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Biorhythms Half-Lives Brains & ET

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Sun, 29 May 2011 21:31:12 +0100
Archived: Sun, 29 May 2011 17:37:30 -0400
Subject: Biorhythms Half-Lives Brains & ET

Hello List,

This might not relate directly to ETs, unless it's one of those
Earthling peculiarities which they choose to study. However it
does seem to have affected our human 'intellect' from times
before we were human, and, as it still exists, continues to
affect our ability to accurately observe, and to logically
consider events, whether ET created or not. A final ET
connection is made at foot of message.

As you might recall, a few days ago we considered that 'changing
half-life' article which shows an annual variation, overlaid with
a 33 day 'ripple':


Subsequently I was reminded by Lister Albert Baier that 33 days
is one of the three primary biorhythm cycles. So went to Wiki
and found "physical: sin(2d/23), emotional: sin(2d/28),
intellectual: sin(2d/33)" which was almost immediately
interesting, and for at least one reason which I couldn't recall
at the time. Now, after more conversation with Albert, I have.

One can make a fairly strong case for the emotional cycle being
linked to the lunar month, and for it being tied, until
recently, to the ancient estrus/rut cycle which is now almost
hidden in humans. Details at:


That scenario says that humans (and maybe bonobos) have
continued to evolve successfully and have kept in synch with the
slowly extending lunar cycle. Whereas most mammals stopped
evolving (reproductively at least) some millions of years ago
when the month was only about 21 days long. [The (longer)
exceptions to a 21 day cycle were probably constrained by
physiological or seasonal conditions making giving birth viable
only at specific times of the year.]

So we could posit the 'emotional cycle' in humans only very
recently losing synch with the lunar month, leaving it at 28
days. Which can tempt us to think that the 'physical cycle' must
have lost synchronism much earlier, when the month was 23 days
(because the Moon is only vital for fertility reasons - see

That leaves us with the 33 day 'intellectual cycle' and the
(theorized Solar) 33 day half-life ripple. Unlike the
estrus/emotional cycle linkage to the Moon, by purely physical
causes (fertility), we need another reason for the linkage
between intellect and half-life.

And it's obvious! (when I finally realised).

Half-life is (must be) at least partly dictated by a combo of
the strong nuclear force, the electromagnetic force and the weak
nuclear force (which is anyway now combined with electro-
magnetism). When that cats-cradle of forces twitches in any
direction it's not just half-lives which change - every cell and
nerve linkage in our bodies must be affected, however slightly,
and the most numerous and sensitive cells and linkages are in
the brain!

So, although I've never been a fan or adherent of biorhythms, it
now seems they're based on something more than legends or old-
wives tales, and our thinking is affected by a 33 day cycle (and
an annual one), as is half-life.

Also, recall speculating much earlier that humans coming too
close to a propulsion system consisting of an 'inertial drive'
(a change in inertia necessarily changes the momentum of the
electron) would find their perceptions and 'intellect' radically
interfered with, maybe permanently.


Ray D

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