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More On Abductee Home Monitoring

From: Eleanor White <ewraven1.nul>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 17:43:07 -0400
Archived: Wed, 11 May 2011 07:03:14 -0400
Subject: More On Abductee Home Monitoring

I received a private email from someone who had read my comments
about the CUFOS abductee home monitoring project. I'm repeating
my reply to that email because in my private reply, I outline
some experiences and possibilities for future abductee
monitoring experiments.

Here is my reply:

Abductee home monitoring is especially interesting to me,
because it seems to parallel our electronic harassment
community's attempts to even just video targets as they
sleep or attempt to.

With us, one of these things inevitably happens, as best
I'm aware:

- The remote electronic assaults cease as long as a
  camcorder or other type of recorder is running.

- The camcorder or recorder is remotely shut off. This
  includes physically moving slide or toggle switches

- The camcorder or recorder is blasted with loud static,
  (or electrically noisy signal if an audio channel isn't in
  use) causing snow on the video track.

- The camcorder or recorder will simply be blanked and
  record nothing, even though it is running.

- Occasionally, the camcorder or recorder is remotely
  made to totally fail and cannot be re-started. But
  curiously, if the failed item is put on the shelf for a few
  months, it suddenly "fixes itself" and works perfectly
  again. This happens, too, to all manner of electronic/
  electrical equipment which is not used for recording.

Clearly, the 'entities' responsible for the e-harassment do not
want recorded evidence to be obtained.

I don't know about the details of how the abductee home
recording equipment failed, of course, but it does sound very

The ultimate is that 'Skinwalker Ranch' pair of remote
camcorders watching one another, in which the total physical
destruction of one was not picked up by the other. (Not sure if
the observing camera stopped or was blanked.)

I do think this kind of research is worth pursuing, but to be
affordable, the prototype setup should probably be done with
just one abductee, until a system is developed which is

In our group, because ordinary electromagnetic test equipment
will often pick up nothing even during periods of very
aggressive assault, we theorize that only a recording EEG unit,
ideally a medical grade unit, might at least show substantial
excursions from normal brain signal during these assaults.

Such a recorded EEG trace, together with an audio recording by
the target in which the target announces date and exact time of
the event, and a description of the assault would at least
provide skeptical officials with an inkling that some real event
was happening.

If the recorder was stopped, blanked out, or blasted with static
during the noted assault, that too would be evidence for our

The hope would be that some sort of further investigation might
be offered by the skeptical officials as a result.

[We haven't tried this because part of the harassment is sleep
deprivation and character assassination, resulting in poverty.]

I'm wondering if that might be useful for abduction events?

Since Cleve Backster's experiments with his philodendron plants
connected to his polygraph showed apparent 'bonding' between
plant and owner, even over significant distances, another
experiment which might be useful for abductions is to have the
abductee care for a plant for a while, and a philodendron might
be a good starting point.

Then, an EEG machine has electrodes bonded to the upper and
lower sides of a [healthy] leaf with agar (used by Cleve

During an abduction event, it might be very interesting to see
what the previoiusly bonded _plant_ might show on its EEG trace.

I tried this with a simple, single channel EEG unit connected to
a philodendron, next to my bed. The harassers either blasted
the unit with static, or the plant flatlined. I could not get a
single night where the plant EEG was normal, when I was trying
to get some confirmation that a remote assault of some type was

According to Cleve Backster (in the book "Secret Life of
Plants") plants do flat line when extremely stressful things are
happening, particularly when someone who has been cruel to
plants was present. So I don't know if the flatlining was
electronic, or the plant was picking up something stressful.

I did duplicate Backster's experiment when he took a lighter and
threatened to burn the plant, and the plant responded with
wildly exaggerated EEG traces. My unit only has a meter, and a
geiger- counter like speaker as output, but it was plain that
plant was 'terrified.'

One thing I wonder about is if there are now small enough
recording GPS units which an abductee might wear around a wrist
or ankle, using a sturdy strap of some sort.

That recording GPS on the boat did work, after all.

So I think there may be experiments with abductees well worth
doing and maybe with newer equipment, the experiments might be
more affordable.

Eleanor White

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