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MILABS W/Wo Alien Abductions

From: Kathy Kasten <catraja.nul>
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 21:52:15 +0000
Archived: Sat, 19 Mar 2011 09:54:45 -0500
Subject: MILABS W/Wo Alien Abductions

Listers, for your weekend reading pleasure.

In 1999, MILABS was published. The authors were Dr. Helmut and
Marion Lammer. Richard Sauder wrote the Foreward. The Lammers
were academically trained, their research was extensive and
broad. I would say the book was well researched. The book
documents interaction between abductees and what they believed
was kidnapping by the military.

In latest book, John Alexander claims that 1) in an unpublished
article that MILABS just can't happening - see his text for the
reasons; 2) Dr. Helmut Lammer "published a "retraction stating
he no longer believes his earlier material." Please note
Alexander's article was never published anywhere - according to
him. Alexander refers to Lammer's response posted on UFO
UpDates. Here is the e-mail response:


Dear Errol Bruce-Knapp,

From: Helmut Lammer
To: ufoupdates.nul
Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 09:53:30 +0200
Subject: Disclaimer

Please note that I've not been involved in this kind of private
research for more than 10 years, and the content of the article
[below] does not reflect my present day opinion.

Best wishes

Helmut Lammer]


Preliminary findings of Project MILAB:

Evidence for Military Kidnappings of alleged UFO Abductees
By Helmut Lammer Ph.D. _1996


[End of post to UFO UpDates]

Note that Lammer does not state what his present day opinion is,
but never does it reflect a retraction of his previous work. My
opinions about bottom line solutions changes with the passing
years. Usually, material surfaces to validate earlier research,
or not. For the first time in anywhere, I am going to provide
information which I shared with Dr. Lammer. In a small way, I
was a behind the scenes consultant to Dr. and Mrs. Lammer.
Unnamed anywhere by request.

Meeting An Insider

In 1991 or 1992, I attended monthly meetings of a group called
UFO Forum at the Felicia Manhood Center on Santa Monica Blvd. in
West Los Angeles, CA. Over time, I got to be friends with the
woman who ran the Forum. An experiencer. I had shared with her
an incident that happened to me. It goes like this: one morning,
I woke to a male voice saying "Good Morning, Kathy." The voice
sounded as if it was coming from an echo chamber. Although very
clear, it sounded both far away and close by. I thought it
validated my research into a phenomena called silent sound using
electromagnetic transmission. In a private conversation, Richard
Sauder told me he had experienced the same phenomena.

At one point in our friendship, the woman and I agreed to attend
the UFO Expo at the L.A. Airport Los Angeles, sometime in 1991
or 1992. She stated there was someone she wanted me to meet. At
the early evening break, we moved with a crowd of Expo goers out
the back double doors into the alley behind the hotel. People
milled about, smoking a cigarette or just satisfying the need to
get outdoors.

My friend called my attention to a guy standing across the alley
leaning against the wall. She said, "don't stare. Just causally
look in his direction."

The break was over and the crowd moved back indoors. We
remaining standing at the bottom of the short flight of stairs
descending from the fire exit doors. The guy - who had been
standing next to the wall - walked over and acknowledged my
friend by her name. She introduced him. I will not provide the
name he gave me, nor a physical description. You will understand
why as you read on. The Insider stated he had worked for a
company but did not agree with the technology their were
developing. (I imagined Raytheon in El Segundo, CA, but could
not get the Insider to respond to my question.) He had quit his
job and was trying to get the word out to the public as to what
was going on. He described technology he called drones. What
today is commonly known as UAVs. At the time, I had no idea what
he was describing. He claimed that the drones used satellites
for guidance. What today was call GPS. At the time, I was still
trying to figure out the delivery system for electromagnetic
frequency. So, I asked him regarding my theory of a satellite
delivery platform. He corrected my view by stating that the
drones carried miniaturized technology capable of such a
delivery system. What today we call nanotechnology. Further, he
claimed that the drones had cameras, along with the remotely
controlled operation of the electromagnetic technology. I would
guess the equivalent of today's webcam. He told me that the
drones were small enough to land on a target's roof, under a
bedroom window, on a balcony, patio or wide ledge of a city
apartment building. I was incredulous when he told me the drones
made the sound of buzzing insects. I remember I got him to
repeat that answer. Because experiencers were claiming a buzzing
sound and flash of light just before the abduction scene
commenced. I shared with Lammer this fact, but would not tell
him how I knew about this aspect of MILABS. Except that a flash
of light indicated the start of electromagnetic energy accessing
the brain of the target.

The Insider, when describing what he had been involved in, stood
ramrod still and focused on my face. An indication he had
briefed civilians many times before. After he gave me the
information he wanted me to know, he started pacing around in
circles. Without prompting, he told me that people from - let's
us Richard Dolan's term - the _breakaway_ industry were looking
for him. That this company had its own aircraft, trucks, cars,
very large facilities, and - especially - their own security
personnel. If he didn't keep moving, he would be found. He had
signed a contract that guaranteed his silence. You see, private
companies do not have to report to the public what they are
doing - lack of accountability. Unlike government agencies.
Private companies, with millions of unaccountable funds, have
permission from the U.S. Federal government (under Federal Code
and Executive Orders) to test covertly using members of the
public. No Informed Consent. No need to disclose to the public
want they are doing. It means that company personnel can wear
whatever uniform or dress the way they need to. They are part of
what I have called a _catchnet - program. A program using
stalking, breaking into target's homes, and visiting a target
dressed in military uniform or in the style of a Secret Service
agent or whatever is necessary to get the job done. That is
finding out if the targeting was effective.

To my mind, demanding disclosure from the U.S., or any other
government, just will not produce the alleged proof of a cover-
up. Besides, private industry does not, is not required, to
disclose the outcomes of their research and development. They
can always claim: "it is a matter of National Security."

Finally, I have disclosed how I knew what I knew and when I knew
it. I still will not disclose the name and physical description
of the Insider. Even though he would be able to state the name
of the company who is quite probably the impetus resulting in
the technology behind ufos, alien and _military_ abduction.



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