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Re: Do We Need More Evidence?

From: Greg Boone <evolbaby.nul>
Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2011 13:16:48 -0400 (EDT)
Archived: Sun, 05 Jun 2011 07:20:31 -0400
Subject: Re: Do We Need More Evidence?

Was sitting here watching endless UFO documentaries and chatting
with my old team from the Parascope Magazine forum that was on

That forum was the forerunner of the web based UFO and
paranormal and conspiracy theory set and we got the chance to
interview and chat live with many UFOlogists on this list. Even
Art Bell was a member of our staff back then.

I then realized that in the past 15 years or so there are now
umpteen numbers of UFO websites, blogs, forums, eyewitness
reports, documents, pictures and videos that seem to come out by
the barrel full each week.

With the TV shows like Bill Birnes' UFO Hunters and more, it is
a safe conclusion that the evidence gathered over the past 60
years and most notably the evidence gathered regarding UFOs over
the past 15 years is now to the point of hyper saturation.

Although there is no conclusive proof of extraterrestrial
visitation, yet people are now realizing that jumping to the
conclusion of associating any UFO sighting with ETs, things seem
to be clearing up especially in the media. I say this because
many of my former editors and reporters I worked with in the
news media are now a lot softer regarding UFOs and are admitting
for the first time why they didn't cover the issue as thorough
as they should have back in the day.

The reasons we already know, but getting them from the horse's
mouth is different. Now they can't back away from the volume of
evidence gathered and their apprehension I'd say was justified
considering what they were up against. I'd mentioned before on
this list that I was personally at several mass sightings where
many professional and award winning journalists were present.
Now that they've gotten on in years they're asking questions and
came to me for answers. I point them to the books of many of you
on this list.

Also, surprisingly the dwindling number of WWII vets who were at
UFO incidents is bringing the ones I know, family and friends to
a point where they're watching the documentaries and visiting
the websites and blogs.

The common factor I've found is that the journalists, vets, and
witnesses who kept their mouths shut feel betrayed at the way
the US government and media handled the basic life issues such
as banking, mortgages, health care, jobs. They feel those who
were charged with watchdogging us failed miserably and with many
losing their homes and about to lose more, they are stumped as
to how things got this bad.

I tell them it's very simple. They kept their mouths shut and
didn't confront problems when they had the opportunity. They
spent more time the past decade covering celebrity scandals and
mishaps instead of doing what investigators should have been
doing which was using their skills to out corruption instead of
following stimulus response leadership that led to our present
economic distress.

I'm fortunate I steered clear and stood my ground. However I'm
watching people with masters degrees and decades of working in
news, or having fought decisive battles in war losing their
homes left and right as gas prices are kicking them in the teeth

Another surprise came from some retired military who went into
science and worked on many systems we the public don't know
about. They're upset that we don't have alternate energy
solutions and better technologies for better life issues as they
confess we've had them since the 1950s!

They're wondering when the good stuff is going to come out.

Now when I send these people to the gathered UFO evidence of the
past 15 years they're overwhelmed. They can't believe how much
there is. Everyone on this list and others in UFOlogy should pat
yourselves on the back for getting the information out there.

So again, do we need more evidence? We've got so much that
pinpoints the issue and some of the best stuff was from the
golden age of UFOlogy. What's coming out now validates what was
presented by people like Keyhoe and the other pioneers in the

Evidence we've got, a massive public forum, global forum, is
what is needed.

Sure the US government is going to be the last place we should
look but other countries such as the UK could open up a
televised forum attended by officials and many of you here to
present to the public what has transpired, who blocked it, and
why they're so scared to discuss the matter.

We're way past the time of presenting to the public on a
mainstream level what has been gathered. With the upheaval in
the Middle East where governments themselves are being toppled
via the power of Facebook, it's not a far stretch that a unified
effort could work.

Me, I'm not going to ask the US government, it would be a waste
of my time nor my congressman or senator. They're too busy
trying to cover their own butts from the scandals they're in.



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