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The Woods Evidence On-Line [was: Budd Hopkins]

From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 08:40:42 -0600
Archived: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 06:54:30 -0500
Subject: The Woods Evidence On-Line [was: Budd Hopkins]

>From: Gildas Bourdais <bourdais.gildas.nul>
>To: <post.nul>
>Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 11:11:31 +0100
>Subject: Re: Budd Hopkins

>>From: Joe McGonagle <joe.mcgonagle.nul>
>>To: post.nul
>>Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 11:23:16 +0000
>>Subject: Re: Budd Hopkins

>>>From: Gildas Bourdais <bourdais.gildas.nul>
>>>To: <post.nul>
>>>Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 11:29:55 +0100
>>>Subject: Re: Budd Hopkins


>>>Who is pathetic here?

>>Pretty damned obvious I think - a guy who carries out
>>unnecessary surgery to produce _no_ peer-reviewed evidence of
>>his claim that his subjects have advanced technology implanted
>>in their bodies, and the people who are so pathetically gullible
>>or such devout followers that they believe that.

>Joe, and John,

>You are a perfect illustration of what I said.

>Now, it's the turn of Dr Roger Leir to be "pathetic", because of
>his surgeries.

>Hopkins is pathetic because he did not dare to do highly
>controversial tests.

>Leir is pathetic because he dared to do that.

>BTW, in his agreement signed by Roger Leir with NIDS, they had
>promised to publish the results of the implants analyses in a
>peer reviewed magazine. They had analyses done, at Los Alamos,
>and New Mexico Tech, but they failed to do so. NIDS black hole

>Another example: Dr VernonClark has his career ruined after
>making public his isotopic analysis of an alleged UFO debris.
>Pathetic, too? Rather, a dangerous game, it seems to me.

>Now, I would like to see a little better where you stand in
>ufology. May I ask a not so simple question, to you and John
>Rimmer: are you total skeptics, or not, on the reality UFOs?
>Would you give your global viewpoints about them?

All good points, but acting as a signpost pointing back the
other direction while noting position for point of reference, I
am compelled to remind the reader that this tangential has spun
off of the plight of Budd Hopkins: a man whose whole research
effort is compromised by his own hubris to an arguable degree.
This unflattering examination of Hopkins' hubris, I submit, is
brought about by his entirely unconditional support of the
methods, practices, and activities of David Jacobs. David
Jacobs' methods, practices, and activities are entirely suspect,
suspicious and serially salacious where they are not mean,
misogynistic , and utterly mendacious, imo.

My disappointed read, trusting reader, is that David Jacobs,
_seemingly_ acting as an agent of self-interested and evil
banality, _busily_ tried to facilitate the pathology of a person
in his charge, do harm to the psychology of a person certified
sane enough, or otherwise insure that this person would be taken
for a lunatic if a "problem" arose.

The problem? The person regarded, certified sane remember, began
to question where Jacobs was taking her psychologically and
thereby threatened pecuniary concerns as it pertained to a
lucrative book deal that Jacobs was soon to enjoy.

Did Jacobs prosecute a malfeasance, an infidelity, or a kind of

In the courtroom of public opinion Emma Woods finishes up a
compelling two year summation with dozens of numbered
evidentiary items, vetted documents, expert witnesses, pictures
& charts, some pertinent prosthesis, and several PowerPoint
presentations. She rests in stunned silence.

Doctor Jacobs stands up, fidgets with blank pages, and clears a
sonorous throat.

"She's _crazy_ your honor... and, uh... the Defense rests."

Beaming a George Bush 'I-just-said-a-big-word' smirk, he sits
back down to hearty cheers from the opposition, vested persons
as reflexively supporting of Jacobs & Hopkins as Hopkins is
reflexively supporting of Jacobs.

Affronted _myself_ as a long time Jacobs fan by Emma Woods, Kim
Carlsberg, Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni, among others I
reviewed their "evidence":

The current UFO Mag coverage of the Woods case

Carol Rainey's recent Paratopia article

Tyler Kokjohn's recent _Paratopia_ article

Woods' letter to Temple University summarizing the events

The Temple University research consent form that Dr. Jacobs and
Woods signed

Woods submission to the OHRP parts 1-4

The MPD audio clip

A PDF of Gary Haden's blog post on Temple University


A PDF of Gary Haden's blog post on the MPD suggestions


A PDF of Gary Haden's blog posts on Dr. Jacobs' leading with my hypnosis
parts 1-2



A PDF document of Matt Graeber's written interview with Woods
parts 1-4





A PDF document with links to shows, articles, and blog posts on your article
and Woods' case


The three ParatopiaPodcast shows on Woods case

Rainey and Kokjohn's Paratopia interview

Brian Reed's Paratopia interview

Future Theater's interview with Vaeni and Ritzmann

Hypnosis - hybrid dominate Woods


Hypnosis - hybrid assault and death threats


Hypnosis - hybrid assault and total power


Hypnosis - underpants audio


Hypnosis - chastity belt audio


DJ telling Woods about the hybrid instant messaging


DJ telling Woods about him being "the man who knows too much"


Hybrid instant message warning audio


There is more reader...

My support of Jacobs must be regretfully withdrawn given the
massive evidence of what can be, at best, _stunning_
impropriety... and at worst?

Whatever will become of UFO and Abduction research now? We moan
and wring our hands.

Not to worry, reader. The UFOs are, and have been for centuries,
quite capable of keeping the topic alive themselves. That's what
they do. We're better employed refining our best practice as it
pertains to UFOs and the persons regarding them as they regard
one another.

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