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Re: Woods/Jacobs - A Salient But Missing Point

From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 08:53:40 -0600
Archived: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 12:36:36 -0500
Subject: Re: Woods/Jacobs - A Salient But Missing Point

>From: Gene Steinberg <gene.nul>
>To: post.nul
>Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 07:49:03 -0700
>Subject: Re: Woods/Jacobs - A Salient But Missing Point

>>From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
>>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <post.nul>
>>Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2011 14:15:42 -0600
>>Subject: Re: Woods/Jacobs - A Salient But Missing Point


>This is the last time I will respond.

Oft' times a scrofulous refuge similar to the one
aforementioned, eh?

>You aren't worth the time,
>and you have nothing valid to contribute to this discussion nor,
>it seems, to any discussion that involves adults talking to each
>other using logic and reason.

I'm sure you _must_ mean valid points you were loath to qualify,
substantiate, or justify, outlined in all logic and reason, plus
something else you seem to lack: empathy, conscience and
compassion. All these aforementioned points contribute balance
to a discussion, Mr. Steinberg, for which you would appear to
provide all _im_balance.

>For those of you who are exhausted from coping with Lehmberg's
>verbal morass to find a semblance of fact within the mud-
>slinging, this is where I stand on this situation:

Right... before we continue this excruciating dissection of bald
inconstancy, incredible malfeasance, gross infidelity, and rank
sociopathy, I'd like to point out that, verbal morass or not, I
aspire, muse imbued, to write as completely, as clearly, and as
imaginatively as I can. I suspect I'm only too clear in the long
run when the reading's _really_ done, eh? To business then:

>1. 'Emma Woods' is a deceiver.

Way to cut right to the chase, Mr. Steinberg! Though, not a
_word_ or a _speck_ of opprobrium... shred of criticism or
censure... that "balance" you'd pretend to have for the
_provenance_ of the alleged deception, the deception catalogued,
tabbed & indexed, hot-linked, and that which you _studiously_
ignore? Who deceived whom, _first_, Sir, and who has provided
for no deception, actually, at all? I submit that _you_ are more
deceiver, Mr Steinfeld.

>She posted messages supporting
>herself in our forums (and elsewhere I understand) under a fake
>name, other than the fake name she is already using.

Self-soiling laughter, Mr. Steinberg. Let me get this straight.
Was this woman remarked upon not the very same woman
_prohibited_ from providing for her own defense on your mystery-
metal standard board... against inaccurate, humiliating, and
Jacobs boosting slanders? Yeah, even _if_ sock-puppeting, I
suppose that one might feel compelled to look for another way
'in' to defend a character, honor, and personal reputation
against libelous in-the-tank nose-bubblers and Jacobs fan-boys.

A reasonable person would forgive this lead-off concern with
which you open, Mr. Steinberg. I'm less than surprised that
_you_ are unforgiving. Your cant precludes compassion, I expect,
even sense.

>Wearing the
>mask of anonymity, she has turned herself into a celebrity of
>sorts as the alleged abused victim, with a Web site, thousands
>of e-mails, message board posts, magazine articles, and radio

Oh, you _must_ mean "blew the whistle," _finally_ heard, on un-
professionalism so bald and suppurating that the flesh crawls,
Mr. Steinberg. A "whistle" well couched, supported and
documented, about which scholarly papers have been written,
other papers inspired, and has impressed the publishers and
editors of magazines, Print, Pod, and Pad in her plight and
valiant struggle with same. 'Wearing the mask of anonymity',
Sir, are Steinberg nurtured Woods hating trolls and pundits
participating in the _truly_ pathological, eh?

>Before that happened the woman who calls herself 'Emma Woods'
>didn't exist in the world at large.

Then? Then she was outraged that an un-principled man had his
salacious way with her and seriously compromised her mental
health. She spoke out in her own defense, to the horror,
chagrin, and outrage of her busy detractors, producing a bona
fide "rape kit" she'd compiled as good as DNA evidence.
Oooooo... now all of a sudden we have a _real_ issue, eh?

>None of this means that she
>wasn't somehow mistreated by someone who lives thousands of
>miles away, someone she's never met, and only communicated with
>by phone, email, or Internet chats.

That's just loss-leader stuff provided to appear reasonable when
you are not, Mr. Steinberg. See, your own behavior on your own
board, coupled with the behavior you nurture and facilitate in
others, speaks volumes where your every _utterance_ addresses
the mental health and general infidelity of Emma Woods while
there is not a corresponding commentary on Good Dr. Jacobs and
his, IMO, utter malfeasance, at all. You thought all that would
go un-noticed?

>As I said, she appears smart
>enough to know that you can end a conversation by hanging up the
>phone, and you can stop communicating in writing by not putting
>her fingers on the keyboard,or holding a pen or pencil in your

Which is exactly what you would expect your wife or daughter to
do after they'd been psychologically rogered, intellectually
tortured, roundly humiliated, and then infected with a life
threatening mental disease. No, Mr. Steinberg, I submit your
vulpine litigious fangs would appear for Dr. Jacobs, then.

>Was she somehow mentally abused by Jacobs?

Somehow? When it's all there for the world to hear? How _could_
there be any question. How telling that you could even _ask_
that question.

>That's for mental
>health professionals or the courts to determine, and so far, the
>authorities she's contacted have given her complaints a huge
>thumbs down.

Not accurate at all in the first place and remaining to be seen,
in the second Mr. Steinberg. All the 'authorities' have been
reluctant to kick the lid off this can of worms. A bit of the
"too big to fail" as it pertains to Temple. See, they have yet
to be _properly_ 'encouraged' to do the right thing, eh?
Discussion such as you and I have been having here go a long way
to encouraging that dialogue.

And how's that for irony? Your sullen intransigence, unbalanced
commentary, and canted reportage provide for just the attention
to Woods that you have, yourself, prohibited, and _would_
prohibit everywhere else.

>2. I do not support the conclusions expressed by Jacobs about
>alien hybrids. As I wrote elsewhere, I am not persuaded by the
>value of hypnotic regression to recover lost memories of
>possible missing time events (though I suppose it's useful as an
>instigative tool with proper controls), and I certainly worry
>about attempting to hypnotize someone by phone, since you cannot
>observe physical reactions.

This is just more oratorical loss-leader, Mr. Steinberg, an
empty appeal to the cowl of logic and reason signifying nothing.
Immaterial, too little too late, and irrelevant.

Otherwise plain, Sir, is your unqualified support, and by that I
mean your support lacks qualification, of a person caught so far
in the wrong that belief is buffeted and beggared. Also plain
is your hostility and ill will to Emma Woods, a person whose
only crime was to expect professional behavior from a lettered
professional under the protecting overhang of a major
University's letterhead.

>I also feel that Jacobs should have
>avoided the 'Woods' issue altogether, and I have concerns about
>the therapist in New Zealand who suggested in the first place
>that she seek help from laymen abduction researchers in the U.S.

All completely immaterial to a woman under crippling pressure
who reaches out to professionals for help. And. Is. Betrayed.

Eh, Mr. Steinberg?

>Now can we actually get back to UFO research for a change
>rather than this maddening soap opera?

That would certainly accommodate only the guilty while it
punished the innocent, eh, Mr. Steinberg? Why are you OK with


Really?! Really, Mr. Steinberg? No peace without honor, Sir. I
know what that is even where others do not.

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