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Interesting Trip To Investigate UFOs In Amazon

From: A. J. Gevaerd - Revista UFO <aj.nul>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2011 18:33:35 -0300
Archived: Thu, 19 May 2011 06:36:00 -0400
Subject: Interesting Trip To Investigate UFOs In Amazon

Dear Listers,

I though you would like to know this.

I have just returned from a new trip to the Amazon Rain Forest,
where I spent several days at the Anavilhanas Islands, some 50
miles west of Manaus, collecting new UFO cases. I concentrated
my work at a location called Acajatuba, a great lake formed by
the Negro River. Some 30-40 families live there in two small
villages =96 Sao Tome and Perpetuo Socorro =96 and in a bunch of
humble shack by the rivers. An estimate of 200 people live in
that vast area fishing and planting for own consumption.

I was invited by the owner of the jungle hotel Aria=FA Towers
(www.ariau.tur.br) to go to that area and investigate the cases.
78 years old Francisco Ritta Bernardino was very impressed with
the number of sightings of unusual objects in that area and
asked me to look into the phenomena. He is also a witness of
several interesting observations. In such a trip I was
accompanied by Amazonian UFO author Umaia Farid Ismail.

I had already been at that same location investigating cases
back in 2001, when I randomly interviewed dozens of people who
live by the rivers, finding several interesting cases. At that
time, it was easy to find some 7 or 8 UFO witnesses out of every
10 people you spoke to =96 and some 2 to 3 very significant cases
among them. My emodus operandi" to do so couldn't be simpler
than this: I just ride a boat all day long at the most remote
places looking for residents, and interview everyone I find
using the proper interview techniques to reach that kind of
people. It is exhausting under severe sun light and the high
humidity of the Amazon, but it is more that worth the trouble.

Among the cases I collected now and then are excellent examples
of a very rich phenomena. Luminous and metallic artifacts are
seen regularly by the people living in that area of the rain
forest. Some are just balls of lights, but others are structured
disk or cylinder shaped objects, all named the same way by the
natives: "swamp gas". They don't know the difference when it is
really swamp gas, a phenomena that is abundant in that area, and
when it is not. For example, when the artifacts emerge from
rivers and go high in the sky, or when they chase or seem to
observe the maneuvers the little boats do, or when they are so
bright that you can see the jungle as clear as during the day,
or when they interfere with the boats engines etc.

It is very interesting to see how the natives, in their
simplicity, refer to what they saw always in terms or known
things to them. They compare the UFO observed with boxes,
plates, ovens, cooking pans, etc. And if a particular sighting
is significant and/or recurrent, it is absorbed by the people as
part of their folkloric traditions. Curious names are given to
different types of UFO and occupants seen, such as "Mother of
Gold", "Big Worm", "Ghost Ships", "7-Meter Virgin", "Running
Light", etc. So, "Swamp Gas" is just another folkloric name for

About a thousand photos and 3 hours of footage were obtained
from interviewing or talking to some 2 dozen people, many of
which gave me very serious reports of UFOs seen at very close
range. Now, what is more interesting is that I found out a new
area where the so called Suck-Suck phenomena (called there as
Chupa-Chupa) also was regularly seen in the late 70s, while a
big wave of this phenomena was being investigated in another
Amazonian State, Par=E1, by the Brazilian Air Force's Operation
Saucer. It has been fully discussed before.

However, due to the fact that such vast area of Acajatuba has
much less residents, and even less in the 70s, there were fewer
reports of the Suck-Suck phenomena, and very rare attacks to
people could be retrieved. I will do some more trips to the
region to collect more cases in the near future. The area was
never under investigation of the Brazilian Air Force's Operation
Saucer and that people have never spoken with a UFO investigator
before, other than me.

There isn't anything as fascinating to a UFO researcher as the
direct contact with people who had experiences with the
phenomena that changed their lives. And doing field
investigation in that area of the Amazon Rain Forest is simply
the best thing one can do to really feel that. Now, the next
important step is to evaluate properly the results of such work,
because, of course, one is dependent to the other.

I have posted a few pictures of that adventure here:

www.ufo.com.br/public/amazonia. Enjoy!

Best regards!

A. J. Gevaerd
Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine
E-mail 1: aj.nul   
E-mail 2: ajgevaerd.nul
E-mail 3: ajgevaerd.nul
Site: www.ufo.com.br

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