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Re: The Quest For Credibility

From: Steven Kaeser <steve.nul>
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2013 09:19:03 -0400
Archived: Sat, 06 Apr 2013 09:54:12 -0400
Subject: Re: The Quest For Credibility

>Source: Billy Cox'as Blog De Void


>Friday, April 5, 2013

>The Quest For Credibility
>by Billy Cox

>From the safe haven of his position as a private citizen, former
>congressman Merrill Cook (R-Utah) says he would "absolutely"
>have demanded answers about the breathtaking bogey without a
>transponder that bore down on President Bush's Crawford, Tex.,
>ranch in 2008. Or, if queried by constituents back home, Cook
>says he would have at least made an effort to supply a decent

>"Every member of Congress has a minimum of $1 million for
>staff," he says from his home in Salt Lake City. "I know they're
>all very busy, but it comes down to whether you're willing to do
>your job or just be fundraising all the time. The least you
>could do is get a junior staffer or an intern to investigate

I haven't read the full article, but take issue with one
suggestion in the teaser. For those who are unaware, each
Congressional office is given a budget that has limits on how it
can be spent, and limits on how much can be used to pay staff.
In addition, there is a specific limit on the number of staffers
they may hire in all of the Offices they maintain in the
District and DC, and that was 24 when I was first hired by
Congressman Harley Staggers, Jr. in 1986.

Our Government is unique in that Countries do not provide
individual research into Constituent complaints and Issues, and
more than half of the staff is usually dedicated to simply
dealing with the public side of the Office, which the rest deal
with day-to-day operations and actual legislative efforts.

Former Congressman Cook seems to be unaware that the late
Congressman Steven Schiff initiated the GAO investigation into
Roswell, but they hit the same informational brick wall that
everyone else has, and he was unable to get to the next step of
seeking a Congressional Hearing to review and discuss the
findings. That would take support from others in Congress, and
the issue just isn't one that can compete with the major issues
facing them on a daily basis (and this was long before 2001 and
the "War on Terror").

I have been working on Capitol Hill in computer support for
nearly three decades now, and have spoken to both staffers and
Members about the issue of UFO secrecy, but while there is
personal interest (in addition to a couple of those that had
sightings), is never rises above the level of curiosity because
of the political environment. Congressman Schiff was able to
pursue his interest because he had a majority of voters in his
District in New Mexico that had written to him seeking answers.
It didn't hurt him politically and an opponent wasn't able to
use it against him. I would note that Schiff did NOT represent
the people of Roswell. That was a different District and their
Representative felt that it was all nonsense and a waste of
Federal resources.  While the story has been embellished over
the years, the late Senator Barry Goldwater was rebuked when he
asked a General about the "Blue Room":

Quote from



Statement By Senator Barry Goldwater Concerning UFOs On Larry
King Radio Show, October 13, 1988:

Caller: Hello Senator Goldwater, I've heard in the past that you
have an interest in UFOs. I just finished a book called, "Above
Top Secret," by Timothy Goode, where three or four of your
letters are quoted concerning your attempts to enter Wright-
Patterson Air Force Base.

Senator Goldwater: Uh-hum.

Caller: Do you believe that the government is withholding
information on UFOs?

Senator Goldwater: Yes I do. But I don't know enough about the
subject involving Wright-Pat. to form any opinion. I remember
when I first tried to get into that room out at Wright-Pat. and
I went to General Curtis LeMay, an old friend of mine, and asked
him. He used some pretty plain language and in effect, told me
to "go to hell" and...

Larry King: That's the room where they are rumored to have

Senator Goldwater: Well, its a storage room where they are
supposed to have some of the evidence they've collected relative
to Unidentified Flying Objects. I have never...I wouldn't argue
against them. I wouldn't argue for them. My only thinking on it
is this planet of ours is one of several billion planets in this
universe. I can't believe that God or whomever is in charge
would put thinking bodies on only one planet. So I'm a firm
believer that something can fly around here that the Wright
Brothers didn't have anything to do with.


It's not the lack of interest by those in Congress, but the lack
of public support seeking an answer to the question. Schiff's
constituents made their interest known, and he responded.
Goldwater showed his interest in the question long after his
days of power in Washington and it couldn't hurt him
politically. The late Senator Jesse Helms quickly released
statements to distance himself from the Introduction he wrote
for Col. Corso's publication, knowing that it would hurt him
politically in South Carolina.

In the end, this is a democracy and we get what we vote for. To
have a Congressman, after retirement, point fingers and say that
resources should be used to research the issue seems to be a bit
self-serving from my perspective. He is safely retired, on a
pension that we all have to pay for, and doesn't have to worry
about the political backlash.

I'm sorry for this Saturday rant, but there are already too many
myths about how our Government works.


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