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Re: Hynek, SETI & Alien Methods & Motives

From: A. J. Gevaerd - Revista UFO <aj.nul>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 08:46:50 -0200
Archived: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 10:14:11 -0400
Subject: Re: Hynek, SETI & Alien Methods & Motives

>From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <post.nul>
>Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 22:48:16 +0100
>Subject: Hynek, SETI & Alien Methods & Motives

>Hello List,

>Noticed recent threads and coincidentally was reading some
>stuff* by Paul Davies, of SETI 'Contact Committee' fame, and he
>mentioned that as a post-doc researcher he met Hynek a number of
>times, once at his home (with its roomful of 'dusty UFO files')
>and said that Hynek was convinced 'there was something in it '
>(Hynek would've been speaking as to a fellow 'scientist')
>although admitting the small, inconclusive evidence for anything
>"seriously odd". Davies says that, much later, he personally
>came to see how 'deeply anthropocentric' most accounts seemed to


Hi Ray and Listers.

May I add a few lines about Dr. J. A. Hynek?

I met Hynek only once in my life. It happened in Brasilia,
during the 2nd International UFO Conference, back in 1983. I was
21 years old at that time and was doing my first conference in a
big event, which happened to be one of the biggest congresses
ever organized in Brazil (I would organize the biggest ever 14
years later, in 1997, the 1st World UFO Forum, with 70+ speakers
from 30+ countries).

It was a great moment in my life. At that time I was deeply
involved in the investigation of a series of massive UFO waves
in South America, such as the one that happened over 300+ cities
on the night of March 6th, 1982. I presented my conference about
that case with very consistent reports of sightings during that
event and a bunch of statistic showing how huge that wave was,
how many cities visited, how the phenomena behaved etc.

As I wasn't among the first-grade speaker's team, of course, I
lectured in the morning, not in prime times. Hynek showed up
some 5-10 minutes late to the conference room where I was
speaking with Dr. Leo Sprinkle and a few other internationals.
As he missed a part of it, he asked me if I could restart the
conference, which I did for him, of course. He received
simultaneous translation by someone from the conference
organization (I believe that so did I Virg=EDlio Sanchez-Ocejo and
a few other colleagues from overseas).

After my talk, Hynek was so impressed with the cases and numbers
I presented that he approached me to make a few questions and we
became close during the rest of the congress, going places in
Brasilia, having meals and spending a lot of time together. O
kindda helped him with the language as well. It was on his hotel
room where he preferred to speak about more sensitive items of
Ufology. I had so many questions to make him and I had the
chance to have a few answered.

I can recollect very clearly in my mind that, in a time of
relaxation in his hotel room, I asked him: "Dr. Hynek, being so
close to the UFO Phenomena (it was how he seemed to like to
refer to it) in so many ways, being the person who have analyzed
so many cases, and now being outside the Air Force, what is your
utmost idea of what it is and who is behing the UFO Phenomena?"

His reply was the same he has given previously to a reporter
from a large circulation magazine, but an 'extended version' of
it: "I don't know exactly yet, A. J. But it seems to me that the
intelligences behind the UFO Phenomena are playing some sort of
game with us, like chess. However, they are teaching us the
rules of that game at same time that they play it with us". That
made me think about it for years. I still do.

I, of course, never forgot that answer. As I never forgot
another question I did to him about Carl Sagan, who was a big
celebrity on those days with Cosmos and everything else, however
debunking UFOs: "Dr. Hynek, since you know Sagan well, what
exactly does he know about UFOs?" And he replied: "Sagan knows
as much of the UFO Phenomena as very few top ranking officials
of the Air Force involved with it know".

He then went into talking on how he occasionally discussed the
UFO Phenomena with Sagan in the 70s (I remember he said
something about both having close offices at Cornell). Hynek
said that Sagan was very much interested in UFOs since the
beginning and that they discussed several cases in depth,
without Sagan, while in privacy, show any link of skepticism at

The idea Hynek passed on to me was that Sagan was involved in
the official investigation and recognition of the UFO Phenomena
in a level of secrecy much higher than what happened before,
during previous government secret or public UFO projects, such
as Blue Book. I can't tell which one.

That experience with Hynek, despite being so short, was very
important to me.

A. J.

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