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Re: Budd Hopkins

From: Emma Woods <e.woods33.nul>
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 01:03:15 -0800 (PST)
Archived: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 07:33:09 -0500
Subject: Re: Budd Hopkins

>From: Gildas Bourdais <bourdais.gildas.nul>
>To: <post.nul>
>Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 12:16:14 +0100
>Subject: Re: Budd Hopkins

>The question here is not just that Emma Woods recorded
>during two years her private conversations with Jacobs =E2=80=93
>a fact alone which raises questions, like possible
>premeditation for future action  - but that she published
>a montage of the most damaging parts of them. Would
>you accept to be treated that way, Mr Lehmberg?

I did not record any of my conversations with Dr. Jacobs while I
was his research subject.

Dr. Jacobs recorded all my hypnosis sessions himself, and He
sent me the recordings.

I recorded a series of conversations that I had with Dr. Jacobs
after I had ended my association with him. I told him that I
would be recording the conversations, and you can hear us
discussing this in Audio Clip 8 on my website:


>A question: why did she ask for his help and send him
>hundreds of pages about her case, in the first place? That
>behavior looks rather peculiar to me.

I assume that you have based this statement on the outright lie
that Dr. Jacobs told in his defamatory statement about me. 

Dr. Jacobs has told two different, and mutually exclusive
versions of this lie.

In this first version he said:

"Alice [Dr. Jacobs' derogatory name for me which is intended to
make people associate me with Alice in Wonderland] first
contacted me and my colleague Budd Hopkins in November 2004 by
sending us, unsolicited, large boxes of identical material on
her case."

What Dr. Jacobs said in this first version of his story was
completely untrue.

In fact, I first contacted Budd Hopkins by letter in March 2001.
I spoke to Budd Hopkins on the telephone the following year, and
he told me that he liked my letter and asked if he could publish
it in his newsletter without my name. I said that he could do
that, although I do not believe that he did

Budd Hopkins gave me his email address and the mailing address
of his vacation home. In August 2002, I received two
questionnaires from him in the mail that I filled out and
returned to him. He told me that based on the results of the
questionnaires, that it was likely that I was being "abducted"
by "aliens". He said that the only way that I could investigate
this was by having hypnosis.

In July 2002, my former therapist contacted Dr. Jacobs by email.
Dr. Jacobs had a page on his website in which he said that he
provided information to therapists, and my therapist asked for
information and advice in dealing with my case. Dr. Jacobs sent
him some information by email, and I made contact with Dr.
Jacobs myself shortly afterwards. He gave me his home telephone
number, and we communicated by telephone and email over the next
couple of years.

My therapist had previously suggested to me that I keep a record
of my experiences, which I had been doing. I asked both Dr.
Jacobs and Budd Hopkins if I could send them sections of it for
their feedback, and they both said that they would like me to.
Dr. Jacobs told me that he was interested in it, and he gave me
advice on events to record and ways to do so.

I did not send Dr. Jacobs or Budd Hopkins any material in
November 2004 as Dr. Jacobs claims. Instead, I sent both of them
small sections of my record in April and December 2003. Dr.
Jacobs told me that he was very interested in it, and he asked
me to keep sending it to him, saying, "I will take as much of it
as I can get."

In December 2004, I became Dr. Jacobs' research subject.

A few months _after_ Dr. Jacobs had already taken me on as a
research subject, in March 2005, I sent him and Budd Hopkins a
large section of my research. It was not "unsolicited", as Dr.
Jacobs claimed. In fact, he told me that he wanted me to send it
to him, and that he was looking forward to receiving it. In
2006, he published some of it on his own website.

After I had publicly responded to Dr. Jacobs' outright lie about
how I contacted him and Budd Hopkins, he unilaterally changed
his story.

In the second version of his story he said:

"Alice's therapist first wrote to me about his client in 2002.
He was convinced that quite unusual things had happened to her
and he was writing on her behalf because she wished to remain
anonymous. She had wanted to get in touch with me or with Budd
Hopkins to try to help her explain some of these events. A few
months later she contacted both Budd Hopkins and me directly.
After series of phone conversations with her in late 2004, she
sent us large boxes of identical material on her case."

Dr. Jacobs failed to give any explanation for his previous
demonstrably untrue statements about how I made contact with him
and Budd Hopkins. In addition, he provided a new false account
of the events.

In the second version of his story, Dr. Jacobs attempted to give
the false impression that after I made contact with him and Mr.
Hopkins in 2002, that there was no further contact between us
until "a series of phone conversations" in "late 2004", after
which I sent them both "large boxes of identical material".

Although Dr. Jacobs had removed his original lie that I sent
them the material in November 2004, a month before I became his
research subject, he nevertheless still attempted to convey the
false impression that I sent it to him BEFORE I became his
research subject, in late 2004, rather than in March 2005, three
months AFTER I had become his research subject.

In addition, despite the fact that Dr. Jacobs then retracted his
original false statement that the material that I sent him was
"unsolicited", he continued to try to give this misleading
impression by failing to disclose that he told me that he wanted
me to send the material to him, and that he was looking forward
to receiving it.

Dr. Jacobs' outright lie about how I contacted him was, in my
opinion, clearly intended to convey the impression that I
behaved inappropriately, as part of his overall defamation of
me, in an attempt to stop people from listening to what I have
made public about his abuse of me as his research subject.

>Another question: do you know who sent Dr Jacobs a
>message to make him believe that he was threatened by
>a "hybrid"?

A research subject of Dr. Jacobs who is known in his work as
"Elizabeth Smith" sent him threatening instant messaging
communications which she told him were written by "hybrids".

This is an audio clip from the discussion at the beginning of my
twenty-ninth hypnosis session, before Dr. Jacobs put me in the
hypnotic trance, in which he told me that Elizabeth's
"hybrid" had been threatening to him on instant messenger:


This is an audio clip of Dr. Jacobs reading me the transcript of
a "warning" that he told me he received from Elizabeth's
"hybrid" on instant messenger, saying that it was dangerous for
him to work with me as there were "hybrids" around me who were
very concerned about "security":


This is an audio clip of Dr. Jacobs threatening to reveal my
identity if I made public what he told me about the content of
the warning that he told me received from the "hybrid"
on instant messenger:


If you would like further information about this, see Jeremy
Vaeni's article in UFO Magazine, where he provides a full
account of the events:


>Simply stated, that case is not at all clear to me.

If you take the time to go through the information that Alfred
Lehmberg provided in a recent post, you should gain all the
information that you need to have a clear idea of what occurred.


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