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Re: Jacobs & Alien Hybrids

From: Steve Sawyer <stevesaw.nul>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 16:41:12 -0800
Archived: Tue, 01 Mar 2011 06:20:12 -0500
Subject: Re: Jacobs & Alien Hybrids

>From: Emma Woods <e.woods33.nul>
>To: post.nul
>Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 04:53:34 -0800 (PST)
>Subject: Jacobs & Alien Hybrids

>>From: Gildas Bourdais <bourdais.gildas.nul>
>>To: <post.nul>
>>Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 12:04:51 +0100
>>Subject: Re: Jacobs & Alien Hybrids

>>>From: Steve Sawyer <stevesaw.nul>
>>>To: <post.nul>
>>>Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 12:11:40 -0800
>>>:Subject: Jacobs & Alien Hybrids IMs [was: Budd Hopkins]

>>>The question of who sent Dr. Jacobs the series of instant
>>>messages (IM's) allegedly from "alien hybrids" is explored
>>>quite thoroughly by 'Emma Woods' on her website:


>>>'Emma Woods' concluded that it was 'Elizabeth Smith' (also
>>>aka 'Becky' and 'Karen', according to Woods) that sent Jacobs
>>>the IM's, possibly in some strange effort to 'alienate' Jacobs
>>>from dealing further with Woods. 'Smith' was Jacobs assistant,
>>>audio tape transcriber, and webmaster.

>>>'Elizabeth Smith' took down her blog when this controversy
>>>first began to emerge, and has remained very quiet about her
>>>role in this burgeoning scandal. Smith's involvement,
>>>particularly if she did send Jacobs those controversial IM's,
>>>really needs to be explored and addressed.

>>Thank you for this link. I have tried to compare the versions of
>>David Jacobs and Emma Woods.

>>On reading David Jacobs again, I realize that, contrary to my
>>first impression, he does not state explicitly that Emma sent
>>them to his webmaster Elizabeth who, in turn, sent them to him.

>I did not send any instant messages to Dr. Jacobs or Elizabeth.

>The threatening instant messages that Dr. Jacobs received came
>directly from Elizabeth's computer, and she claims that
>"hybrids" sent them.

>The research subject who Dr. Jacobs took on a few weeks after I
>chose to end my association with him, who is known in Dr.
>Jacobs' work as Brian Reed, was drawn into the same situation
>with Dr. Jacobs and Elizabeth that I had just got out of.

>A complex series of events took place, during which Brian also
>began receiving threatening instant messages from Elizabeth's
>computer which she claimed "hybrids" had sent.

>Without Elizabeth realizing it, Brian set a trap for her on
>instant messenger, and caught her out writing the "hybrid" IM.

>Brian tried to tell Dr. Jacobs, and sent him the evidence that
>he had collected which showed that Elizabeth was writing it.
>She, however, continued to deny that it was her. Dr. Jacobs did
>not appear to be interested in Brian's evidence, and continued
>to support her case.

>At that stage, Dr. Jacobs was in a difficult position as Brian
>was the second research subject (after me) who had come to the
>conclusion that Elizabeth was a hoaxer. I know that another
>former research subject also gave her opinion at that time that
>Elizabeth was writing the "hybrid" IM.

>In October 2007, Dr. Jacobs arranged for Elizabeth to take a
>polygraph test, and she passed the test. However, neither Brian
>nor I accept the result of the polygraph.

>Dr. Jacobs and Elizabeth both participated in a deception of the
>polygraph examiner about what she was actually accused of.

>Brain and I had both accused Elizabeth of making up a fictional
>"hybrid" character who she named =E2?~Jay, and then writing
>instant messages pretending to be =E2?~Jay'.

>However, Dr. Jacobs and Elizabeth both led the polygrapher to
>believe that Elizabeth had a human male friend named =E2?~Jay',
>who's existence was not in questions, who had access to her
>computer and could have written the instant messages, and that
>she was accused of impersonating that human person in the
>instant messages to Dr. Jacobs and Brian.

>I subsequently wrote to a well known polygraph examiner about
>this situation and he said that if a polygraph examinee
>participated with the researcher in a deception of the polygraph
>examiner, that this would lessen the anxiety of the polygraph
>examinee, and help them to pass the polygraph.

>Polygraph test are also notoriously unreliable, and the fact
>that Elizabeth passed the polygraph, even if she and Dr. Jacobs
>had not deceived the polygraph examiner, would still not
>override the evidence that she wrote the hybrid instant

>Brian Reed has talked about this on the Paratopia show:


>>For her part, Emma Woods admits that she has been threatened by
>>Hybrids, warning her not to cooperate, first with Elizabeth, and
>>later with David,

>I have said no such thing.

>Under hypnosis I remembered being threatened by "hybrids", but
>those memories were almost certainly confabulated following
>extensive leading and suggestion from Dr. Jacobs.

>>but she thinks that Elizabeth received threatening mails sent
>>directly by Hybrids,

>I have never said this.

>I do not think that Elizabeth received emails from "hybrids". I
>think that Elizabeth wrote threatening emails and instant
>messages herself, which she claimed were written by "hybrids".


>Which version of Dr. Jacobs' story about this are you referring

>The reason that I ask this is because Dr. Jacobs has omitted all
>references to the "hybrid" instant messaging in his defamatory
>statement about me on his website. (You can, however, hear him
>talking about it in the recordings on my website of our
>conversations about the events.)

>In his statement on his website, Dr. Jacobs has provided a
>fabricated account of the events in which the "hybrid" instant
>messaging appears never to have existed. Considering the
>central role that Elizabeth's "hybrid" instant messaging played
>in the events, it is a further example of Dr. Jacobs'
>dishonesty in action.

Hi, Emma, Gildas, and List,

I agree that polygraph examinations are notoriously unreliable,
and do not determine truth from lies, but rather measure stress
factors which can be either reduced or eliminated by the use of
certain breathing, psychological, and drug-related techniques.

If Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames, two of the most damaging US
double agents of this generation, could repeatedly pass US
intelligence-administered polygraph examinations, for many
years, what does that tell you about both the reliability or
accuracy of polygraphs to determine the truth? That they are
quite unreliable most often and not based on scientific,
objective means to determine actual veracity.

That's why they are not allowed in court trials, either civil or

For further significant data about these facts, see the following:


Oh, and Emma? Regarding Jerry Clark's most recent jerimiad about
you? I think he ought to take some of his own advice to you,
regarding getting help from a therapist, as he continues to
demur and dismiss the essential issue at hand, due to his
friendship with Hopkins (and, "one infers," by extension,
Jacobs), which is that as long as you are unable to achieve
closure on all the issues you have legitimately raised (and, so
far, there is no sign that either Jacobs or Hopkins plan to
discontinue their very unprofessional, uncertified, non-peer-
reviewed use of regressive hypnosi [RH] on their subjects, and
thus will continue to cause the confabulation and implan- tation
of false memories in their quite misguided efforts to "recover"
supposed "suppressed memories" of alien abduc- tion), I think
you are correct to comment on and press this issue for as long
as it may take until or unless Jacobs, Temple University, and
Hopkins and the "board of directors" at the Intruders Foundation
agree to discontinue this egregrious and abusive practice of RH,
which if anything, as your case and many others have shown (and
which current and past scientific and psychological peer-
reviewed studies have long proved), do not, in fact, recover
suppressed memories at all, but instead create the environment
and are, most often, the source of false memories being both
confabulated and implanted due to the expectations of the primed
subject and the related confirmation biases and leading
interrogatory practices of the likes of Jacobs and Hopkins,
among many others like Mack and Sprinkle, et al.

Even Mack observed, without questioning it deeply, why different
"abductionologists" employing RH seemed to get rather different
patterns and types of "recovered memories" from each group of
human subjects "treated" by differing abduction researchers.
That would not be the case if the "alien abduction" phenomenon
were actually genuine in an external, physical manner. It is
more a reflection of the varying confirmation biases of the each
of the researchers and investigators involved in using RH as an
investigatory "tool."

Maybe Jerry, and Mr. Steinberg, will someday realize that, and
why you continue to voice your concerns and call for redress and
a hearing of the issues, as the use of RH for said alleged
recovery of memories, repressed or otherwise, or for the purpose
of supposedly recovering memories of either "past lives," or
"satanic ritual abuse" (a uniquely American form of "moral
panic" and cultural hysteria that occurred in the 1980's/90's,
and when investigated, including rather thoroughly by the FBI,
it was determined such hysteria had little to no basis in
reality), by those amateurs and non-pro- fessional advocates who
use RH for these misguided purposes, should be ended. I support
your efforts, and agree with your contentions as to how RH is a
damaging, destructive practice, and if continued without
accountability, will result in an even greater level of
malfeasance and consequent damage to the psyches and lives of
the victims of this absurd form of human subject manipulation
based on distorted and iatrogenic practices.

There are many very good reasons why, as BUFORA did several
years ago, the use of RH in the investigation of "alien
abduction" cases should be banned, and it is high time American
practitioners of this reprehensible process did likewise. If
not, civil and criminal legal remedies, and maybe even
legislative solutions need to be explored and brought to bear on
these ongoing, abusive "treatment" procedures, IMHO.

Best of luck to you. Don't give up the fight for redress, and
the banning of RH for these misbegotten purposes, and either
ignore or confront the nay-sayers and debunkers as needed in the
amazingly calm, direct ways you have so far dealt with this
controversial and scandalous imbroglio.


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