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Re: UFO Science And Consciousness Conference

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2011 18:48:35 +0100
Archived: Sat, 22 Oct 2011 16:15:33 -0400
Subject: Re: UFO Science And Consciousness Conference

>Source: The Times Live - Johannesburg

>UFO Science And Consciousness Conference In Jozi Sanelisiwe

>Conspiracy theorists will be in for a treat when aliens, UFOs
>and what the Vatican knows about them come up for discussion at
>an international conference in Johannesburg next month.
>The UFO Science and Consciousness conference, organised by '80s
>musician and rapper Michael Tellinger, will include everyone
>from serious scientists to people whose views are based more on
>faith than fact.

>"Of course, extraterrestrials exist - all ancient texts and even
>the Bible talk about them. People must remember that we are the
>descendant's of extraterrestrials," said Tellinger.

Don't expect the Sublime, more likely the Ridiculous.

Hello List

It's said that one shouldn't mistake a 'pattern' (or dynamic)
for a 'purpose' (intended aim). Because a river or a whirlpool
have dynamics/patterns but we don't suspect them of having
ulterior motives.

We humans are very good at seeing 'patterns' everywhere, and for
most of our history that's served us well - recalling that it
gets cold every twelve moons allowed some to prepare for winter,
those who didn't see that pattern often didn't survive. Likewise
for spotting signs of predators, clues to food etc.

But we can only see patterns in terms of our own referents
(obviously). So as small children watching adults do
incomprehensible things - playing cards; talking politics at
parties; worrying/arguing about money - we tended to 'make-up'
various maybe fantastic scenarios to explain those patterns of
behavior. [I can't recall my own fantasy explanations, or when
they were replaced by reality - but I remember that they once

It seems, from all evidence, that Earth is being visited, and
maybe for a long time past, and that the various vistors inter-
act with humans, sometimes benignly, sometimes not.

Our 'childish explanations' for those evidences vary from "Earth
sees skirmishes in Galactic War" to "Occasionally aliens have
coffee-meets on Earth" for the visits, and from "Humans abducted
to make hybrid super-race" to "Some alien children are avid
collectors" for the interactions.

We should expect all those 'explanations' to be wildly wrong, as
were our childhood fantasy scenarios.

How far wrong, and in which direction is a matter for
speculation. But if you ask me, because some will say those
'explanations' go from the sublime to the ridiculous, then I'll
personally opine that only Nature is sublime, but that human
(and perhaps alien) organized activities seem to tend to the

Just a thought (maybe part-provoked by Jacques Vall=E9e), not


Ray D

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