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Re: Rense

From: Jerome Clark <jkclark.nul>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 07:56:57 -0600
Archived: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 09:06:40 -0500
Subject: Re: Rense

>From: Michael M. Hughes <michaelmhughes.nul>
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>Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 15:07:05 -0500
>Subject: Rense

>>From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
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>>Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 08:50:24 -0600
>>Subject: Re: Budd Hopkins

>>>From: Gildas Bourdais <bourdais.gildas.nul>
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>>>Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 16:11:17 +0100
>>>Subject: Re: Budd Hopkins

>>>>From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
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>>>>Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 10:22:08 -0600
>>>>Subject: Re: Budd Hopkins

>>>>>From: Gildas Bourdais <bourdais.gildas.nul>
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>>>>>Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 12:16:14 +0100
>>>>>Subject: Re: Budd Hopkins


>>ROFL! I fear, Sir, that your mind _is_ made up, that you don't
>>really want to "know more," and that any attempt on my part to
>>disabuse you of the erroneous is a mutual waste of valuable
>>time, eh?

>>Though, do say hello to Dr. Teleborian, won't you, and listen,
>>perhaps, with me tonight when Ms. Woods tells her extremely
>>cogent, very detailed, and astoundingly well documented story to
>>a national audience on the Jeff Rense Program ... then world-
>>wide and "forever" on the internet.

>As much as I would like to listen to Ms. Woods' side of the
>story, I refuse to patronize a man who runs a website that
>publishes and promotes neo-Nazi material and suggests Jews are
>cancerous vermin that should be ripped from the body of
>humanity. I wish more Ufologists would avoid the man and his
>program - it's really a blight on Ufology that Rense is
>considered a worthy stop on the book promotion/speaking tour.

>If anyone thinks I'm exaggerating or misinterpreting, see this
>expose which quotes directly from blatant anti-Semitic material
>on rense.com:






>Here's an excerpt from an article Rense found worthy of
>publishing, "The Strange, Mysterious Allure of Adolph Hitler."
>It's not an atypical article, either, if you take the time to


An excellent and necessary post. Thank you.

It boggles the mind, frankly, that any self-respecting
individual would urge others to listen to Rense's show for any
purpose (however close to his or her heart), or that any invited
guest would accept this forum as an acceptable one from which to
bloviate to a nation of mouth-breathing mystery-mongers. (Full
disclosure: Not knowing much about Rense, I appeared once on his
show some years ago; so - naivete notwithstanding - yes, I
screwed up, and I accept responsibility.)

It's been my experience, unfortunately, that too many ufologists
and Forteans, not necessarily themselves bigots (or at least any
more so than their fellow citizens; that's called faint
defense), can be staggeringly oblivious to the most unsavory
beliefs even when those beliefs are expressed within easy
hearing or reading range. I recall, for instance, a small
conference to which I was invited years ago in which, I learned
too late, Ernst Zundel was a fellow speaker. Zundel, who if
nothing else was no hypocrite, did not expend a great deal of
energy into any effort to conceal his notorious anti-Semitism
and Holocaust revisionism.

When I expressed outrage (my then-wife, who had accompanied me,
was apoplectic), many to whom I spoke seemed puzzled by my
response. Some, who probably did not think of themselves as
Nazi sympathizers or even casual anti-Semites, even said they
thought he had made some good points.

Now, watch Rense's defenders assemble. Watch them make my point.

Jerry Clark

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