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PRG Update - January 1, 2011

From: Paradigm Research Group <PRG.nul>
Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2011 06:16:51 -0800
Archived: Sat, 01 Jan 2011 23:21:37 -0500
Subject: PRG Update - January 1, 2011

Paradigm Research Group

PRG Update - January 1, 2011

Welcome to 1-1-11. Reads like the beginning of something,
doesn't it?

PRG Media Archive

Last month the PRG Media Archive reached the milestone of 5000 mainstream media,
English language articles addressing the UFO/ET phenomena since 1947. The total
number of such articles since 1947 can only be guessed at, but likely exceeds
20,000. For the third year in a row over 1,000 articles were linked. Of
particular note are news cycles around the New Zealand files release, WikiLeaks,
Denver ET ballot initiative and the UFOs and nukes press conference.

A review of this archive will show that UFO/ET/exopolitical issues continue to
get extensive coverage and very little of this coverage is demeaning.
Nevertheless, the coverage is still not of sufficient depth and scope. Pressure
on the political media must and will continue unabated.

[Note: A number of older article links are down, and most of these will be
corrected soon.]

Multi-tiered Media Structure

We are in the middle of a media revolution which began with cable television
news, continued with the massive growth of the Internet and the introduction of
electronic book viewers and will end who knows where. In but a few more years
most newspapers will abandon print on paper. Magazines will follow, then books.
But there is another aspect of this revolution that now demands attention. It is
the emergence of "direct journalism" - articles and commentary written directly
to the Internet in structured environments without an editor and without a fact
checker. It is tempting to call this "citizen journalism" but traditional
journalists are also citizens.

Presently the most important direct journalism consists of ten of thousands of
high end bloggers and thousands of writers contributing to such Internet
publications as the Examiner and the American Chronicle. Most of these writers
are not paid or are paid based upon page viewings. Many of the blogs are direct-
traditional journalism hybrids. These consist of blogs being written by
traditional journalists working for mainstream newspapers. Some of these blogs
are passed through editors
and some are not edited.

At a time when mainstream media is beginning to fail in its role as the Fourth
Estate, thousands of writers around the world are covering every subject
imaginable. Not surprisingly the UFO/ET/ exopolitical subject matter has been
embraced by direct journalism and thousands of news and commentary articles have
been published.

There are three key points that must be made about this body of work:

- without an editor or fact checker the material presented is going to vary
widely in quality and accuracy - some output at high school level, output as
good as or better than anything found in traditional media.

- any payment system based upon page viewings will exert pressure toward a more
sensational approach to the content and the headline - it is tabloidizing. Such
articles must be considered with extra caution.

- this new genre will continue to evolve and improve, is here to stay and in
short order will reshape journalism and modern culture.

PRG Direct Media Archive

Without question the new direct journalism genre helps fill the gap created by
the government imposed truth embargo which has prevented standard media from
appropriately covering the UFO/ET issue since the 1950's. All aspects of ufology
and exopolitics are being addressed - sometimes very well, sometime very badly.
But they are being addressed and PRG has begun archiving direct journalism
articles at the above web page.

MSM Writers of Note

PRG has noted the emergence of a group of MSM writers who have joined Billy Cox
in regularly covering ufology and exopolitics with skill and courage. Please
support these writers via your websites, Facebook pages and email lists. Their
work is being archived by PRG.

Billy Cox - Sarasota Herald Tribune

Lee Spiegel - AOL News

Cherlyn Gardner Strong, Tucson Citizen

Tim Brosnan - Technorati


Paradigm Research Group
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