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The 'Multiple Uncertainty' Of Ufology

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 11:06:16 +0100
Archived: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 07:13:26 -0400
Subject: The 'Multiple Uncertainty' Of Ufology

Hello List,

Many of us will have been impressed by the unusual breadth,
honesty and frankness of the recent discussion which culminated
with those Third Kingdom Experiences posts.

It certainly made me re-think the 'multiple uncertainty' facing
science, and ufology in particular.

I.e - if your neighbour has a mystery intruder, from the
circumstantial, descriptive and forensic evidence you'll
probably soon narrow it down to fish or fowl, mammal or reptile.
That is, although some evidence might ambiguously fit most
options, much more should be restricted to maybe two
alternatives, while a feather or a fish-scale, say, should be a

So I'd tried to compare typical evidence of four diametrically
opposed views: first the ETH nuts'n bolts craft (w/humanoid
occupants) versus things of the spirit world (ghosts or demons
of superstition); then an alternate axis of hidden physical
beings (the 'Little People' etc) versus manifestations of paleo-
mythology, like the 'Green Man'. That resulted in - respectively







maybe covering some overlaps.

You can imagine, after all that effort, it was grieving to find
that the evidence alone settled nothing - Sherlock Holmes
couldn't choose a culprit.

Even the UK/USA courtroom model of two adversarial arguments
just doesn't work in this area. An example of that was when
Richard P Feynman's impatience with the long-running 'wave
versus particle' photon dispute made him plump for the
'strongest' case and he rashly wrote 'Light is definitely made
of particles'. He should have said 'Light is definitely not a
particle, but nor is it a wave'. Because light behaves like a
particle in one case and like a wave in another, it can't be
either of those things solely and precisely, but must be
something more complex, obeying higher, unknown rules.

Maybe that's where science is now, regarding the 'multiple
uncertainty' of ufology.


Ray D

BTW - there is one common factor in those four 'cases': they all
feature or suggest things that humans can't do, including
'living in and traveling through space' (ETH case); we now know
that's fairly lethal for us in our present form, using our
present technology. That is, the terms 'astronaut' and
'cosmonaut' were over-hopeful claims: we can't travel the
universe or even to the stars - at the moment.

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