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'Fireball' Redux

From: Peter Davenport <director.nul>
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 13:22:27 -0700
Archived: Tue, 12 Jul 2011 06:48:15 -0400
Subject: 'Fireball' Redux

To the List:

On January 09th of this year, I posted to the List a summary,
together with links, of some of the more dramatic sighting
reports of peculiar 'fireballs' that had been submitted to
NUFORC. The colors reported for the objects were red, orange,
amber, gold, and yellow, but generally red and orange.

Over recent months, the phenomenon has continued, seemingly
unabated. Moreover, many of the reports seem to be of quite
bizarre events, which seem un-ascribable to normal pyrotechnic

On July 4th, and again on July 6th, I posted to the NUFORC site
newly received reports, many of which appear to fall within the
category of reports that I address above. Although some of them
might be the result of pyrotechnic devices, most of them appear
to me not to be.

As an example, I invite List members to read the report from the
EMS/ambulance helicopter pilot in Cleveland, OH, who witnessed a
very peculiar object from the cockpit of his helicopter in the
early morning of July 04th, as he was initiating an engine
start. What he witnessed caused him to halt the engine-start
process, get out of the cockpit, and run to alert his co-
workers, in order to have them witness the bizarre object.

Here is a link to his report:


His illustration of the object can be seen on the NUFORC
homepage. When I spoke to him yesterday (July 10th), I asked him
whether he thought the object might have been a July 4th
pyrotechnic device. His response to the question is best
described as a scoff and guffaw.

Also, we just recently received a report from a life-long pilot,
who resides in Flint, MI, about his sighting on the evening of
July 4th, at approximately 22:45 hrs. (EDT). I have spoken with
him via telephone on four occasions, and the most intriguing
parts of his verbal description are 1) the manner in which the
object maneuvered, and 2) the breath-taking manner in which it
suddenly accelerated, and shot to the north. He stated that he
had never witnessed an object accelerate so rapidly.

Here is a copy of his written statement:

[Begin Copied Report]

"I was sitting in my backyard facing north at about 22:45 hours
on July 4th, 2011.

In the sky to the north of where I was sitting, a large orange
spherical shaped object was travelling very slowly from east to
west. It did not appear to be burning or fiery, just a glowing
orange color.

My family has a history in avionics (my father flew a B-17G in
WWII and I flew cargo with him for years after the war) and,
from my own personal experience, I would have to estimate the
size at about 75-100 feet in diameter, about 1,000 feet up in
the air and travelling at about 2-3 knots.

The object travelled about 75-100 yards at this speed then
immediately ascended in a northerly direction at a highly
accelerated rate. It did not "bank" like you would expect from
an aircraft, it immediately switched directions.

I could not detect any sound coming from the object or its

I watched it travel in this direction until it was out of my
line of sight."

[End Copied Report]

Over the seventeen years that I have served as Director of
NUFORC, I have not seen anything like what appears to be taking
place currently. NUFORC has received a veritable "torrent" of
reports of "fireballs," for which there seems to be no adequate
explanation. It suggests to me that something is taking place
right under our noses, and above our heads, that is being
largely ignored.

If all of these reports are the result of the launching of
"Chinese lanterns," I recommend that you 1) check your home fire
insurance policies, and 2) purchase stock in the companies that
manufacture those pyrotechnic devices.

I share this information, for your interest, and invite List
members to view the many reports in the NUFORC database, for the
current and recent months.

I will post this advisory to other Lists, as well.



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are intended for educational use only.

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