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Cohen & allnewsweb.com [was: Braz-alien Rainforest

From: Steve Sawyer <stevesaw.nul>
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2011 05:33:08 -0700
Archived: Sat, 22 Oct 2011 08:48:52 -0400
Subject: Cohen & allnewsweb.com [was: Braz-alien Rainforest

>Source: The Daily Mail


>21st October 2011

>The Braz-alien Rainforest: Is This Creature Pictured In The
>Amazon Jungle A Visitor From Outer-Space?
>By Simon Tomlinson

>As biologically diverse as the Amazon is, this peculiar creature
>would not appear to be a natural inhabitant of the Brazilian
>jungle or, indeed, Earth for that matter.

>Standing just a few feet from a mesmerising flashing light, this
>unidentified being could offer proof that we are not alone in
>the universe.

>The image comes from a video obtained by noted paranormal writer
>Michael Cohen and is claimed to have been filmed by two British
>tourists visiting the Mamaus region of the Amazon.

>[More & images at site... ]

Hi List,

I can only think that publishing this message on UpDates must
constitute something of an inside joke. Michael Cohen? "Noted
paranormal writer"? _Really?_ The same Michael Cohen of the
notorious UFO hoax promotion site, allnewsweb.com? I mean, come
on. This is more than a bit much.

Cohen narrates a video on his site (the same as at the link
cited above, which was first featured on the site of The Sun,
Rupert Murdoch's notorious and juvenile yellow tabloid), where
he says the video was shot by British tourists, turned over to
U.S. "secret agents", who have an info-sharing "agreement" with
the Brazilian government, and which was in turn "leaked" from
them to the media.

Interestingly, Cohen has a copyright notice posted on the video
for "Mike Cohen", and "Barcroft Media". So who leaked it to him,
and how does he claim legit copyright, considering the
circumstances he claims?

I'll put this as plainly and directly as seems needed - Michael
Cohen and his website allnewsweb.com have for several years now
passed off lame, hoaxed videos and related reports and pictures
on his site regarding UFOs and "aliens" with nary a critical or
objective evaluation, and the site exists to promote crap for
the purpose of generating ad revenue via page views by providing
one of the prime venues for false and misleading stories about
supposed UFO incidents which are then in turn promoted by awful,
fraudulent tabloids like The Sun and The Daily Mail, geared to
the lowest intellectual common denominator, in order to create a
mutually beneficial feedback loop of hoax, fraud, and absurdly
ludicrous UFO faked video and related stories purely for the
sensational benefit of generating a profit on the most gullible
and unsophisticated "believers" possible.

Cohen is a con-man of the lowest order, IMHO. A clownish barker
down the dark alley where the freak show is located in the
circus that ufology threatens to become.

I tried to engage Cohen once in an email discussion of what the
purpose and intent of his site was, and how it was spreading
obvious disinformation (aka disinfotainment), and the man could
not admit or concede the obvious - that he and his efforts
amount to fraud and hoax, nothing else, and that he deliberately
brings disrepute to legitimate ufology for his own penurious and
warped personal reasons. He functions as an effectively self-
impugning debunker, by blithely passing off such excrement as if
it were legit, when if you visit his site, anyone with any sense
will see just how obvious his efforts are - he should be in the
UFO Hall of Shame, at the very least. He knows exactly what he's

So why is his stuff being included here? For the lulz, or what?




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