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Types Of Aliens To Expect?

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2012 20:05:23 +0100
Archived: Tue, 03 Jul 2012 09:37:42 -0400
Subject: Types Of Aliens To Expect?

Hello List

There's an idea among some mathematicians that all mathematical
objects - the great universal patterns and non-algorithmic
truths - exist perpetually in another realm, awaiting discovery
by thinkers. It's usually attributed to Plato so is referred to
as mathematical Platonism (Penrose 1989, 2004).

A.R Wallace, the real discoverer of evolution, proposed an
extension to his theory - that above a threshold of conscious
intelligence, evolution of that intelligence will follow a
different (and perhaps universal) pattern. We could maybe label
that concept as evolutionary Platonism.

[As S.J Gould has illustrated, simpler evolution is largely
contingent - dependent on long series of accidents. I.e. some
dinosaurs, minus that comet or asteroid impact, might well have
evolved into civilizations equal or superior to ours.]

If evolutionary Platonism is true universally, does this tell us
anything about the types of alien intelligences we confront, now
or in the future? We can only try to extrapolate from a single
instance - humans.

The good news is that the mass of humanity is inclined towards
co-operation, kindness and altruism, although, being ignorant of
causes and outcomes, that mass is rather easily led astray by
fears or by demagogues.

However throughout history there has existed a tiny minority of
thinkers or philosophers (including a few physical scientists)
who have found that ethical altruism, divorced from violence,
racialism or greed, is a long-term survival attribute. Those
thinkers have strong ethics supported by logic and are mainly to
be found at the hedgerow or the ivory tower, i.e. traditional or
academic settings, although they are a minority even there.

Unfortunately for our galactic aspirations, we can't expect to
be inter-acting with such thinkers. From our own example the
wise ones also tend to be powerless and isolated.

Again from our own example, those who wielding most power are
those with the strongest motives: the ignorant, the greedy and
the murderous. We see that throughout history and around us
today, in our political, military and financial / industrial

So those are the types we can expect to meet, as foretold by
Charles Fort (there is some evidence, from medieval times, that
there were squabbles among them, leading to battles in the skies
of Earth).

That is a pity, considering that we Earthlings are probably seen
by them as mere wild-life or cattle. Because we know how the
greedy among us treat our own wild-life and cattle.


Ray D

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