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101 Possible Explanations for UFOs

From: Sean Jones <Sean.Jones.nul>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 15:03:36 +0000
Archived: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 10:19:59 -0500
Subject: 101 Possible Explanations for UFOs

One Hundred And One Possible Explanations For UFOs

Many people have spoken of UFOs, and many people have said that
there must be hundreds of possible explanations for them, but
when you sit down and think about it how many explanations can
you think of? I sat down one Saturday a little while back and I
struggled to think of just twenty-eight, me who has been an
active researcher for over ten years now. Ok so this was of the
cuff and a bit of serious thought would have turned up many more
but when someone, anyone asks you where do UFOs come from the
most common answer is "outer space" or some such similar

What my intention is now is to give you this list but rather
than say, look here is a list of one hundred and one possible
explanations, and I will give a simple scenario with each one.
This is not meant to be a definitive list or a complete
compilation, merely I would hope a starting point and something
to start the old grey matter ticking away because as a certain
Paul Devereaux said far too many people think that the
extraterrestrial hypothesis is the only possibility.

Before I go any further I would like to point out that I am not
a debunker and I firmly believe that this planet is being
visited by beings from another planet or even planets. All I am
trying to do is to point out that there are many other possible
explanations to identifying a unidentified flying object and
that when you have eliminated all of the possible now matter how
improbable the impossible must be possible.

Celestial Objects


Many people have reported a orangish glow usually seen just off
the horizon that seemed to have wavered in and out of view; this
is most probably Mars. The reason it drifts in and out of view
is probably because of stratospheric clouds obscuring the view
of the planet of war. Mars can also been seen quite high up as


This is the brilliant white glow that can be seen well above the
horizon but not too well up in the sky. Venus is usually seen to
be larger than Mars but is more likely to be seen than Mars is.
Venus can also be sometimes seen as a yellowish glow.


Many people have reported a bright light that is too bright to
be a star, and too big to be a star seen high above the horizon,
this is quite possibly the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is not
visible all year round, neither are Mars or Venus but when it is
visible it is a very bright star like light.

The Moon

Yes believe it or not, a few people mistake our moon for a UFO;
these people are merely mistaken not delusional. It has been
reported that when rising, an almost blood red moon has freaked
one certain person out.

Any of the above can account for a small number of sightings
each year.

Meteors/meteor showers

Often seen as a bright light moving far to fast to be a
conventional aircraft, meteors and they are not uncommon. Meteor
showers whilst rarer still account for some sightings. The usual
account for meteor showers is that there many lights moving far
to fast to be a plane. Meteors can have an orange glow, red,
green or even blue, the colour depends on the composition of the
debris burning up in our atmosphere.


Saturn like Jupiter is seen and reported as a bright light to
bright and too big to be a star, which it is. And like Jupiter
it can fade in and out of view as it disappears behind high
altitude clouds. Saturn however is a very rare sight. One
particular case quoted in "Mysterious Manitoba" a family staying
an a mobile home reported a bright white light that had "spikes"
and little lights to the side of it.


Comets are regular visitors to system, the last most famous one
being the comet Hale-Bopp. Unrecognised comets are reported as
lights that are far too bright and way to big to be stars, as
they are. Comets can also cause mass hysteria as omen's,
portents or signs from the Gods. A very distant comet can be
seen as a very bright light that is too big to be a star, much
like some of the planets previously mentioned.

Vega (star)

Vega has only become "famous" since Carl Sagan's Contact. Sirius
is a much brighter star. Both are plainly visible to the naked
eye. Both being bright stars might be misrecognised by a person
who has no astronomical knowledge.

The Perseids

The Perseids another name for one particular meteor shower so
the explanation above applies.

Animal, Insects, Birds

Glowing Bugs

Glowing bugs, insects or other such creatures is an option used
to identify unidentified's by people referred to as debunkers
but they offer a very possible reason for an unaccounted
sighting. Some insect creatures do indeed give a glow and if a
swarm of them flew in close proximity of witnesses that did not
know that there was a migrating bunch of bugs then indeed it is
possible that a report of a UFO could emerge. One could also
mention the piezoelectric theory of glowing bugs proposed for
the Uintah Basin cases.

Migratory birds

This explanation has been offered by a some people to account
for the sightings in Lubbock. Is it possible that sunlight could
be reflected off the oil excreted by a bird onto its feathers
and dazzle a witness?, who then might think that he or she saw
something unusual.


Like the glowing bugs scenario fireflies could be in extreme
circumstances misidentified as a UFO. It might be suggested that
the people that see fireflies and report them as a UFO or indeed
UFOs have poor eyesight but poor eyesight has been suggested as
a reason for seeing a UFO in the first place.

Insect swarms

Insect swarms could possibly account for sightings where people
have reported a dark flowing object. Something without
particular definition and almost certainly an object that
changes shape. These would be seen in either twilight or at
night times.

Natural or Atmospheric Phenomena

Earth Lights

Paul Devereaux has offered this explanation on many occasions.
It is with out doubt that his work holds some value and that
this is a creditable possible explanation for some UFOs. Earth
lights are basically lights produced by some form of tectonic
stress or similar and can vary in shape and size. I would
however recommend to anyone to read Chris Rutkowski's thesis
"The Tectonic Strain Theory and Geophysical Luminosity's"

Swamp Gas

Swamp gas luminous lights have been suggested by some as an
explanation for glowing objects seen by some witnesses. As some
of you may know rotting vegetation produces Methane and this
could ignite giving a bright or even a dull light for witnesses
to catch. This explanation has its shortcoming when any burning
methane would not last more than a few seconds and some
sightings last for minutes and even hours.

Ball lightning

Ball lightning is a very rare atmospherical phenomenon, which
has recorded and documented cases. Basically not all lightning
is the broken, jagged bright light seen in the sky. Ball
lightening has been recorded as moving around as low as a few
feet off the ground and lasting for some several minutes.

Cumulous/Lenticular Clouds

Some clouds have some very amazing shapes. Indeed I have
pictures looking like huge "flying saucers". It is not
impossible for a first time viewer of these clouds to mistake
them for a genuine UFO.

Abnormal weather conditions

The weather can produce some amazing sights. Tornado's,
horizontal rain and such like. It is not beyond the boundaries
of reasoning to believe that like cumulous clouds the weather
could produce something to be seen and witnessed. Although I
don't actually know of any particular case or cases to cite as a

Ice crystals

This is the explanation that NASA expects you to believe with
reference to the STS48 and STS80 space shuttle missions where
objects where seen to be doing radical manoeuvres. Ice crystals
can also be responsible for perihelical arcs.

Phosphorescence in the atmosphere

This is a possible explanation for a "glow" that has no defined
shape or a shifting shape that has been reported by some
witnesses. This explanation is not beyond the realm of
possibility but in my opinion would not reflect more than a
handful of the total number of UFO reports ever made.

Luminescence - plate tectonics

I am sure that Paul Devereaux could wax lyrical on this
particular field of science but as a whole to explain some
unexplainable lights it seems to fall a bit short as there
appears to be no direct evidence to back this up. I eagerly
await to be proved wrong Paul.

High flying seed pods

This explanation is probably more to do with photographed UFOs
than ones seen I think. I can't actually find any reference to
who suggested this possible explanation or when and to what
sighting but for a small object that has been caught on film?
Who knows?

Ionised air

In certain circumstances, as previously mentioned atmospheric
conditions can fool the untrained observer. Ionisation of the
atmosphere will produce a brownish discolouration that could
possibly be seen as a solid object. It is probable that if seen
it would be a static UFO, not a moving one.

Atmospheric plasma effects

Now plasma comes in several different "types", from the
ectoplasm associated with ghost's etc to the semi solid goo
produced in several scientific labs worldwide. There is now
reason why this stuff could not occur naturally and thus you
would have airborne plasma possibly what Carlos Diaz saw?

Atmospheric inversion

What atmospheric inversion is when a high-density pocket resides
in a low-density area of air, or visa versa. This is what is
blamed for many radar contacts of UFOs.

Air bubbles

Air bubbles are similar to the above but different in that
moisture is involved. Basically a "dry" bubble of air in a moist
atmospheric condition will produce another kind of distortion
which could produce an optical illusion. As above the condition
can also be reversed i.e. a "damp or wet" air bubble in a dry
atmosphere will produce the same effect.

Atmospheric "blue jets"

These are like squirts of intense blue flame. They are seen very
occasionally and are very similar to the Aurora Borealis in
composition but it not really known just what they are.

Atmospheric "red sprites"

Intrinsically these are exactly the same as above but red.

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

This is a fairly well known phenomenon but it is possible that
if a person was totally unaware of this amazing display of
lights then it might be possible for the unsuspecting witness to
report it as a UFO, albeit an identifiable one after a little


Lighting doesn't just come in the broken, jagged lines that can
be seen whenever there is a violent storm. Ball lightning is a
recorded phenomenon, which defies belief. Lightening also has
been known to come in other shapes and colours.


When volcanoes erupt an amazing multitude of things can happen.
Burning embers, or phosphor has been ejected which due to the
very nature of it can do some very amazing ariel acrobatics.
Also other researchers believe that volcano's, in part, are
responsible for some "earth lights".

Radioactive glow

How many of you have seen the cartoons where a man is seen to be
"glowing" when he is radioactive. As far as I am aware only
something that has a huge amount of radioactivity will produce a
"glow", i.e. the radioactive isotope itself. But clouds of
radioactive airborne isotope can be seen "glowing" away in the
night sky it would be game over for us.

Perihelia (sun dogs)

These are your bright spots seen either side of the sun. These
can be very deceiving and not to be mixed with sunspots which is
an entirely different entity.

Mock Sun

This is caused by light refraction off the moisture crystals in
the base atmosphere. Light is refracted of these crystals to
give the impression of a second sun, usually with a reddish ring
around it.

Gliding hailstones

This was suggested by a certain Aime Michel as a possible
explanation for a case that he dealt with. But surely they would
have to be large hailstones?

Cobwebs flying high

Cobwebs flying high - this has a very interesting source -
Desmond Leslie and George  Adamski's 1953 book, "Flying Saucers
Have Landed" (London: Werner Laurie, page 18). The authors say:
"They say that flying disks are:", and they list a number of
explanations. One of the explanations listed is "Cobwebs flying
high". Unfortunately, other than being listed,  there is no
further explanation.

Distant fire

Seen in twilight from a great distance under less than perfect
conditions a distant fire can look completely different from
what it actually is. I.e. a disembodied glowing airborne colour
changing light.

Lubbock lights

The Lubbock light are one particular set of cases, based in a
Texan town called, funnily enough Lubbock. It started in August
1951 when three learned people saw a pretty amazing sight. read
about it in Jerome Clark's "The UFO Book".

Mind, State or Perception


It has been suggested on a number of occasions that witnesses
hallucinated the object(s) that they have seen. The people that
have suggested this have often quoted alcohol and or drugs as
the reason for the hallucinations.

Day dreams/ Night dreams

Similar to hallucinations the same people that suggest
hallucinations have also suggested that the sighting report
could have merely been a daydream sighting or even dreamt of at
night and seen during the next day(s).

Reflections of light

I personally know of a case whereby a witness reported seeing
lights in the clouds just over from where he lived on a regular
basis. When it was investigated it turned out that under certain
circumstances cars driving round a mountain road had their
headlights reflected off a cloud and gave the impression of
lights in the nights sky.


Like mirages seen in the desert it has been suggested that some
sightings of anomalous object could be explained as a heat
mirage or similar.

Optical illusions

On certain circumstances the eyes can be fooled. We have all
seen magicians "magic tricks", and we have all seen drawings
that twist the eyes perspective. In much the same way the eyes
can be fooled under "abnormal" conditions and thus a
unidentified flying object can be seen, it is most likely though
if its an optical illusion then the object will be static and
not moving around radically.


It is fairly well documented that under certain emotional
conditions the mind is more susceptible to experiencing abnormal
sounds, sights and feelings.

Mind control

Another possible reason people "seeing things" put forward by a
certain skeptic is that "someone" could be exerting some kind of
psychic mind control and "making" the witness see something that
is quite simply not there. The psychic would have to have very
strong powers and the victim very week willed for this to be
possible in my opinion, but there you go.

Film defect

This explanation only really covers photographic or cinematic
pictures. Quite simply a defect on the film could when developed
produce and image of some object or objects in either the
background vicinity of the pictures intended "target". I'm sure
Bob Shell could elaborate on this a lot more than I can.

Reflections in glass

I actually know of a case, which took some time to be explained.
There was a case where a young lad photographed a "UFO" out of
his bedroom window. It was an elongated bright yellowish light.
When it was investigated it turned out that the young chap had
set out to create a hoax by putting his bedroom lampshade at
such an angle that it reflected this elongated light on his
bedroom window, he then merely photographed it. This is an
illustration of another possibility that has been suggested to
explain some UFOs.

Specks of dust before eyes

This is another photographic explanation. Just how possible this
particular explanation is depends on how much you believe that
it is possible for people to mistake dust for UFOs.

Red blood corpuscles inside eyes

The eyes can be fooled. In some cases it might be suggested that
witnesses are merely seeing something that is quite literally in
their own eyes, i.e. corpuscles. I've not heard of this for
myself but flecks before someone's eyes could simply be a blood
vessel in their own eyes.

Refracted starlight

If there is was particularly clear night sky and the conditions
are "just so" a bright star, say Sirius could be
reflected/refracted of a shiny surface and "projected" something
like a laser light. Possible but unlikely, in my humble opinion.

Technology, Military or Research

Secret military/governmental/research aircraft

This is a well-known fact. The various governmental departments
of whatever are forever developing new technology in the air, on
the land and in the sea. Some of the ultra experimental cutting
edge aircraft look nothing like conventional technology so if
they was seen it would undoubtedly be reported as a UFO and
remain so until something like it is seen in one of the airplane

Laser Lights

Fairly recent thing but laser light shows can show an
extraordinary complex pattern of lights and 3D holographic type
images. This is a very real contender for possibly identifying a
witnesses UFO.

Model aircraft/helicopters

Model aircraft have come a long way in the past few years it is
now even possible to get actual flying model rockets. Obviously
these models can do manoeuvres that no manned aircraft can do
and these models come in a variety of shapes and sizes not all
look like the conventional models that we are used too.

Falling satellite/space debris

There is so much "junk" in space in orbit around our planet now
its amazing there isn't any orbital crashes. Some of this stuff
is in a LEO, or Low Earth Orbit and gravity pulls on this stuff.
Occasionally some of it is pulled out of orbit and falls to
earth, pretty much the same as a meteor.


Like laser lights these things can be projected over many miles
and be seen even further away than you would credit it. A bright
illumination in a clear night sky can be seen many miles away
and at great distance it might not be possible to identify it
more than as a bright light in the distance.

Weather balloons

I have seen one of these for myself. An orange "glow" of the
coast of Cornwall last year. It was very high and moved very
slowly. This is the archetypal weather balloon spotting. The
reason it looked like a glow is because it was so high
atmospheric pollution "blurred" the edges.

Orbiting Satellite

This is a fairly easy one to identify. A fairly small bright
light, seen very high up which moves far to fast to be plane
moving in a straight line across the night sky. Satellite's can
be seen with optical equipment during the day but the people who
see them then probably know what they are.

Dummy parachute

This explanation has been offered very recently by the American
air force to explain a certain 1947 event. How much water this
explanation holds is down to individual perception.

Research balloons

The most famous, of infamous depending on your point of view is
the Mogul balloon, which allegedly came down in the desert near
Corona, New Mexico in July of 1947. Now believe it or not these
balloons did exist, and they are difficult to identify as a
Mogul, unless you knew what one was called.


Another good misidentification culprit. Yes blimps have been
misidentified. There have been actual reports of UFOs that have
been identified as an advertising blimp.


Now this is for the older readers because these are a very rare
sight these days, but back in the thirties and forties there was
quite a few of these things flying in the sky. I am sure that
the uneducated savages in the backwaters of the world would not
be able to recognise technological advancement when they saw it.

Jettisoned spacecraft junk

Pretty much the same as falling space debris. There is quite a
lot of equipment that has been "lost in space" quite literally.
Some of this probably fell to earth and burnt up in the
atmosphere giving off multicoloured lights, which could dazzle
the untrained observer.


Without mentioning black unmarked helicopters. Some helicopters
are not what the average person expects a helicopter looks like
and seen at a distance they could very easily be misidentified
as a UFO.

Ultra Light, Hand Gliders

These man made flying machines are built for pleasure. They can
do some extraordinary manoeuvres and seen from a distance they
could fool the untrained observer with their arial antics.


Seen from a great distance, without prior knowledge of the
launch an observer could mistake the intense bright light that
ascends into the sky as a UFO. But most people that live near
Cape Canaveral for example know what these lights for what they


Gliders have immense wingspans and can move very slowly, almost
too slow to fly. And seen from almost directly behind or ahead
it looks like they stay still in the air, far too long to be an
ordinary plane. Add to that they are usually silver or white
they reflect sunlight very well so they could easily be mistaken
for a bright silvery elongated saucer shaped object in the sky.

Man-made or Human Activity


Down in Kent we at UFOMEK had a report of a black triangle doing
impossible manoeuvres off the coast of Dover one night. Needless
to say we took the witnesses details but there wasn't much else
we could do, as the report was a few days old. A few weeks
later, by accident, it was discovered that a stunt kite flyer
was testing out his new black kite late in the evening on the
day that the witness reported the black triangle, need I say

Advertising airplanes

Especially popular in America airplanes "towing" great long
banners advertising beers or what ever is a common sight. Some
of these banners need not be long streaming things but can vary
in shape and size. It only takes a witness who doesn't recognise
the banner for what it is to report that he saw an object
"chasing" or following a very normal plane.

Search lights

This is possibly an explanation from one of the two world wars.
A searchlight beam might not show in the night sky but what it
illuminates does. If the object were seen through a haze or some
such then it would be difficult to recognise it for what it is.


Orfordness springs to mind. This explanation has been proffered
by the odd individual or two to explain away the events that
happened at Rendlesham Forest. This explanation in this case is
extremely unlikely. Jenny Randles has done extensive work on
this case and I would recommend for anyone wanting more
information on this case to read her new book.

Street lights

Down in Wales there are the odd village or two that only has one
or two streets with streetlights in. When a fog or mist descends
then it looks like you have some very disembodied lights
floating in the bottom of a valley.

Car headlights

I would like to refer you to my previous explanation of
"reflection of light" for this one.

House lights

In remote places there can be lights seen on the top of a hill
with no discernible source. Houses are often built on the top of
hills for a "better view" and when you get an especially dark
night you would see the bedroom lights long before you would see
the building.

Advertising balloon

Much the same as blimps really except these tend to get left for
ages in one place and are sometimes illuminated.


This explanation has been suggested for the event in Phoenix
last year. In this case I very much doubt it BUT some flares
have been designed to descend very slowly illuminating the
countryside for either military activities or for search and
rescue missions. This could realistically, explain the odd
sighting or two.

Distress signal

Burning very brightly and staying in the sky for prolonged
amounts of time these intense lights seen from afar could be
mistaken just like flares.

Jet trail

Or con trail, jet airplanes leave behind them a white plume of
smoke in long trails. The wind breaks them up quite a bit and
usually disperses them reasonably quickly but what if an air
pocket caught a piece and held it in place for a while?


I don't know about you but I have seen some pretty amazing
fireworks, some which do some pretty amazing arial acrobatics
and give out some astounding colours as they burn up. If seen
from afar and not on a "special" occasion they might give rise
to the odd report or two.

Belief systems, Religious, Supernatural, Legend, Myth, Folklore

Biblical prophecy

Many people have spoken about foretellings in the bible and
quoted various texts from Ezekial and Revelations. It is also
said that somewhere in the bible it describes the mushroom cloud
from an atomic explosion, but there you go. However all of this
doesn't explain what the UFO is exactly.

Ezekial's wheel

In the book of Ezekial the prophet Ezekial describes a wheel
within a wheel etc and angelic beings with wings. This has often
been cited as a biblical sighting of a UFO. But this is only one
explanation and it does not describe some of the UFOs that
witnesses have reported.

Psi Phenomenon

Another paranormal explanation for UFOs is that they are
"generated" by latent psychic ability. Or that certain people
deliberately generate them to fool the general populace.


This explanation is almost another name for UFOs. An arial
luminosity in the form of a ghost is also in a manner of
speaking a UFO, as it can't be identified other than as ghost.
However many people that believe in ghosts don't believe in
UFOs and visa versa.

Plasma craft

This is an actual recorded and photographed UFO phenomenon by
Carlos Diaz. I have a picture of one near me now in the form of
UFO Magazines 1998 calendar. just what these craft are is
another matter, intelligent beings? Proto-plasmic matter? I
don't know but it is definitely a UFO.


Basically the same as apparitions spirits are the ethereal
bodies of the dead, or so it is believed. These too can be
mistaken for or included as, depending on your point of view,

Angel's hair

Angel's hair is not an explanation for UFOs I'm afraid, it is a
substance that has been witnessed as falling from some. The last
known case was in Australia where witnesses saw some fibreglass
like substance fall from a UFO as it sped away. This fine
material "dissolved" very quickly and left no trace.

Ghost rockets

Something the Swedes got into in a big way, read about it in
Jerome Clark's "The UFO Book", page 243 onwards.


Some people of a religious nature might want to give this one a
miss. It has been suggested that UFOs are apparitions caused by
the Devil or his subordinates to fool the unbeliever so that
they will believe in aliens but not in God. It has also been
said by the other camp that it could be Angels displaying Gods
powers to his believers.


In his book "Visitors from Space", John Keel recounts the many
stories of mothmen. These beings were black and had eyes similar
to those of moths. They also had wings, hence the name. This is
an explanation for extraterrestrial beings not for UFOs


Again this is not an explanation for UFOs merely their
occupants. In Jacques Vallee's book "Passport to Magonia" he
suggested a startling theory pointing out similarities between
UFO sightings and the sightings of fairies.



Like I mentioned earlier with the boy and the lampshade several
people have set out to fool UFO researchers and believers alike.
Certain people cite Billy Mieier and Ed Walters as fraudsters.
Ones that have been proved fake was the castle video of the crop
circle being made.


This is not really to do with the actual sighting itself but the
reports of sightings. Like the above people have set out to fool
the honest researcher with bogus sighting reports. Also, it is
more that remotely possible that deliberate mis-information is
being put out to cover secret test flights of "black project"
planes and arial vehicles. It has also been suggested that some
secret technology planes have been built to look like UFOs to
deliberately fool people, after all how many people would report
the sighting of a UFO compared to those who report the sighting
of a secret airplane?

Foo fighter

Foo Fighters were a regular sighting for combat pilots in the
two world wars. With both sides thinking that they belonged to
the other. Recent findings have not come up with any new
evidence but one researcher is convinced that they belonged to
German secret intelligence.

Origin Theories

Spacecraft from another Planets/Galaxy's

This is the favourite by far. Ninety nine percent of people who
believe in UFOs believe that they come from other planets and
or galaxies. This theory called the Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis
is one of the easiest to cite and hardest to back up.

Time travellers

Due to the vast distances between planets and the immense amount
of time that it is estimated that it would take to traverse it
another favourite explanation to explain the origin or the
pilots of the unidentified flying objects is that they come from
another time, not another place. that way there are no great
distances to travel, and a time machine would seem more

Hollow moon

There is some evidence that would suggest that the core of the
moon is hollow rather than rock and etc. Then as an extenuation
of this theory it has been suggested that our visitors are not
from another planets but from our moon, having already travelled
the long distance between the stars in a modified planetoid to
carry the travellers to here over the generations.

Hollow Earth

This theory assumes that these visitors of ours are another race
of earthlings that come from inside our planet. I remember a
book from my youth that suggested that there was two races
living on our planet millennia ago and that they diverged so
much that they could not live together and that one of these
races went and lived in caves until they could no longer emerge
into the light. And now they want to check up on us.


There are many theories on Atlantis, the place of myth and
legend. some say that Atlanteans destroyed themselves whilst
others say that they went and hid from their barbaric warlike
neighbours. This theory is often quoted when the witness reports
that the UFO dived into the sea or a lake. In the case of Linda
Cortile she describes the UFO diving into the sea.

Multi-dimensional craft

As you know we abide in three dimensions. Mathematicians have
"proved" that there must be more dimensions than we currently
know about. This provides the base for another theory that our
visitors are from another dimension rather than another time or

Earth's etheric analog

On the exact opposite side of the sun is another planet just
like earth, or so it has been suggested. This planet is more
advanced than ours because it is sending space  vehicles to
visit or check up on us. Why haven't they made contact with us
just yet? Who says that they haven't?

Interdimensional beings/craft from alternate futures

All of the above and none of it. With beings from other
dimensions and craft from alternate futures checking up on the
possible past, this theory has it all. This theory to explain
where "they" come from has more possibilities than any of the
above and more limitations than eternity. Like any explanation
for UFOs it has to remain possible until we can eliminate it
from our studies, or indeed have it proved.

Well there you have it folks, something to make you think,
something to make you laugh and undoubtedly something to make
you cry. As I said at the start I don't mean this list to be
exhaustive but merely a starting point to get the old grey
matter ticking over and point out that there are far more
possibilities than a casual thought would think up. I am always
open to other possibilities and one day I hope to have an answer
to some of the above but with modern Ufology fifty years old now
I doubt that I will be there with some answers first as other
people have been researchers far longer than I have and only
come up with more questions.

   In an infinite universe infinitely anything is possible.
                          Sean Jones

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