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How The Mind Works From McMoneagle & McKenna

From: Kathy Kasten <catraja.nul>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 15:06:33 -0700
Archived: Sat, 26 Feb 2011 07:21:16 -0500
Subject: How The Mind Works From McMoneagle & McKenna

For your weekend reading pleasure, a section quoted from my

How The Mind Works

I would like to finish off this section with some insights into
how the human brain functions (provided by Joseph McMoneagle in
Mind Trek, page 187-188). The human brain figures into
everything. Doesn't it? It is the mechanism through which humans
access their reality. Ufology and extraterresterials are not
exempt from this access. Let's start with the bare essentials:

"Processing Sequence as a Function of Time

ZERO TIME 0:We recognize incoming information about our current

PLUS .00000:We begin to make sense of the input from our five

PLUS .00001:We fish out additional information from our hard-
wired brain memory modules.

PLUS .0001:We reason a little about the information and decide
we lack  certain essentials to make any decisions.

PLUS .001:We insert additional overlay, inaccurate assumptions,
and  prejudice in order to make it more palatable.

PLUS .01:We reach a conclusion regarding our surrounding
physical  reality.

PLUS .1:Assured of the accuracy of our reality understanding, we
make  corrections to our hard-wired memory, file the conclusions
for quick reference in the next check to make sure nothing
changes too drastically, and begin the process all over again."

Quoting further from McMoneagle:


"(O)ur reality is one we in fact invent or make up as we go."
How the mind copes with something it thinks it is seeing for the
first time should be kept in mind when investigating and reading
information from ufo observers and individuals claiming to have
been abducted. In some respects, we are all making up reality as
we go along. Sometimes, one person's nonphysical reality is not
experienced by anyone else. Usually, the individual experiencing
contact with the extraterrestrial phenomena have referred to
humanity's lower nature. Feeling humbled that their worldview
was invaded without their consent. This implies that the human
thinks they are in contact with a higher intelligence only
because they do not have a prior experience with the craft or
entity. Further, the contactee did frame the entire experience
as that it maybe happening in an altered state. The contactee
immediately jumps to the conclusion that they are dealing with
an entity of higher intelligence. Assuming that the entity is of
a higher intelligence could very well be erroneous. Based on
Arthur Koestler's "Some Aspects of the Creative Process," and
reports from abductees/contactees, there is no color in the
entities environment implying low intelligence. No music. No
art. The entities have trouble understanding a joke. Koestler
suggests that higher brain activity involves the appreciation of
comedy, puns, satire, and witticisms. The fact that the entities
interacting with humans show none of the above indicates they
are of a lower intelligence. Of course, they may or may not
operate the high tech aircraft we call ufos. The craft could
have been programed long ago and far away. Allowing the pilots
only to make minor adjustments when called upon. It doesn't mean
the pilot created, invented or had anything to do with high
tech/advanced aircraft.

After researching "alien entity contact" for the last section, I
reached a few conclusions:

1.The phenomena operates behind the scenes;

2.It emerges and "communicates" then retreats leaving no
physical evidence;

3.The "communication" is unintelligible to the human mind;

4.The human mind immediately begins a dialog within its own
subconscious trying to fit a pattern to the event of

5.The subconscious/internal communication becomes the reality.
It is the reason the communication is referred to as "telepathic."

Initially, the fact is that there has been no actual
"communication" only unintelligible "messages." This is the
reason there can be no solution found for the source of the
phenomena. The communications lack coherence, i.e., don't make

The Russians approached the enigma referred to as "ufos"
somewhat differently than the western approach. Their approach
takes into consideration the human thought process as a factor
in "witness testimonies."

The bottomline is that humans have no idea what they are dealing
with. Various researchers have wondered whether the shamanic
tradition can provide guidance for venturing into this "other
universe." Particularly, Terence McKenna's suggestion of
"crossing into a space filled with non-human entities" by taking
the path to the "other worlds" under the guidance of a well-
traveled shaman.

Additionally, McKenna suggest that these non-human entities have
been around as long there has been humans. And, maybe, "they"
were around long before there were humans. (Author's note:
concept suggested in Terence McKenna's "The Archaic Revival,"
especially chapters five and six - "A Conversation Over Saucers"
and "Alien Love," pages 58-88.)

Best we be fully centered in our own mind/soul before listening
or venturing into the nonphysical reality that may exist. To
paraphrase a line from the Christian bible: "we are looking
through a glass darkly." One could loose touch with physical
reality the longer one stares through the glass.

Remember what our grandmas told us? "Be careful what you wish
for as it just may come true." The reader is advised to keep the
above in mind as we search for just what it is people mean when
they say "ufos are real."


Some over the weekend reading for interested Listers.


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