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Isolation Room Conditioning & Alien Abduction

From: Kathy Kasten <catraja.nul>
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 20:16:21 +0000
Archived: Sun, 13 Mar 2011 08:15:53 -0500
Subject: Isolation Room Conditioning & Alien Abduction

To My Fellow Searchers:

A continuing conversation based on my own research and
experiencing highly strange events in my environment.

After receiving conditioning related to creating a split
personality, including sessions at night in my elementary school
with a guy named Pulharich, I am going to assume events abated
until the technology of the 60s was being tested. I have no
documentation that what I am about to relate is true in fact
(careful, here comes some half-baked opinions) it would appear
that I was part of a data base used for covert testing.

BTW, a friend explained to me, after I stated that I couldn't be
hypnotized, that, in fact, a master hypnotherapist had "sealed"
me. This means that only a very limited vocabulary can induce a
trance and it has to be done by a master hypnotherapist.

One of the programs being tested involved, over the years, has
been called alien abduction. Even while this type of event was
happening, I was very suspicious for a number of reasons. I
began to read the academic literature, including medical and
technical journals. I had decided someone or some technology was
being used to make me believe I was experiencing "alien"

The first thing I did was to break down the language that was
being used to trigger subconscious images and manipulate them.

For example, long before the term alien abduction appeared on
the scene, the entities involved in my interactions could be
categorized as "birds". Avian type entities.

Clue #1: the military uses the term "birds" for anything that
flies. Airplanes, satellites, etc.

Clue #2: many times the image backdrop for the "craft" pick up
and drop off, was my "childhood neighborhood". Implying that
whatever and whoever was inducing the experience was using terms
to create a comfortable mental environment for me. "Do not be
afraid, we will not harm you".

Although the usual "medical" techniques were being done, plus
the usual aftermath took place, the images were changing because
I was reading more of the literature appearing publicly
addressing alien abduction. Although my subconscious insisted on
the "bird" image, as in bird of prey.

The "birds" sometimes appeared as very sophisticated aircraft
flying overhead. While viewing these craft, I would wonder whose
aircraft I was seeing. It was then that a holographic image of
the American flag was superimpose itself on whatever "bird" I
was viewing. That image appeared because I assumed I could
impose my own will to provide real answers to what I was

It is my educated guess that the technology being utilized to
create so-called alien abductions is based in electromagnetic
energy/ frequencies. A product of the "mind control"/MK Ultra
research. Silent sound/voice to skull provides a way to insert
single terms into the subconscious of a targeted individual.

Yes, yes, I know, Col. John Alexander continues to argue that it
just isn't possible. Years ago, I decided either the man is out
of the technological loop, or is into monumental denial because
of his Oath. Take your pick because voice to skull transmission
is a real, and has been for 40 years - maybe longer. (Richard
Dolan suggests this very technology in his book on UFOs in the
section titled The Death Of James McDonald.)

Yes, coupled with master hypnotic techniques, the target's
subconscious imagery can be accessed and manipulated. The
operator doesn't have to know the exact term, just something
vague like the emotionally loaded word "mother" is enough.

Does the above discussion cover sightings of "lights in the
sky"? I am not ready yet to say "yea or nay," but coupled with
my latest readings of neurological and psychological studies -
especially the effects of monotony - my gut feeling tells me
this is the direction to start investigating.

As I said to Don Schmitt, years ago, the only recording machine
we have for this phenomena is the human being.

Frankly, I believe what all the governments, who have claimed
they looked into ufos, found they were no threat and closed the
reporting centers. Disclosure is already happening. The
explosion of information is incredible. Not only in the ufo
field, but in the neurological and theoretical physical
sciences. Just look around. The solution is both too simple and
too complicated.

The one thing I know, the answer is within the human heart and
mind. Not in just collecting data without analysis.

For me, collecting cases has become boring. I am ready to hear
the half- baked analysis. Half-baked is better than none at all.


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