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Re: Shirley MacLaine

From: From: A. J. Gevaerd - Revista UFO <aj.nul>
Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2011 12:34:48 -0300
Archived: Sun, 02 Oct 2011 13:54:07 -0400
Subject: Re: Shirley MacLaine

>From: Jerome Clark <jkclark.nul>
>To: <post.nul>
>Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2011 09:18:18 -0500
>Subject: Re: Shirley MacLaine

>>From: A. J. Gevaerd - Revista UFO <aj.nul>
>>To: <post.nul>
>>Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2011 18:56:17 -0300
>>Subject: Re: Shirley MacLaine


>Hi, A. J.

>>I think that the best contribution that Shirley has to offer to
>>the UFO field is, by far, in the disclosure area. She, as
>>successful actor and very influential person in the American
>>society, is a voice largely heard and respected, even by key
>>figures in the government, and it is because of the direct, firm
>>manner that she addresses all subjects -- and UFOs are not

>>So, the impact of her support to this area can be very positive.
>>I hope.

>I'm not sure where you're getting your information. Perhaps it's
>simply that great distance causes these kinds of
>misunderstandings and misperceptions. However, MacLaine is not
>"a very influential person in American society" with "a voice
>largely heard and respected, even by key figures in government."
>It sounds as if you're repeating something one of her p.r. hacks

>MacLaine may have influenced the occasional reader of her books,
>but she is not an influential (much less "very influential")
>figure in society. She is a well-regarded entertainment
>professional, but her books have earned her the reputation of
>being just another actor with eccentric personal views well
>outside the mainstream. Actually, to put it bluntly, MacLaine is
>generally regarded as something of a nut, albeit a harmless one.

>Where the narrow interests of actual ufology are concerned, she
>has never done anything at all. It doesn't surprise me, though,
>that she's allied herself with the "disclosure" types.

Hi Jerry.

Actually, I never saw myself interviewing Shirley. I only
interviewed a few stars in my whole UFO "career", although I met
many who are interested in UFOs. One of the artists I
interviewed was Jos=E9 Ramalho, a very popular musician in Brazil,
with a vast repertory:


"Flying Saucers Really Got Me Concerned", is a part of one of
the songs about the UFO Phenomena that he sings. He has many
others, some very particular and interesting. And popular.

You know, I concentrate my activities in interviewing other
types of people, like I did with so many top ranking government
officers and military in Brazil, such as a few generals, some
former ministers etc.

So it was a (good) surprise that I got contacted by Shirley's
people and that she wanted to know more about UFOs in my
country. I look forward to meeting and interviewing her (I
almost had a chance to do so with Dan Aykroyd).

And since I had this opportunity confirmed with Shirley, last
week, I started doing my homework and I have gone through a
great number of websites with all sorts of info about her as a
person, as an actress, as an author, about her activist role in
several areas etc, and also about her UFO statements and what
people in this area think of them etc.

I must say that, so far, among the info that I got about her,
yours isn't majority, while shared with several people. Of
course I will take it in consideration, thank you. I really
appreciate all sorts of views about her from Listers to get
better prepared to meet and interview the lady.

Have a great Sunday.

A. J.

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