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Could Mythology Explain The UFO Phenomenon?

From: Eustaquio Andrea Patounas <socex.ufobras.nul>
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2011 18:01:45 -0300
Archived: Sun, 31 Jul 2011 18:22:16 -0400
Subject: Could Mythology Explain The UFO Phenomenon?

Could Mythology Explain The UFO Phenomenon?

A reflection on the way

Carlos Reis

The mythology may explain the UFO phenomenon? This is one of
those issues that require two apparently antagonistic responses:
yes, it can. No, can't explain. To understand why they are not
mutually exclusive, we must first make a short flight over the
land of mythology to know its continental dimensions, a vast
area as that of our own existence. This scenario represents the
human condition with all its anxieties, fears, virtues, moods,
learning and limitations. To summarize in one sentence, we can
say that myths are symbolic significance of narratives
concerning aspects of human nature.

But a cast of great authors provide us with other settings. One
of the best Brazilian authors, Rubem Alves, for example, says
that "Myths are stories that define the contours of a great
absence that lives in us". [Joseph] Campbell goes further,
arguing that it is not just to seek a meaning for life, but the
experience of being alive, so deep that resonates well in the
depths of our soul and shows us the beauty of existence. As for
the other household name, Mircea Eliade, a global benchmark in
studies of mythology, "The myth is always a creation of
excellence, and reveals the sacredness of the supernatural - the
irruption of the sacred in the world, the primordial event. Many
other endlessly enrich the concepts of myth".

In studying their maps, eye popping keywords that express this
reality: absence, nostalgia, longing, emptiness, desire, need,
a perpetual dissatisfaction, an endless pursuit, a need for
something inexpressible reason, a vain attempt to return to
roots. You can be the search for our origins or the origin of
everything. You may be looking for a knowledge or an event, or
may be all that. The resonance of these myths are permanently
hidden longings of the human mind, where they occur, by the same
process, dreams, fantasies, dreams, art and religion -
substitute forms whose purpose is to hide the true structural
instinctual impulses of the human.

What we conclude about the myths is that they were created to
give meaning and direction to human life, are not a free
invention, not born of unbridled imagination or a whim of the
gods, nor are the form of pre-scientific thought. They are the
symbolic expression of active forces and active in the
underground working of the psyche. And that's just the
beginning, but our fuel right now, not deliver the borders - if
they exist because there is always one meter more land to be
explored. The fly over would be short, warned. Before landing,
however, it is noticed that there are subtle variations defined
in this area, indicating other types of farming. Let's see what
it is.

The reader with an open mind and sharp eyes will have noticed
the lines that speak of Mythology reverberate in the fields of
Ufology - the fertile fields of imagination, fantasy and fable,
causing echoes that are not lost in the void, to the contrary.
In addition to eye trouble and needs to know that they hear
echoes want to tell us: endless quest? Return to the origins?
Empty? Grace? Eruption of the supernatural in the world? A quick
glance at the circus UFO and there is all this. Yes, like it or
not, acknowledge it or not, may explain the UFO mythology.
Partly, can't explain it alone, and only settled on solid ground
is that we identify those other fields: Anthropology, Religion,
Philosophy, History, Psychology, Sociology, writing a compelling
and rich transdisciplinary mosaic.

This is where the real search begins. It is here that give the
greatest discoveries. It is here that shows how the man really
is, and not be imagined. All our fears, all our worries, all our
needs, desires and frustrations are unveiled through the mythic
narratives and also exposed in UFO narratives. Like it or not,
acknowledge it or not.

Ufology, in turn, born in a socially and culturally
transformative moment in history of humanity (not
coincidentally), is conducted by a discontinuous flow of
narratives based on events dubious, obscure and unprovable, not
contemplating, therefore, the basic requirements of research
science: rigor, structure, criteria and method. But it is not
just for this bias that he commits his worst crimes, nor is it
our intention to follow this path. By putting science and belief
in the balance of truth, one thing can not be refuted: the
pointer always bends under the weight of argument in charge, the
recognized authority, experience and evidence consolidated

Like the mythology of those fields are serves to explain the
object of his studies, ufology imprescinde not only adds to
them, at his plantation, in addition to its own mythology,
fiction, astrobiology, psychology and many others as needed. The
dizzying pace of relentless change the world, coupled with the
cyclonic volume of information requires constant updating. The
winds blow these rapid changes, making the learning curve to
grow exponentially and cumulatively. With the advent of the
internet and digital communication, we are witnessing a
revolution without precedent on a planetary scale, so nothing
justifies an attitude of naivete as anachronistic, easy
credulity and delusion, especially when one finds a synergistic
and progressive historiographical revision in global corrective
of the facts. Ufology is not outside that framework.

While agreeing with Vallee =96 "The more light projected on the
phenomenon, the more we will be creating shadow zones", prefer
to adopt a bolder spirit and fulfill an old desire to Campbell:
"To my knowledge, nobody has tried to set up a single frame in
the new perspectives we open fields compared symbolism,
religion, mythology and philosophy, using the modern knowledge".
When we find parallels and similarities between the myths and
indisputable UFO phenomenon at the origin, structure, form,
aesthetics, symbolism and expression, gave life to the dream of
Campbell, opening new possibilities. Is discharging a debt with
us and we cherish the UFO.

Undertaken, then the task of performing an extensive comparative
study between the two in Reflexoes sobre uma Mitopoetica
(LivroPronto, p. 150, 2011), work to be released soon. The
synthetic approach does not compromise the plight of the
analysis, because name is guided by the first magnitude in
literary and academic scene, besides those already mentioned,
Zygmunt Bauman, Ernst Cassirer, Levi-Strauss, Jung, Gilbert
Durand, Lacan, Brazilians Marilena Chau=ED Regis de Morais,
Antonio Novaski, Constanca Cesar and many others lent their
knowledge, providing a multifaceted examination and multiplier.
Our objective, finally, was inspired by Antonio Candido, one of
the most respected literary critics of today (paraphrased):
"Fertilize the academic essay with the specificity of the UFO
story, and at the same time, enrich the critical view of the
facts from university education".

E-mail: carlos.reis.nul

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