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Re: Refuting The Hopkins Jacobs Mack Synthesis

From: Kathy Kasten <catraja.nul>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 19:24:09 +0000
Archived: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 07:21:56 -0500
Subject: Re: Refuting The Hopkins Jacobs Mack Synthesis

>>From: Tyler Kokjohn <TKOKJO.nul>
>>To: <post.nul>
>>Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2011 10:37:08 -0700
>>Subject: Re: Refuting The Hopkins Jacobs Mack Synthesis


>>>A particular class of abductee, those allegedly impregnated or
>>used as incubators for human-alien hybrid entities, offers a
>>potentially rich source of hard genetic evidence.

>>During pregnancy, DNA and cells from the unborn child become
>>incorporated into the mother. Remarkably, the fetal cells may
>>persist in the mother for decades after the pregnancy ends
>>(Science 296:2169-2172, 21 June 2002).

>>In principle, if the hypotheses are correct, some female
>>abductees must harbor physical evidence of alien hybrids.
>>Because these cells are long-lived, investigators can simply re-
>>contact some past research subjects to begin experiments (after
>>the required IRB approvals are obtained). No one need capture an
>>entity or await other happenstance to uncover some hard

>>If the hypotheses of Dr. Jacobs and Mr. Hopkins are correct,
>>telltale genetic evidence should be recoverable. Perhaps they or
>>a new generation of abduction researchers will now take on this
>>challenge and reveal some facts surrounding the alien abduction

Dr. Kokojohn:

I am interested in seeing your protocol. I was a staff member of
UCLA's Human Subject Protection Committee and acted as liaison
between the Committee and Principal Investigators.

My main concern is that little attention to providing counseling
to the women who come forward testifying to being impregnated by
"ETs/aliens." In essence, raped by some unknown entity.

Just as Dr. Richard Neal never presented a protocol to "collect"
evidence of women's impregnation, I would hope you have your
protocol reviewed by your institution's IRB. And, further, to
take into account that these women have been raped. That is,
without their consent nor within normal loving, pleasurable,
sexual interaction with a male human, have been used as if they
were breeding stock. Further, I would hope that you are not only
interested in proving your theory.

During an interview I had with Dr. Neal, I ended up getting
pissed and thought the man lacked concern for the woman forced
to carry an "alien hybrid." He got angry because the woman
didn't have the presence of mind to collect the fetus she had
just voided into the toilet. He exhibited anger because he had
lost the opportunity to validate his theory.

Kevin Randle's report documented the fact that Dr. Neal
considered women coming forward making claims of "alien"
impregnation were faking it, lying, or looking for attention.

Dr. Kokjohn I hope that is not one of your considerations. Of
course, there is the possibility that one in fifty women might
be seeking attention and pretend to have been raped. That still
leaves the other forty-nine who are reporting what they

And, yes, folks my concerns bear directly on the field of UFO
research. Because if the ET craft are flying our skies, and as
you claim, are intelligently controlled, you all have got to
deal with the entities controlling them. You want disclosure and
landings? Be careful what you wish for, the women of this planet
are paying a very high price for your wish.


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