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Effects Of Monotony - Hebb's Research

From: Kathy Kasten <catraja.nul>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 21:25:13 +0000
Archived: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 06:05:27 -0500
Subject: Effects Of Monotony - Hebb's Research

Let's assume that the "nuts&bolts" craft flying our skies are
from elsewhere in the Universe. Just for the sake of argument.
What effect would traveling long distances have on the pilots of
these craft? The pilots, of course, would simply be the pilots;
not the inventors of the "advanced technology" craft.

Dr. Donald Hebb's studies of the effects of monotony is
discussed in his paper The Role Of Experience contained in
Control Of The Mind.

The studies were based on the outcomes of his isolation tank
research. The lost of sensory perspective is the first sense to
be reported after individuals emerged from the isolation tank.
Dr. Hebb found that a solitary high-altitude pilot (or long
distance truck driver or sailor at sea) all report one or more
forms of mental aberrations as described by the his
undergraduate subjects exposed to extreme monotony of the
isolation tank. I.e., the perception of isolation.

Dr. Hebb conjectures what could happen in space travel. Such as
the "break-off" phenomena. There is a "disturbance of self in
which the pilot suffers from an acute sense of being cut off
from existence, of losing personal identity and becoming one
with the aircraft or empty space itself. Or, separated from his
body and felt himself to be a detached mind surveying his
aircraft from a point in space, the aircraft now toy-sized and
his body a puppet sitting at the controls." I realize much is
made about pilot reports of UFOs, but most UFO researchers are
unaware of the effects of long distance flights have on the
human pilots.

Dr. Hebb has a couple of observations regarding "space
travelers;" an individual brought up to tolerate the monotony of
long distance space flight. I quote: There is the risk "of
producing unanticipated distortions of the personality - the
risk that such a pilot would have behavior so aberrant that he
could not be permitted the freedom of society."

What has this got to do with so-called ET high tech flying
craft? The craft are claimed to be "intelligently controlled."
Ergo, implying a pilot.

Depending on where the craft is coming from, we humans could be
dealing with pilots exhibiting aberrant behavior. Entities
unable to interact with humans in any acceptable social way. It
is claimed these entities have been interacting with humans for
many years. Dr. Hebb's research goes a long way as a possible
explanation of the aberrant behavior of so-called "aliens"
interaction with humans. They continue to do the same
experiments over and over. This implies that these entities are
not very intelligent and are of a low order of mental ability.

As suggested by Dr. Hebb's studies of individuals kept in
isolation without a change in sensory input. According to Dr.
Hebb, the outcome of minimal sensory input creates an individual
of low intelligence. Able to react only minimally to a change in
environmental conditions. In other words, robotic responses. As
opposed to the "normal" reactions and interactions of the
irrational human.


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