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This Week At Inexplicata - 06-17-011

From: Scott Corrales <lornis1.nul>
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 11:28:46 -0400
Archived: Sat, 18 Jun 2011 05:46:19 -0400
Subject: This Week At Inexplicata - 06-17-011

The Journal Of Hispanic Ufology
June 17, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

Spain: Searching For Bigfoot In The Aragonese Pyrenees


Spain: Searching for Bigfoot in the Aragonese Pyrenees =96 The
First Expedition
By Javier Resines, Criptozoolog=EDa en Espa=F1a

Since time immemorial there has been speculation surrounding the
existence of "wild men" in certain isolated of the Pyrenees
where access is difficult. This likelihood has regained currency
following the information supplied by recent expeditions made in
to the region of Bielsa, Huesca (Spain).

Our gratitude goes out to French researcher and filmmaker
Florent Barrere, promoter and popularizer of these expeditions,
for allowing us to gain access to his reports and extract the
article we reproduce below, created by this seeker of the
unknown. He describes the events surrounding the two expeditions
organized by the Les films de la grotte association with the aim
of securing information on the "Wild man of the Pyrenees"
following news of the case known as the "Pe=F1a Monta=F1esa yeti".

Enjoy the report...

Expeditions To Bielsa
By Florent Barrere

1. Location of Bielsa and its Surroundings

Bielsa is a small town located at the entrance of the valley of
Monte Perdido in the province of Huesca of the Aragonese
Pyrenees. In order to enter this valley from France, the easiest
route to follow is the road to Saint-Lary-Soulan in the valley
of Aure, passing through the Saint-Lary tunnel. Some Spanish
towns with low population densities =96 with the exception of
Bielsa =96 offer a wealth of surprises in the valley of Monte
Perdido: Pe=F1a Monta=F1es, Espierba, Parzan...

The main mountain forest in Monte Perdido is known as La bola
verde o pineta, which is to say, "the green valley with trees".
It is a very damp valley typical of the Pyrenaic forests:
deciduous hardwood forests and shrubs up to an elevation of a
thousand meters, then mixed with conifers from the 1000-1800
meter line.

2. Incidents in the Vicinity of Bielsa

A well-known case occurred in the region known as Pe=F1a Monta=F1esa
(Huesca) in the Aragonese Pyrenees. This is peaceful area that
is only visited by shepherds and their flocks. On May 4, 1993, a
group of six woodcutters came across a strange creature standing
1.7 meters tall in this wilderness. According to Manuel
Cazcarra, one of the workers, they were cutting trees when
"around 15:45 hours, I suddenly heard screams, sharp screams
like those of a wild goat. We thought that one such animal had
fallen off a cliff, and I went over to see what had happened.
When I saw it, it was climbing a pine tree, holding a branch
with its hands and feet. It screamed. A 90-meter distance
separated us from the creature. I summoned my companions to come
and see, and the first of them was Ramiro Lopez, who arrived in
time to see the being descend from the tree to hide behind a
large bush. The rest of my companions came over, but were unable
to see it. However, they had to dodge a tree-trunk violently
hurled at them, undoubtedly by the monkey man."

These are the simple and exact words used by a man who has seen
bears, although these have become scarce in the Spanish
Pyrenees. He was sure that it could not be a bear or any other
known animal in the Pyrenaic fauna. When we asked Manuel
Cazcarra if he had come across other traces in the following
days, he answered: "A few days later, the window of one of our
Land Rovers was broken. And only a few days ago, a tractor truck
was half destroyed." That very same week, a Guardia Civil (state
police) patrol, accompanied by one of the lumberjacks, reported
to the area and found strange prints on the ground. While they
did not appear to belong to any animal known to the Guardia
Civil, and with a view toward avoiding a panic, the hypothesis
was put forth that the prints probably belonged to a bear that
escaped a nearby wildlife preserve.

3. Expedition 1: Broken Trees

The first expedition to the surroundings of Bielsa was organized
at the initiative of Philippe Coudray, who along with his twin
brother Jean Luc Coudray, visited the region in June 2008 to
attempt a "hominological first contact" after learning of the
recent account of the Spanish woodcutters. With the experience
gleaned from the expeditions in search of the North American
wild man (Sasquatch 2007, Texas and Sasquatch 2008, British
Columbia), Philippe Coudray was able to go deep into the
mountains of Monte Perdido valley and give his opinion on some
wooden structures or broken trees =96 intentionally created =96 that
were found.

Philippe and Jean Luc Coudray's first photographic location was
around a small paved road known as D11, which leaves Bielsa
toward Espierba. The broken trees are along the roadside leaving

Three sets of broken trees have been found at different heights
along this road, normally between two and three meters tall.
They have been photographed by the Coudray brothers, with this
being the most characteristic image of the broken trees (see

A priori, these two young trees could have been accidentally
broken following a powerful storm, as is customary in this
mountain forest.

However, the structure's details tell us something more: aside
from both trees being at the same height, which can occur
naturally, the two young tree trunks are supported by a softer
branch that is artificial, as it was placed to support the

Therefore, what could be construed as a mere accident of nature
=96 a pile of wood arranged at random by natural agents =96 appears
to be an intentionally crafted structure, whether the height of
both broken pine trees is accidental or not.

(To be continued)

Posted by Inexplicata at 5:26 AM

Thursday, June 16, 2011

UFOs Responsible for Volcanic Activity?


Source: Diario 24

Date: 06.15.2011

UFOs Responsible For Volcanic Eruptions?

There are hundreds of consequences to the bothersome ash of the
Puyehue Volcano, everything ranging from school closures to
paralyzed airports. But the latest news to emerge has to do with
the source of the eruption - a cause that some ascribe to the
presence of beings from other worlds: the recently famous UFOs.

A recently displayed series of photos and recordings depicts
unidentified flying objects hovering in the volcano's vicinity
just as the volcano was reaching its maximum violence.

No expert, however, has confirmed the sightings made with video
and still cameras. The fact remains that many agree that the
Puyehue Volcano had not been active for many months. Can UFOs
really be the cause of this event?

[Note: The link to the video provided by Diario24 -
volcan-puyehue.html - does not lead to the Teletrece newscast
video, but to a privately created montage.]

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to
Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Argentina: Residents Terrified By "Striking Imp"


Date: 06.15. 2011
Source: Rosario3.com

Argentina: Residents of Santiago [del Estero] Terrified by
"Striking Imp"

Local residents state that the small creature appears in dark
places and pummels people. Police has issued a statement asking
people not to walk alone in the dark.

Do imps exist? It seems that they do in Santiago del Estero.
According to residents of Suncho Corral, there appears to be a
creature that hits people. Locals have taken to calling it "the
dwarf", and police have cautioned people to avoid walking alone
at night.

The Nuevo Diario de Santiago del Estero newspaper reports that
residents of Suncho Corral allege that the imp appears in the
pre-dawn hours, adding that it also attacked a child on its way
to visit a friend's house.

Another local was startled by the creature as he went for a ride
in his bike. The creature supposedly wore "an enormous hat and
had large ears."

Father Juan Cruz Fari=F1a of the San Miguel Arcangel church
believes that it could be "a product of magic" and if so, "The
Church could attempt an exorcism in an effort to expel demons
from the possessed body." However, he explained that "nothing
about this case suggests a possession. It could be many other
things, such as fanciful imaginings or confusion by the people
of Suncho. I therefore ask everyone to take matters calmly and
above all, to have faith in God. There is an explanation to all

[Note: Cases involving supernatural entities variously described
as "imps", "dwarves", "goblins", etc. have emerged from
Argentina on many occasions. Skeptics have scoffed at these
accounts, decrying the ignorance of the local population. These
manifestations are nonetheless recurrent and appear to select
certain areas of the vast Argentinean countryside, such as the
city of Saenz Pe=F1a or Santiago del Estero. No photograph or
sketch accompanies this report. In a certain way, the
description given of this imp is reminiscent of the "little man
wearing a hat reminiscent of a Mexican hat" in Farmersville,
Texas, in 1913. =96 SC]

Link: http://tinyurl.com/3q2kswf

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU)

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Peru: Air Force Investigates Strange Phenomena


Source: La Republica (Peru-newspaper)
Date: Wednesday June 15, 2011-06-15

Peru: Air Force Investigates Strange Phenomena in the Peruvian Skies
By Consuelo Alonso C.

UFOs? The Peruvian Air Force (FAP) acknowledges that there's
something going on in our airspace. The Direcci=F3n de
Investigaci=F3n Aeroespacial (DINAE), which investigates events
that still lack a scientific explanation, has been in service
for a decade.

Are we alone in the universe? This is the question that millions
of human beings have asked themselves for centuries, and
Peruvians are no exception. There is a department within the
prestigious Peruvian Air Force (FAP) that was created in
December 2001 and is devoted to the research of anomalous
aerospace phenomena (to avoid calling them UFOs) and even now
undergoes a restructuring phase to obtain a larger budget and
more personnel.

There are three theories about the need for creating this
office: The first one suggests that a decision was made to
create it solely to keep up with our neighbors of Chile and
Ecuador, who opened their respective agencies to research the
subject. Second, that they wanted to investigate, in depth, a
sighting that took place in the La Molina district, and finally,
that part of the ministerial cabinet at the time saw a gigantic
vessel fly overhead during an official visit to the jungle, and
asked someone to tell them what was going on.

In any event, what was known as the OIFAA began its
investigations with outstanding scholars, such as the recently
deceased anthropologist Fernando Fuenzalida Vollmar.

However, despite the time elapsed, "they have no statistics or
figures" on those "anomalous aerospace phenomena", according to
Abraham Ram=EDrez Lituma, advisor to the Direcci=F3n de
Investigaci=F3n Aeroespacial (DINAE), to which the department in
question reports, adding that this does not dismiss that such
events "undoubtedly take place (in the skies of Peru) and
probably occur all the time in the rest of the world."

What types of events is he specifically referring to? Ram=EDrez
Lituma indicates that in spite of the foregoing, nothing has
been authoritatively ascertained, even after the earnest
investigations conducted. But there can be no question that
something is definitely happening, to the extent that at the
official level within the FAP we find the eyewitness account of
three of its members, claiming to having seen or pursued an
unidentified flying object (UFO).

One of them is Cmdr. Oscar Santa Mar=EDa Huertas, who claims
having had an encounter with a bulb-shaped craft on 11 April
1980 while stationed at the La Joya Air Force base in Arequipa.
Another 1,800 men in formation at that military facility
witnessed a motionless object some 3 miles distant.

His orders from the high command were to intercept it and shoot
down. He boarded a Sukhoi fighter and when he was within firing
range, fired 64 rounds at it with no effect.

After pursuing the vessel for several minutes =96 and watching it
make sudden stops, in violation of all known physical laws =96 he
noticed that it was a wingless object, lacking doors, motors,
rivets or anything known to man.

"What am I up against?" was his first thought, as he recalls,
before returning to base somewhat fearfully. Today, while not
going as far as to say that he saw something alien, he is
convinced that the technology displayed by that vehicle,
measuring 10 x 10 meters, does not exist on Earth, and did not
exist at the time.

Even the United States Department of Defense issued a document
bearing the title "UFO Sighting in Peru" which describes the
incident, indicating that the vehicle's origin remains unknown.

Events such as this, 55 years ago, kicked off the aerospace age
worldwide, adds Ram=EDrez, and the Peruvian state also decided to
create OIFAA, as there was the need (constitutionally mandated)
to oversee and insure the safety of our territorial airspace
against possible enemies, whether terrestrial or
extraterrestrial. And what do you think? Are we alone?

Peru's first official UFO research case, carried out by the
OIFAA, was headed by researcher Anthony Choy, and involved the
presence of a series of vessels flying over Chulucanas in Piura.

A religious procession witnessed the event, seeing how the
objects engaged in a variety of maneuvers to form geometric
figures for two and a half hours.

Unfortunately, despite the existence of videos, this event has
not been explained. But there are two hypotheses: that either
aliens are involved, or simply luminous electrical phenomena.

This research determined that mysterious Cerro Pilan was at the
heart of these extraordinary phenomena, said Choy.

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to
Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

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