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PRG Update - February 17 2011

From: Stephen Bassett <PRG.nul>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 03:39:26 -0800
Archived: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 09:40:27 -0500
Subject: PRG Update - February 17 2011

Paradigm Research Group

PRG Update - February 17, 2011

Commentary - Michael Horn's Demands Upon PRG

Over the past few weeks activist Michael Horn has been sending
out press releases and posting on the Internet regarding
Paradigm Research Group and his desire that PRG extensively
engage the Billy Meier story for which he is the authorized
American media representative. Mr. Horn has been pressuring PRG
on this matter for the past five years. I am electing to respond
at length at this time because it may be helpful in clarifying
PRG's mission statement for those who might be confused or not

To begin it is worth noting the Paradigm Research Group is
ironically named. PRG is not a research organization. Rather it
is a political (exopolitical) advocacy organization with a
fundamental mission to end the government imposed truth embargo
regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.
This advocacy will be conducted by all means which are legal,
non-violent and which PRG considers effective and appropriate.

Right after PRG was founded I registered as a lobbyist with the
office of the clerks for the U.S. House and Senate on behalf of
several UFO/ET research organizations. Thus the name Paradigm
Research Group. This name choice was in part to show respect for
the important work done by many research entities for decades to
confirm the extraterrestrial presence without which an advocacy
campaign would not be possible.

In 1999 PRG founded its political action committee, X-PPAC. In
2002 I participated in the Maryland 8th District congressional
race as an independent candidate on the November ballot. The X-
Conference was launched in 2004 and there have been six events
held in the Washington, DC area through 2010. The Exopolitics
World Network and United States Network were initiated in early
2008. The Million Fax on Washington was launched on November 5,
2008. Behind all of this are the PRG websites ported at
www.paradigmresearchgroup.org. Of course, PRG has been involved
in other projects and has assisted the project of colleagues.

Every choice made by PRG has one primary driving rationale -
will it advance the advocacy process? If I do not think a
particular course of action will serve the Disclosure process,
PRG's very limited resources in time and money will be directed

With that in mind permit me to make what I believe is a very
important point. The collective evidentiary basis for the
extraterrestrial presence does not rest on any single case. If
nothing was known about Roswell, the ETH would still be valid.
If Colonel Corso had never come forward, the ETH would still be
valid. Same for Bentwaters, Kenneth Arnold, Malmstrom Air Force
Base, etc. The ETH was confirmed by the collective effort of
thousands of people who compiled a massive amount of evidence
over many decades. Photographs, video, radar records, documents,
first and second hand testimony from hundreds of witnesses -
this is the foundation for the ETH. There is much more to know
and much of that knowing awaits the Disclosure event.

PRG's mission is not to prove or focus on a particular case.
Rather it's mission is to stand on the platform of the
collective evidence and demand accountability from the
government and the political media. That said, when appropriate
PRG will utilize elements within the collective evidence to
advocate for Disclosure. Others may disagree with some of these
choices, but they cannot dictate to PRG how it will proceed.

In line with the above, PRG must respectfully decline Mr. Horn's
invitation to extensively engage the history of Billy Meier as
part of PRG's advocacy work. This decision should not be taken
as commentary on the validity of the story of Billy Meier. Such
determinations are left to others.

Stephen Bassett
Executive Director
Paradigm Research Group

IUFOC Conference - Scottsdale, AZ - Feb. 23-27

This newly located from Laughlin, NV conference has an
exceptional lineup of speakers and should be a very strong
event. The location at the Ft. McDowell Resort in Scottsdale is
beautiful. PRG encourages all to support the new IUFOC

ReyKawvik Summit - Lawrence, KS - March 18-20

PRG will be presenting at this important new conference set in
the heartland of America.

Kia Optima Ad

Check out this very cool ad for the Kia Optima which includes an
alien, flying saucer, worm hole and ancient Mayans. Apparently
Grahm Hancock is now writing ads for car companies :-)

CNN - Scientists, telescope hunt massive hidden object in space


A lot of researchers, alive and passed, will be (would have
been) most interested in this article.


Paradigm Research Group
4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814
PRG.nul 202-215-8344

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