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Re: "Revolutionary" Wingless Aircraft

From: Martin Shough <parcellular.nul>
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2011 10:01:59 +0100
Archived: Sat, 25 Jun 2011 08:33:55 -0400
Subject: Re: "Revolutionary" Wingless Aircraft

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Austrian Company Debuts Revolutionary Wingless Aircraft
by Bob Yirka

"A firm from Austria, Austrian Innovative Aeronautical
Technology (IAT21) has unveiled a new type of aircraft that
flies without wings or rotors, at the Paris Air Show. Though not
actually flown at the show, spokesmen for the new aircraft,
named D-Dalus (no doubt after the tragic Greek figure Daedalus,
who lost his son Icarus when his wings melted as he flew too
close to the sun) claim the aircraft is capable of both hovering
and flying forward as fast as a jet, all with very little


=46rom the company webpages:



Fixed wing drones certainly play their part. But those capable of
large payloads are costly, require large launch and recovery
platforms and are limited in their ability to dwell on target.
They lack stealth, maneuverability, range and endurance. They
cannot enter buildings.

Rotary wing drones can take off and land in a relatively small
space. But they are challenged in bad weather, at long ranges, at
high speed and in operating to and from lurching platforms such
as vehicles in battle of boats in rough weather. The external
rotors present a hazard and a strong signature. Those capable of
large payloads are usually costly and complex to maintain.

Ideally we would love an aerial platform that can approach as
gently and silently as a hot air balloon, can stay in the air
like a humming-bird, can rotate in any direction like a football,
can 'glue down' on the deck of a ship like a 'tossed pancake',
can see in all directions like a crystal ball, can fly as fast as
a jet, is as invisible as a 155mm shell and can be repaired by a
local car mechanic.

Such an aircraft now appears within reach.

How D-DALUS works

At the heart of D-DALUS is a revolutionary propulsion system
containing a number of patented inventions, including a friction
free bearing at the points of high G force, and a system that
keeps propulsion in dynamic equilibrium, thereby allowing the
guidance system to quickly restore stability in flight.

The propulsion consists of 4 sets of contra-rotating disks, each
set driven at the same rpm by a conventional aero-engine. The
disks are surrounded by blades whose angle of attack can be
altered by off-setting the axis of the rotating disks. As each
blade can be given a different angle of attack, the resulting
main thrust can be in any required direction in 360=B0 around any
axis. This allows the craft to launch vertically, remain in a
fixed position in the air, travel in any direction, rotate in
any direction, and thrust upwards thereby 'gluing down' on

The current status of D-DALUS

D-DALUS is currently in prototype stage. Over recent weeks IAT21
have conducted extensive constrained flight tests in a specially
prepared laboratory near Salzburg, including the transition from
vertical to forward flight, and are now ready to move to an open
test range for free flight tests. In trials to date D-DALUS has
met the performance criteria placed upon it and appears to be
scalable, becoming more efficient and less complex as it
increases in size. It will therefore be ideally suited for
applications that range from maritime search and rescue, through
the carriage of freight, to operating alongside and within
buildings during fires or, for example, nuclear accidents.

D-DALUS next steps

IAT21 have now formed a collaborative partnership with Cranfield
in the UK to take the aircraft forward to full flight
certification. IAT21 are now working on an up-scaled engine, the
external hull shape and the integration of next generation
guidance and control systems.


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