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Re: Woods/Jacobs - A Salient But Missing Point

From: David Cherniack <davidc.nul>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 11:48:15 -0500
Archived: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 12:42:49 -0500
Subject: Re: Woods/Jacobs - A Salient But Missing Point

>From: Gene Steinberg <gene.nul>
>To: post.nul
>Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 07:49:03 -0700
>Subject: Re: Woods/Jacobs - A Salient But Missing Point

>1. 'Emma Woods' is a deceiver. She posted messages supporting
>herself in our forums (and elsewhere I understand) under a fake
>name, other than the fake name she is already using. Wearing the
>mask of anonymity, she has turned herself into a celebrity of
>sorts as the alleged abused victim, with a Web site, thousands
>of e-mails, message board posts, magazine articles, and radio

I'm sorry to say that this conclusion is also supported by the
transcripts of the phone call session she has now allowed to be
published on another site, (even though the recordings do not
belong to her) whose author liberally quotes from posts here
without permission, thus showing his diminished sense of ethical

Nevertheless we can thank the scurvy bloghard because the
transcripts clearly show the she knew that the MPD suggestion
would be implanted before the hypnosis begins.

However in her unsolicited mass six-part e-mail of February 12,
2010 she states:

"Dr. Jacobs did not ask me beforehand whether he could do this
to me and I did not know that he was going to do it. I realized
at the time that it was intended for the 'hybrids' benefit, but
because I was hypnotized..."

Clearly not true. And I'm sure if she ever did manage to launch
a law suit David Jacob's lawyer would have a field day
questioning her honesty.

'Emma' whoever she is. would seem to be a profoundly disturbed
individual and David Jacobs is a profoundly easy target. His
conclusions about the abduction phenomenon are at a minimum
controversial, and at a maximum, quite possibly delusional.
Nevertheless, when I interviewed him for UFOs: The Secret
History I came to the opinion that he sincerely believed he was
warning the world about a real threat, and it was clear he had
been terrified by the the messages posing a danger to him and
his family.

Should he have been more questioning of the veracity of his
conclusions? I think so. Very little about the ontological
nature of the abduction phenomenon is certain from my point of
view, other than the reality of the experience to the
experiencer. Indeed there may be many different kinds of
experiences that are being wrapped together under one heading.
But I would also grant that researching such profoundly
anomalous experiences can be precarious to one's mental

Should he have been more careful of his choice of subjects?
Little doubt about that one.

Nevertheless, I've found him to be honest, which I can't say for
'Emma' and friends, many of whom are just hard core skeptics
looking for any excuse to bring Jacobs, and by association,
Hopkins, down. That some ufologists feel the need to defend the
honour of a wronged damsel in distress is gallant indeed, but
perhaps they should pick a more deserving subject for their
chivalrous tendencies.

And as for 'Emma' I hope she'll realize that revenge is poor
medicine and get the help she needs, rather than relying on the
support of those who only want to use her.

And finally, as others have observed, it's a shame her
annonymous ramblings are allowed to seed this list.

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