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Cranks Vs Rationalists

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 10:44:13 -0000
Archived: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 08:09:47 -0500
Subject: Cranks Vs Rationalists

Hi List

Some folk might want a reason for that recommend of
'philosophical skepticism' in my post


so here it is: dogmatic 'rationalists' don't really have a leg
to stand on.

They're mostly parroting laymen or rote-learned book-scientists,
ignorant of the nitty-gritty of science and just repeating the
stuff in the text-books (usually incomplete* & misleading*).

Whereas the top-people in science will frankly admit that they
don't know what 'reality' is.

Just the other day, on 'Start the Week' on BBC Radio 4:



you could (and still can) hear Brian Greene and Brian Cox
admitting that 'eternal universe' and 'steady state' theories
are as "justifiable" as the 'big-bang' theory (which the
mainstream prefers and so parroting laymen therefore 'believe-

In fact, if you insisted on Popper's falsification principle
you'd have to admit the 'eternal' or steady-state' calculations
forecast conditions accurately, while the 'big-bang' mathematics
failed miserably, needing a CMBR (cosmic microwave background
radiation) energy thousands of times higher than the one we now
observe. But the mainstream had already opted for 'big-bang' so
they just changed their forecasts and the text-books!

* Re incomplete & misleading text-books: most book / media
presentations of experimental results are severely dumbed-down
and over simplified. For instance, you'll hardly ever find a
full description of the double-slit experiment. All the versions
I've searched out in the last year or so (including that
animated one) are missing a vital part. Why? Because that part
doesn't agree with the simple narrative of "wave-particle
duality" and "probability waves" which is so attractive to rote-

In fact, as (iirc) BK Ridley wryly remarked, if you believe that
simple narrative, to explain the missing bit you'd have to say
that a light-beam not only has a memory but can wilfully refuse
to obey the laws of physics!

Here's the experiment: stage 1 light ON, only ONE slit open;
result = diffraction pattern; stage 2 light ON, TWO slits open:
result = interference pattern (bands). And that's all you
usually read. But if the light was left ON while that SECOND
slit was being opened (to give stage 2 situation), you don't get
the interference pattern, even though the situation demands it.
You're still seeing the simple diffraction pattern.

That would confuse the parroting laymen and rote-learners - so
it's omitted.

That's only one example of 'impossible' results. Others concern
'inertia'-'momentum' and its effects as shown by gyroscopes. You
might remember ex-NASA Dr Richard Haines on video saying "We
don't know how to do that". Ie - how to interfere with a
gyroscopic 'inertial' compass, as happened during a UFO

From the above we can see that "there is no law of nature yet
known to us but may be apparently contravened by the action of
more recondite laws or forces" (a quote from A.R Wallace - who
also thought there was something to be learned in paranormal

That being so, when reading dogmatic claims about the universe,
or an accusation of 'irrationality' or 'crankiness' I first ask
"Does he have any firm grounds for that statement?" - and the
answer is usually "No".

Often it's a bit worse than that - see:


why folk are scared of new or anomalous ideas, and why they have
to deny them.


Ray D

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