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Janet Flights To/From Area 51

From: Terry W. Colvin <fortean1.nul>
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 11:07:57 -0400 (EDT)
Archived: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 19:38:57 -0400
Subject: Janet Flights To/From Area 51


(USAF Radar Station Veterans)
Subj: Re: Las Vegas Skies. // Janet Flights to/from Area 51 //
Mon Apr 15, 2013 4:44 am (PDT) .
Posted by: Robert Smith

Ron, I am glad to see we share a common interest in Janet.
Though I have read some news articles about the Janet Flights,
they are mostly inconclusive and void of real data.

My sister and brother-in-law stayed at the Casino overlooking
the part of McCarran Airport and with the use of a telephoto
lens on a Minolta SRT-102 Camera took a number of very clear
photos of the arrival and departure of the passengers on the
Janet Aircraft.

It seemed there was normally around 75 personnel going & coming.
Mostly men with only an occasional women. There was no checked
baggage loaded on the aircraft, only small carry-ons that each
person carried. No lap tops were observed but they could have
been in the small carry ons.

I often thought of things like this: What jobs did these people
have that necessitated a costly daily round trip to and from
McCarran? There are dormitories on this very secret facility,
why not train military military personnel or GS civilians to do
these tasks and save a great deal of money by keeping them on
base around the clock?

Truly these people must possess talents so unique and
indespensable that without them our very national security must
be at stake.

The Janet aircraft are easy to spot, all white Boeing 737's,
with a single red stripe running from nose to tail on each side
of the plane, there are no identifying tail numbers or any other
markings on the aircraft. The 737's engines are so silent that
when they go right over the Casino, they are essentially
noseless even when very low. Their takeoff pattern does not
follow that of normal departing flights.

What goes on when they arrive at Area 51, I would give anything
to see.

A few years ago a number of the civilian employees at Area 51
(Groom Lake) died when they inhaled the fumes from a very toxic
burn pit. When the survivors wives or other dependents attempted
to sue the U.S. Government for gross negligence our government
threw the case out of court with the rationale that Area 51 does
not exist therefore it cannot be part in any litigation.

If you die while working in that closely guarded area, you will
essentially disappear from the face of the earth with no proof
of your having been their will ever exist or be found. These
tragic cases were front page news in the local papers and TV,
then they all died a quiet death and no other information was
ever released.

CMSgt Smith


Terry W. Colvin
Ladphrao (Bangkok), Thailand
Pran Buri (Hua Hin), Thailand
[Terry's Fortean & Work itty-bitty site]

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