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41st MUFON Conference

From: Terry W. Colvin <fortean1.nul>
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2011 14:39:49 +0700 (GMT+07:00)
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Subject: 41st MUFON Conference

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January 2011

Features: Fortean Bureau of Investigation
41st MUFON Conference

Disclosure was the topic on everyone's mind at MUFON's Denver UFO Conference

Text: Nick Redfern/Images: Nick Redfern

Held over four days (22-25 July) within the pleasant confines of
the Denver, Colorado, Marriott Tech-Centre, the 41st symposium
of the Mutual UFO Network was - as it always is - a Mecca for
those who adhere to the notion that sightings of, and encounters
with, UFOs are firm evidence that aliens walk among us. Indeed,
MUFON makes very few bones about the theory that 'they' are
here. And, largely, the roughly 400 attendees were in full

In other words, this isn't UnConvent--ion, where you're more
likely to hear Jonathan Downes trumpeting about Tulpas, Dr Dave
Clarke holding forth on Ghost-Lights, or Ian Ridpath taking a
rationalist axe to the Rendlesham encounter. But, if you like
your UFOs saucer-shaped and piloted by unsmiling little grey
fellows, then this is the event for you. So if you weren't able
to attend, what did you miss?

Certainly one of the most eagerly anticipated lectures of the
weekend was that of Richard Dolan, author of the planned three-
volume series UFOs and the National Security State (two down,
one to go). Whereas Roswell, Area 51 and alien abductions were
all once guaranteed to get the ufological faithful foaming at
the mouth, today it's Disclosure. And that's right: if you want
to please the crowd, you'd better spell it with a capital 'D'.

The notion that 'the Government' is finally going to tell us
the 'truth' about UFOs has been rapidly gaining mom--entum in
the last few years, not least due to the vocal interventions of
Steven Greer, of the Disclosure Project, and the Paradigm
Research Group's Stephen Bassett - both of whom believe that
revel--ations concerning an ET presence on our world may soon be
forth--coming. Of course, such claims have been made for decades
and none has ever resulted in any meaningful revel--ations. But
let's give Rich the benefit of the doubt.

Dolan's talk was fluent, thoughtful, carefully delivered and
avoided sens--ationalism. It was focused not so much on when or
how Disclosure might come, but what life might be like for all
of us afterwards. He has a new book out shortly on this very
subject, entitled A.D., After Disclosure: The People's Guide to
Life after Contact, which he has written with Bryce Zabel, co-
creator of the short-lived 1990s science fiction television
series, Dark Skies.

Dolan sees both good and bad in the future: on the positive
side, he noted that if alien technology really is in the hands
of the American elite, then its release into the public domain
may well serve to end our reliance on fossil fuels. Similarly,
major advances in medicine and biotechnology could lead to
'super longevity'. He cautioned, however, that the United
States of today seems to be drifting towards a state of near-
fascism, and there are powerful players who have a lot to lose
if oil becomes redundant, and who might not want the world
radically rearranged as a result of overnight cosmic
revelations. The battle for Disclosure is being fought right
now, Dolan emphasised.

The audience loved it: they cheered and clapped, hoping that
they - unlike every single ufologist who has come before them -
will finally receive validat--ion for their cherished
extra--terrestrial hypothesis.

Kevin Randle is a well-known figure in ufology, a firm believer
that aliens met their deaths at Roswell, New Mexico, in the
summer of 1947, and the author or co-author of several books on
the most famous UFO case. He's also someone - unlike many in the
field - possessed of a fine sense of humour and a capacity to
talk about things other than UFOs and alien life. Yes, really!


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Terry W. Colvin
Ladphrao (Bangkok), Thailand
Pran Buri (Hua Hin), Thailand
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