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Re: Temporary Hallucinating/Delirium & UFOs

From: Kathy Kasten <catraja.nul>
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2011 20:09:48 +0000
Archived: Fri, 04 Mar 2011 07:40:34 -0500
Subject: Re: Temporary Hallucinating/Delirium & UFOs

Temporary Hallucinating/Delirium And Its Relation To Witness

I will be quoting from four different documents:

Nature of Delirium and Allied States, by H.G. Wolff, M.D. and
Desmond Curran, M.D.

Biochemical Aspects on Human Brain, by Holgar Hyden, M.D

The British Journal of Psychiatry (2002) 180: 4-5 =A9 2002 The
Royal College of Psychiatrists, Remembering delirium, by SIMON


On-line health advisory on bromides.

The delirium referred to in the following is called temporary delirium:

"To study the phenomenology of delirium we need to understand
the relationship between the subjective experience at the time
of the episode and the person's memory of what happened. The
experience often is described in retrospect as dream-like. This
may partly reflect the fact that the person is remembering a
mental state in which self-consciousness was absent, just as
self-consciousness is absent in dreams. It may also reflect a
more fundamental connection between the state of dreaming and
delirium. This lends weight to the idea that delirium should be
regarded more as a disorder of wakefulness than a disorder of

In obtaining testimony from eye witnesses to highly strange
phenomena notation is usually made about whether the witness had
been drinking alcohol or ingesting recreational drugs. However,
as was discovered by Drs. Wolff and Curran there are substances
in our everyday environment that can cause hallucinating or
delirium. After evaluating a cohort of 106 individuals they
found that alcohol consumption contributed the highest number of
"feelings of fear" and delirium, ingesting bromides was the next
agent to create this state.

Bromides? I wondered what were these researchers referring to
and how prevalent were bromides in today's environment. It is my
understanding that most individuals are in and out of altered
states during their lifetime. According to the research,
bromides contributed a significantly to states of delirium or
what has been called awake hallucinating.

Check out this list of where one can find bromides in their
environment. It is considered epidemic in North America:

"Bromide Dominance Theory

Bromide is an insidious additive used in many consumer products,
and as a pesticide. Because of the sheer number of bromide-
supplemented products, exposure to this man-made additive has
caused a depletion of iodine in human populations. Studies in
lab animals provide alarming evidence that even small amounts of
bromide exposure can be toxic.

A bromide dominance condition may develop when bromide, acquired
through environmental, occupational or dietary exposure, causes
bromide levels in the body to rise high enough to inhibit iodine
enzyme metabolism.

Where does bromide come from? Bromide comes from the food we
eat=97especially bread=97from drinking water, and from toothpaste,
mouthwash, flame-retardants, hair dye and other sources."

In earlier e-mails, I suggested that individuals claiming
interaction with highly strange events be given a chemistry
panel test. In refining that suggestion I further suggest that
specifically the test involve cytosine or increased enzyme
activity - looking for changes to the RNA production and protein
changes in the enzyme activity. Plus, an additional test for
toxicity levels looking for the percentage of bromides in the
individual's system.

Maybe, just for baseline levels of the above panels, ufo
researchers need to submit to this type of testing. Just for
comparison. UFO researchers are exposed to the same phenomena as
the individuals involved in the cases they are studying. That
is, searching for physical evidence of "things flying around in
the sky." Without finding physical evidence. Perhaps, this type
of research could be categorized as a form of delirium.

Just saying, not advocating,


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