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Rendlesham Revealed & Reunion - Audios

From: Giuliano Marinkovic <giuliano.marinkovic.nul>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 22:33:31 +0100
Archived: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 06:20:05 -0500
Subject: Rendlesham Revealed & Reunion - Audios

Dear Colleagues,

This is the continuation of my previous reports available here:




Also this article is a good companion piece for my report:


The whole package of audio files is now available in 4 parts
(every part is rar-ed - use Winrar to extract audio files after
download) - every part has an episode guide:

Those are the links:

01. Rendlesham Prelude Shows


02. Rendlesham Specials


03. Rendlesham Reunion Conference Show


04. Bonus - Rendlesham Promos & Treehouse Appeal Promos



After almost 2 and a half months of work I have finally finished
processing BBC Suffolk "Mark Murphy Breakfast" shows that were
aired during November and December 2010. Now they are available
and preserved for historical record and research purposes. They
can also serve as a sample of stereotypical UFO comments and
promos for future thesis about media and UFOs. Let's begin.
Every episode of Mark Murphy Breakfast show airs from Monday to
Saturday. The length of each episode is 3 hours. In total, 49
shows were processed and approximately 195 men hours were
invested in this project (conservative estimate). I had to
process every episode and to edit audios only with Rendlesham
and UFO references.

On 1st November 2010 BBC Suffolk started to air promos for their
big radio special on Rendlesham, scheduled for December 17,
2010. Station even created 26 promos for the show that were
aired almost every day. Finally on December 17, long awaited
special "Rendlesham Revealed" was aired. Mark Murphy proposed a
theory that on a first night of the incident, dummy Apollo
Capsule was allegedly dropped in the forest by a helicopter from
67th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron based at RAF
Woodbridge. "Third night" is explained with helicopter's return
because soldiers decided to pick the capsule back. Theory is
proposed as a solution for the whole incident. Unfortunately (or
fortunately) for BBC, story about Rendlesham was not over. As
the end of December was approaching, new event appeared as a
news item. 30th Anniversary conference known as "Rendlesham
Reunion" was scheduled on 28th December 2010 at Community Hall
in Woodbridge, Suffolk with primary witnesses Jim Penniston and
John Burroughs. The event itself opened up a new cycle of local
news so BBC Suffolk had to report on Rendlesham again.

One day before the conference - 27th December 2010 - BBC Suffolk
decided to air highlights from Rendlesham Special that already
aired on 17th December (show with proposed theory of dummy
Apollo capsule). But on 28th December, Mark Murphy visited
himself the Rendlesham Reunion event where he interviewed John
Burroughs and prepared new radio piece for his show on 29th
December. Mark asked him about Apollo capsule theory and
Burroughs gave this reply:

Burroughs: "The fact that the airfield was shut down, the fact
that you would hear helicopter lift off, we would know for
helicopter lift off, I can honestly tell you straight up there
was no helicopter activity. Now, on the third night with colonel
Halt, because I came out after it already started, I can't tell
what was going on the airfield but I did not hear any
helicopters at any time."

At the end Mark Murphy gave this comment on his show on 29th

"So you know, they are keen 30 years on to say 'Look I am sorry
but this is what happened'.So the truth may still be out there,
maybe we find it, maybe we haven't, we'll have to do Rendlesham
Revealed Revisited part 2 at some point I suspect. Jim
Penniston.claims that he and.who I am to argue, I wasn't
there.claims (Penniston) that he touched the craft."

Aftermath of the Rendlesham Reunion event:

- Woodbridge Community Hall was packed with more then 400 people

- Rendlesham Reunion event raised more then 2000 pounds for a
noble cause - Treehouse Appeal is a project to build new hospice
in Ipswich for life-threatened children and their families in
Suffolk & North Essex (for more info download 4th part with
promos and bonus material about Treehouse Appeal).

I have decided to split the project in 4 parts. Those are the
description of those parts where you can find those interviews
and clips (download links at the top of this post):

Part 1 - Rendlesham Prelude Shows

Prelude shows before November 1st and December 17th that kept
the tension for the Special show "Rendlesham Revealed"

- Portion of Charles Halt's tape broadcast

- Interview with Terry Hunt, editor from East Anglian Daily

- Interview with presenter David Whiteley from BBC Inside Out

- Special interview with Philip Mantle, editor of UFO Matrix

- Evening at Rendlesham Forest - interview with Brenda Butler

- Interview with journalist Keith Baebey who wrote article that
broke the Rendlesham story in "News of the World"

- Interview with Grant Lohoar - National Trust Countryside
Manager East Suffolk

- Interview with Keith Seaman, lighthouse attendant talks about
lighthouse theory

- Evening at Rendlesham Forest and survey with participants

Part 2 - Rendlesham Specials (original 2-hour version from
December 17th and Highlights 1-hour version):

Featured in the show:

- Graham Haynes, Manager of Bentwaters Cold War Museum - Brenda

- Vince Thurkettle, ex forester

- Beverly Plumbridge, witness

- Nigel Turner, forester

- Nick Pope

- Terry Hunt, editor of East Anglian Daily Times

- Evening at Rendlesham Forest and survey with participants

- Portion of Charles Halt's tape

- Robert Salas, UFOs & Nukes

- David King, ex policeman

- Keith Baebey, journalist

- John Mason, British Astronomical Association

- Grant Lohoar - National Trust Countryside Manager East Suffolk

- Keith Seaman, lighthouse attendant

- Kevin Sloane, ex police officer

- Christopher Pennington

- Erroll Frost, Bentwaters Cold War Museum

- War Zone with Simon War - Simon comments Rendlesham Special

Part 3 - Rendlesham Reunion Event - 30th Anniversary Conference

- Interview with Peter Robbins about Rendlesham Reunion event

- Report from Rendlesham Reunion

- Interview with John Burroughs, Gordon Goodger (event
organizer), Linda Moulton Howe, Brenda Butler, Dot Street

Part 4 - Bonus

BBC Suffolk 26 promos and Treehouse Appeal promos.

And now the project is finally finished.

Best Wishes.

Compiled and edited by:
Giuliano Marinkovic

Listen to 'Strange Days... Indeed' - The PodCast



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