddow, and she gets it absolutely
right here about the 'Citizens Hearing on Disclosure' later this
month, a three-ring circus/pretentious PR exercise with no real
point. Alas, Stephen Bassett, the P. T. Barnum-esque man-of-
mystery who set up the whole thing, doesn't get irony and
sarcasm (something I can attest to from my own personal
encounters/interactions with this singularly humourless and
self-important man). Here's what he writes on the 'Hearing'
website, even as he posts Maddow's video:

'Rachel Maddow, one of the smartest people working in television
news today devoted a full segment of her April 12 MSNBC program
to Paradigm Research Group's Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, the
first PRG Disclosure Petition to the White House and the White
House petition response. It is quite notable that while
indulging in the customary - almost required - tongue in cheek,
this very savvy woman included in this segment every single key
point PRG is trying to make about the truth embargo and the
current government status on the issue. Thank you, Rachel.'

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the very definition of delusional.
Anyone who has associated themselves with this farce should be
embarrassed (to say the least). Even if you think the government
has orchestrated a massive cover-up of an ET presence on Earth,
only a complete fool would believe that this stunt will do
anything other than bring more ridicule down upon you.

But as entertainment, this is pretty good stuff, so it's not a
complete loss, I guess, for the rest of us who will look on in
amusement at a show that really should have been held in Vegas."


"I almost feel sorry for my friends who agreed to participate in
this, now that Bassett has pulled a bait-and-switch and invited
Steven Greer to the show, along with his new movie about dead
aliens (ed. note - no real aliens, dead or alive, are actually

I say 'almost' because they should have known better. I've heard
more than one of them complain about Bassett in the past,
particularly about not getting paid promptly by him, or about
his lack of any resume (Where did Bassett go to school? What did
he do before he started PRG? Does anyone actually know?), and
about his willingness to give a platform to the likes of Steven
Greer, Michael Salla, Alfred Webre... and so forth. And yet here
those people are now, signing up with Bassett yet again, and now
tied to Greer as well.

They should have known better. They should have exercised some
common sense (and in those cases I mentioned, stuck to their
privately stated principles). But they didn't, for whatever
reason (money, a modicum of 'fame', pure naivete)... and they're
going to get what they deserve as a result.

It's called karma."

Rachel Maddow observations: