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Re: Woods Defamation Campaign

From: Emma Woods <e.woods33.nul>
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2011 16:29:29 -0800 (PST)
Archived: Mon, 07 Feb 2011 06:35:02 -0500
Subject: Re: Woods Defamation Campaign

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>Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2011 13:46:18 -0500
>Subject: UFO UpDate: Woods Defamation Campaign

>The Defamation Campaign
>Dr. David Jacobs

>Over the past few months, the Internet has been filled with
>material from a woman who is on a campaign to defame me. ...

>From: Michael M. Hughes <michaelmhughes.nul>
>To: post.nul
>Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 14:34:58 -0500
>Subject: Re: Woods Defamation Campaign

>On reading Jacobs's defense, I find it only lessens his
>credibility and digs him into a much deeper hole. He should
>have recognized far sooner the glaringly obvious signs of
>mental illness, and the fact that he believed (or claims to
>have believed) that "hybrids" were using the woman's phone
>and email accounts to threaten him is hard to swallow. He
>shows an unforgivable lack of discernment and signs of
>delusion himself. ...

Dr. Jacobs' defamatory statement about me on his website
consists of a series of outright lies and distortions calculated
to make me appear mentally ill. In my opinion he has done this
in an attempt to destroy my credibility so that what I have made
public about his psychological abuse of me as his research
subject is not listened to.

As a way of response, I thought that I would provide a letter
that I recently sent to Temple University which addresses this


Richard C. Throm
Program Manager & Coordinator
The Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Temple University


Ann Weaver Hart
Temple University

Office of the Provost
Temple University

Jodi Levine Laufgraben, Ed.D
Vice Provost of Academic Affairs and Assessment
Temple University

Dean Teresa Scott Soufas
College of Liberal Arts
Temple University

Beth Bailey
Department Chair
The Department of History
Temple University

Jay Lockenour
Director of Undergraduate Studies
The Department of History
Temple University

Richard Immerman
Director of Graduate Studies
The Department of History
Temple University

Dr. Kristina Borror
Division of Compliance Oversight
Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP)
United States Department of Health & Human Services

Dear Mr. Throm,

Thank you for your email of January 12, 2010. Although I did not
respond to your email at the time, I have decided to do so now
in order to clarify a statement that you made, in order to have
it on record.

In your email you said:

"You recently contacted the Temple University Institutional
Review Board with a request to have the agreements you signed
along with another individual regarding your participation in a
protocol project to be rendered null and void."

This is not strictly true.

As you are aware, I filed a complaint with Temple University in
September 2008 regarding Associate Professor of History at
Temple University, Dr. David M. Jacobs', misconduct towards me
as his research subject.

As I believe that Dr. Jacobs' misconduct is a matter of public
interest, I have documented some of it on my website, together
with supporting evidence in the form of recordings from the
hypnosis sessions that he conducted with me, and telephone
conversations that we had about the events:


In December 2004, Dr. Jacobs offered to conduct hypnosis with me
over the telephone. He presented himself to me as an academic
researcher, and led me to believe that I would be a research
subject of Temple University. He sent me what he told me was a
research consent form citing Temple University. I therefore
thought that it was safe to proceed.

Over the following two years, Dr. Jacobs conducted 91 hypnotic
regressions with me during 37 hypnosis sessions. While he was
conducting hypnosis with me, he engaged in extensive leading and
suggestion. I was not aware of what he was doing while I was
hypnotized, and I only realized that he had done this much
later, when I listened to the recordings of the hypnotic

Dr. Jacobs has studied the literature on hypnosis, and he has
written about it in his books. He knows that the use of leading
and suggestion in hypnosis causes people to confabulate false
memories. As his use of it was so overt, in my opinion he must
have been aware of what he was doing. His actions amounted to
the systematic implantation in my mind of false hypnotic
memories, including of violent assault and rape, which fit his

During my twentieth hypnosis session, as a result of Dr. Jacobs'
leading and suggestion, I confabulated a hypnotic "memory" of
being sexually assaulted. Dr. Jacobs then told me under hypnosis
to send him my unwashed underpants, and not to remember doing
it, ostensibly so that he could have them analyzed. This is an
audio clip from my hypnosis session of him telling me to do


Dr. Jacobs told me while I was hypnotized during my twenty-
eighth hypnosis session that I should wear a chastity belt that
he would send to me. He said that he had found one in a
sadomasochistic sex shop that had nails sticking across where
the vaginal opening is. Although he did not send me the chastity
belt, he told me that he had bought one for another research
subject to wear. This is an audio clip from my hypnosis session
of him suggesting this to me:


During my twenty-ninth hypnosis session, Dr. Jacobs put hypnotic
suggestions my mind that I had Multiple Personality Disorder
(MPD). This an audio clip from my hypnosis session of him doing
implanting these hypnotic suggestions in my mind:


Dr. Jacobs subsequently reinforced the hypnotic suggestions that
he had given me that I had Multiple Personality Disorder by
asking me to write emails to him as though I had MPD, and by
writing me emails in which he addressed me as though I had that

At times Dr. Jacobs did not bring me out of the hypnotic state
at the end of the hypnosis sessions that he conducted with me.
Instead, he left me to gradually resurface from the hypnotic
trance myself in the hours
following the sessions.

Dr. Jacobs eventually began to give me post-hypnotic suggestions
that I would not remember the content of some of my hypnosis.
This an audio clip from my thirty-first hypnosis session of him
doing this:


Consequently, I forgot large sections of my hypnosis
sessions, although I did remember parts of them.

By the time that my hypnosis sessions with Dr. Jacobs came to an
end, I had no conscious memory of his request that I send him my
unwashed underpants, nor his suggestions that I should wear a
chastity belt, and that I had Multiple Personality Disorder.
These are things that I would normally never forget.

I only realized that Dr. Jacobs had done these things to me much
later, when I listened to the recordings of the hypnosis

Although I had no conscious awareness of these events, they
nevertheless affected me. For instance, while I had no conscious
memory of Dr. Jacobs putting the hypnotic suggestions in my mind
that I had Multiple Personality Disorder, I nonetheless had an
underlying sense I had it, and I used to wonder why.

I chose to end my association with Dr. Jacobs in February 2007,
after he told me that he had received a warning from an
"alien/hybrid" on AOL Instant Messenger, originating from his
webmaster's computer, saying that it was extremely dangerous for
him to work with me as there were "hybrids" around me who were
very concerned about "security".

Once I was no longer being hypnotized by Dr. Jacobs, I began the
long process of recovering from the psychological abuse that he
had subjected me to.

Subsequently, Dr. Jacobs tried to stop me from speaking out
about his actions towards me.

During a telephone conversation that I had with Dr. Jacobs in
May 2007, he tried to intimidate me into not talking publicly
about the content of the warning that he received from an
alleged "hybrid" via instant messenger, by threatening to reveal
my identity as his research subject if I did. This is an audio
clip from that conversation of him threatening to do this:


Dr. Jacobs subsequently threatened to "paint a horrible picture"
of me if I spoke in public about his actions towards me as a
research subject. In 2010, the Paratopia podcast produced a show
that contains a recording of a telephone conversation that I had
with Dr. Jacobs in June 2007. During this conversation, Dr.
Jacobs bullied and threatened me in this manner in order to try
to stop me from speaking out:

Paratopia 57: The Emma Woods Tapes


In March 2010, I was contacted by Kaz Schwarz, a member of the
public who heard the show concerned. She told me that she had
filed a complaint with Temple University about Dr. Jacobs'
conduct towards me.

Ms. Schwarz sent me copies of her correspondence with you about



I have no idea if this is the right place, but I'm wondering how
to file a complaint against a faculty member? He is an associate
professor at Temple, and I believe he has made serious
violations, ethical and moral, against his human research

Maybe you could help me by referring me to the proper



Forwarded conversation
Subject: Temple University Office for Human Subject Protections


Date: Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 5:53 AM
To: "ks0255.nul"

Dear K: Your message was forwarded to me by a member of my staff
who received the original email. Thank you for taking the first
step in notifying the university about a potentially serious
matter. I am the person who will take and investigate the
complaint - IN A CONFIDENTIAL =E2=80=93 manner, so you can be assured
protections. Please feel free to contact me in my office at
2.8757 (private line), via email ( again private) or to meet
personally (at a location to be decided) to discuss. I am bound
by confidentiality agreements to maintain information received
in a protective and confidential manner. Thanks/Richard


From: *s*
Date: Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 10:45 PM


On the internet there is an audio clip of Dr. David Jacobs, an
associate professor at Temple University with a research
subject. Dr. Jacobs is apparently telling a woman subject that
she has multiple personality disorder, MPD, while she is under
hypnosis. He is instructing her about her MPD condition to
protect himself from what he calls "hybrid aliens". Apparently
he believes that this woman on the recording is in contact with
the hybrids and that when they read her thoughts, they will
discover messages he gives her under hypnosis to give them.

It's all very disturbing. Can a Professor at Temple University
put someone under hypnosis, and then tell them they have
multiple personality disorder? He claims he is an expert. While
under hypnosis, he also tells his subject to not remember
anything when they wake up. It's all on audio on the internet!

The audio is on the following address. It starts at 32:40
minutes. The webspage has some more details about the context of
the entire audio, of which Dr. Jacobs is only a small part.


If you are interested in hearing a recording of Dr. jacobs and
his research subject discussing his treatment of her, here is a
page with the audio link. This audio is of a phone conversation
between the two, where Dr. Jacobs threatens the woman subject
serveral times to 'keep quite" Or else he'll "be forced" to do
all sorts of terrible things to her. It's pretty crazy. The
woman subject mentions signing a university document, I assume
it was the human subjects contract or agreement that Temple
University used in their research projects.


I do not know if you are the right person to bring this matter
to, but if you are not, maybe you could direct me to the proper
authorities. The way this Dr. Jacobs verbally abuses this woman
is stomach turning. I just want a formal complaint about Dr.
Jacobs put forward so that his future research subjects will
have that extra evidence if any thing, god forbid, similar
occurs in the future.

Thank you!
Kaz Schwarz


Date: Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 9:43 AM
To: s

This is very interesting - BTW: There is no one here at Temple
University by the name of Kaz Schwarz. For Temple to be able to
take this blind report I will need to have it submitted from
your valid Temple HR registered email address. Thanks


From: *s*
Date: Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 10:18 PM

I don't go to Temple University. I just want to file a complaint
against a Temple University professor on behalf of a research
subject who says on audio, posted on the internet, in several
places, that she was seriously hurt by this Dr.

If you can't take a complaint, maybe you could tell me who at
Temple U. can? Thanks.


Date: Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 4:47 AM
To: s

This is a closed matter.


From: *s*
Date: Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 3:14 PM

Okay. Thanks.

I'll just hang on to these emails in case Dr. Jacobs ever,
god forbid, "goes postal" (as the saying goes) one day.

If that were to ever happen, there will be evidence that you
and Temple University were well aware of Dr. Jacobs conduct.
I'm sure you have taken the appropriate actions and notified
the appropriate people about these serious concerns.



In May 2007, Dr. Jacobs forwarded me an inappropriate and, in my
opinion, abusive letter from his close friend Budd Hopkins in
which he tried to pressure me into not saying anything. He made
an analogy between my actions and George Bush's invasion of Iraq
causing the deaths of thousands of people.

In addition, I have been subjected to wholesale defamation by
Dr. Jacobs, as he has tried to damage my personal reputation to
that people will not listen to what I say about his misconduct
towards me.

On April 4, 2010, Dr. Jacobs defamed me on the Paracast radio
show, implying that I was mentally ill and not telling the


At the same time, Dr. Jacobs published an extremely dishonest
and defamatory statement about me on his website, in which he
referred to me as "Alice":


Dr. Jacobs' statement consists of a series of outright lies and
distortions calculated to portray me as suffering from a
personality disorder that is motivating me to engage in a
baseless vilification campaign against him.

I have evidence in the form of numerous audio recordings and
emails that prove that Dr. Jacobs' defamatory claims about me
are false.

Furthermore, in his statement, Dr. Jacobs attempts to justify
putting the hypnotic suggestions in my mind that I had MPD,
which in itself is a serious warning indicator about his lack of
ethics. He lists a series of alleged precipitating events that
took place in October 2006, all of which are either outright
lies or distortions of what occurred. He declares that he then
"thought long and hard" about to do, and that he decided to
carry out the MPD "tactic" on me.

However, Dr. Jacobs had already put the hypnotic suggestions in
my mind that I had MPD in June 2007, several months before the
events that he claims precipitated it. Therefore, his entire
story about why he carried out the MPD "tactic" on me is a

Moreover, it is instructive to compare the audio recording of
Dr. Jacobs implanting the hypnotic suggestions in my mind that I
had Multiple Personality Disorder with his misleading
description of it in his statement.

Dr. Jacobs implanting hypnotic suggestions in my mind that I had

"I'm going to count from five to one, and just remember now, my
diagnosis is that this is Multiple Personality Disorder and you
should take medication for it. I have seen lots of cases of MPD,
and this absolutely fits the MPD profile. And, my professional
diagnosis therefore is Multiple Personality Disorder. ... [L]ots
of people are walking around with it. It's a public health
problem. And that, you are unfortunately suffering from it. And,
my opinion is that yours is a classic case, and that =E2=80=93 that
the only thing that will help you will be medication. ... your
stories, I am only interested in the fact that you tell those
stories, because multiple personalities are all different. As
you know, that each =E2=80=93 each individual within Multiple
Personality Disorder =E2=80=A6 comes out. And, I think that we've been
dealing with three or four personalities here =E2=80=A6 [y]ours is, in
fact, Multiple Personality Disorder. And, when people want to
talk to you about the - about your contact with me, that is the
first thing you tell them. I have decided it is all Multiple
Personality Disorder, and that's what I'm going to be talking
about. A psychiatric condition. Multiple Personality =E2=80=93
Personality Disorder, well-known in the world. And, you think I
may be wrong, but I think that I'm right. And, that's what it
is. And, this is what it is. ... [A]nd that's all there is to
it. So, now I'll count from five to one and bring you out of
this. And, we'll talk about MPD a little bit more. Five, kind of
coming out of this ... "

Dr. Jacobs' misleading description of his MPD "tactic" in his
defamatory statement about me:

"Then at one point during a hypnosis session I told her that as
a researcher was interested not in abductions but in multiple
personality disorder."

Dr. Jacobs tries to imply in his statement that he told me in
advance that he was going to carry out the MPD "tactic" on me.
Once again, this is completely untrue. I had no idea that he was
going to do it until he did.

On December 19, 2010 Dr. Jacobs publicly defamed me on the Coast
to Coast AM radio show:


During the show, Dr. Jacobs told a series of outright lies
calculated to portray me as a mentally ill liar. In addition, he
made the ludicrous assertion that he had obtained advice from
nine mental health professionals that implied that I was
mentally ill.

It is patently obvious that no mental health professional in
their right mind would ever support Dr. Jacobs implanting
hypnotic suggestions in my mind that I had Multiple Personality
Disorder, or any of the other psychologically abusive actions
that he engaged in.

My former and current therapists consider that I am
psychologically normal, and that I do not suffer from any
personality disorders. They are both qualified and in a position
to be able to make that assessment. I have published on my
website a psychological assessment of me by my former therapist
which states this. Dr. Jacobs has the original signed copy of
this assessment. My current therapist is supporting me in my
action in making Dr. Jacobs' abuse of me as research subject
known as a matter of public interest.

Following Dr. Jacobs' defamation of me on Coast to Coast AM, I
have had to contend with another round of public discussion
about the "fact" that I am mentally ill.

In addition, I have received hate mail through my website, and
comments on my YouTube channel, that include the following

"He planted false memories in that screwed up multiple
personality brain of yours? GET A F#*&.nul LIFE BITCH....MOVE THE

"emma woods has a multiple personality disorder and you should
forget about all the garbage she puts forth. This woman is
nuts...and all she wants is attention. She records people
without their permission and then she tries to detroy
them....typical psychopath."

"kill yourself and end this nitemare YOU HAVE CAUSED EVERYONE

"You are so correct....this woman is typical of multiple
personality disorders, which results in a classic case of
phycopathic self centered psychosis. Jacobs spent many hours
trying to help this bitch."

"GET HELP YOU SICKO and Leave Dr. Jacobs alone already you sick

"this is that crazy witch that tried to ruin Jacob's career. She
is crazy. She has got a mental disorder. She will stop at
nothing to destroy anyone who tries to help her. She needs to be
put away so she can't harm anyone else.She (emma) needs to be
relocated to a padded cell. Everyone is laughing at you, It's
all over the net.She can't control her rage,anyone who gets in
her way,she will stop at nothing to destroy them. She needs a
strait jacket."


"This monster drove the people over at Temple University crazy
with outlandish demands. After awhile they realized that she was
crazy and will not acknowledge her. She has an obsessive
compulsive disorder and makes life hell for anyone who call her
on it. People like this needs to be put away."


Dr. Jacobs publishes his website under the name of ICAR:
International Center for Abduction Research. On his homepage he

"The International Center for Abduction Research (ICAR) is an
organization devoted to the dissemination of trustworthy
information about UFO abductions. ... David M. Jacobs is the
Director of the ICAR and there is a small Board."

At the time that I became Dr. Jacobs' research subject, I
therefore believed that he was the Director of an international
research organization with a Board overseeing its activities.
Much later, however, he admitted to me that "ICAR" consisted
solely of him. There was no organization and no Board.

In my opinion, Dr. Jacobs' statements on his website about
"ICAR" are clearly intended to mislead the public, as well as
his research subjects, as to his status as a researcher.

Prior to conducting hypnosis with me, Dr. Jacobs asked me to
sign what he told me was a Temple University Research Consent

Section 1 of the form states that I would be participating in
"scholarly historical research". Temple University is cited in
section 2 of the Research Consent Form in a manner that implies
that the research was being conducted under the auspices of the

"I understand that my participation is voluntary, and that I may
stop at any time. (Non-participation in this research or
withdrawal from this research will not prejudice future
interactions with the researcher or Temple University."

Section 5 of the form states that I was a "research subject",
and that I could obtain information about my rights from the
"Office of the Vice Provost for Research of Temple University".

In September 2008, I filed a complaint with you about Dr.
Jacobs', in my opinion, misconduct towards me as a researcher.

In October 2008, you told me that after a "through [sic] review
and inquiry into the matter of breach of confidentiality and
misconduct" that "no breach of confidentiality" was made, and
that no further action was required or planned in the matter.

However, at no stage did you speak to me about the substance of
my allegations, or ask me for the large volume of evidence that
I have substantiating them, including the recordings of all of
the hypnosis sessions that Dr. Jacobs conducted with me. In my
opinion it is therefore clear that you did not carry out a
thorough review of it.

In August 2009, I filed a complaint with the United States
Department of Health & Human Services Office for Human Research
Protections (OHRP) about Temple University's, in my opinion,
failure to properly investigate my complaint about Dr. Jacobs'

I was told by the OHRP that in response to my complaint to them,
that you made a case to them that Dr. Jacobs was not conducting
'research', but that he was just taking 'oral history', and that
therefore the OHRP did not have the mandate to investigate it
through the university.

The OHRP told me that they had accepted your characterization of
Dr. Jacobs' work as not constituting 'research', and that
therefore that they could not investigate it.

However, although the OHRP determined that they could not
investigate Dr. Jacobs' work through Temple University, they
were nevertheless concerned about it. They told me that they
would ask Temple University to investigate it voluntarily.

To facilitate this, the OHRP asked my permission to forward to
you all of the material that I had provided to them with my
complaint, which I gave them. I understand that the OHRP
subsequently forwarded you copies of my submission to them,
which contained detailed information about Dr. Jacobs' misuse of
hypnosis with me, as well as access to the recordings of the
hypnosis sessions.

I did not receive any communication from you after the OHRP had
written to you about this, and had forwarded the material on to

Consequently, on January 6, 2010, I called you to ask you what
Temple University was intending to do about the OHRP's request
to you to investigate the issue voluntarily.

I did NOT call you to ask to have the agreements that I signed
along with Dr. Jacobs regarding my participation in a protocol
project to be rendered null and void, as the statement in your
email of January 12, 2010 implies.

At that stage, you told me that Dr. Jacobs was not conducting
'research' but that he was just taking "oral history", and that
because of this, that you could not investigate my complaint.

I raised with you the fact that Dr. Jacobs had asked me to sign
a form citing Temple University which stated that I was a
"research subject", and that I could obtain information about my
rights from Temple University (I had previously sent you a copy
of the form with my complaint.)

Your response was that the forms that Dr. Jacobs had me sign
were "unauthorized" by Temple University, and that they were not
legally binding.

At that stage I said to you that I thought that Temple
University was putting people at ongoing risk of psychological
abuse by Dr. Jacobs, as he was presenting himself as a scholarly
academic researcher conducting research under Temple University,
and that he was leading people to believe that by participating
in his research, that they would be research subjects of Temple

You informed me that you had told Dr. Jacobs that in future he
was to remove all references to "Temple University" and to
"research" in his work with people.

I told you that Temple University had left me in a difficult
position, in that you had not investigated his abuse of me, nor
protected me from his subsequent defamation of me as he tried to
cover up what he did to me by destroying my personal reputation.
I said that the difficulty of my position was compounded by the
fact that the forms that I signed stated that I would not play
the recordings of my hypnosis sessions in public without Dr.
Jacobs' permission, which was hindering my ability to make
public what he did to me during those hypnosis sessions.

At that stage, you told me that you understood about the effect
of hypnosis. You said that you had undergone hypnosis yourself
for issues related to stopping smoking and weight loss, and that
you had some idea of it. You told me that you understood how I
could have been affected by the hypnosis, especially as I had
trusted Dr. Jacobs.

I asked you whether Temple University would put in writing the
fact that the forms that Dr. Jacobs had me sign were
"unauthorized" by the University, and that you did not consider
them to be legally binding.

You responded that Temple University was sympathetic to my
situation and that you would like to help me if you could. You
said that if it would help me, that you would send me a written
statement saying that the forms were unauthorized by Temple
University, and that I was not bound by them. You told me that
Dr. Jacobs and I could then "duke it out on the net".

You asked me which email account of mine you should send the
statement to, and I told you that I would send you the email
address after we had finished our call. I subsequently sent you
the email addresses to send the statement to.

However, in your email of January 12, 2010, you told me:

"You recently contacted the Temple University Institutional
Review Board with a request to have the agreements you signed
along with another individual regarding your participation in a
protocol project to be rendered null and void. Legal Counsel was
contacted to seek information regarding these agreements, and
was advised that our institution may not provide legal advice to
you regarding how to proceed in light of the agreements you have
with Dr. Jacobs. You should seek your own legal advice whether
the documents are enforceable or if the agreements may be broken
or rendered null and void pursuant to applicable law."

In view of the statement in your email, I thought that it was
important to clarify and put on record the events as outlined

In my opinion, it is not acceptable for Temple University to
simply leave a research subject who has been egregiously
psychologically abused by a faculty member to "duke it out on
the net" in order to try to protect themselves.

However, following Temple University's, in my opinion, failure
to investigate my complaint adequately and to uphold my
protections as a research subject, I have attempted to make the
issue widely known in the field as a matter of public interest.

As you are aware, I forward copies of my submission to the OHRP
to members of the Temple University Department of History, as
well as to many researchers in the field. In addition, I have
spoken about it in a number of radio interviews. I have found
this difficult, as I am shy, and it concerns events that are
painful for me. However, I have done it in order to try to
protect myself, as well as to prevent other people from being
harmed in the future in the same way that I have been.

There are a number of other related issues stemming from our
telephone conversation of January 6, 2010 that I wish to follow
up on.

During our conversation you told me that Dr. Jacobs had sent
back to me all of the material that I had provided him with.
However, I told you that I had not received the material from
him. You told me that you would follow it up, but I have still
not received the material.

Could you please ensure that Dr. Jacobs returns the material to
me, as you said that you would.

I told you during our conversation that Dr. Jacobs was
continuing to defame me. You said that you had already talked to
him about that, and you assured me that you would talk to him
once more to ensure that he did not continue to do so.

However, as I have detailed above, Dr. Jacobs has subsequently
engaged in extensive public defamation of me, which you are no
doubt already aware of. I have been provided with additional
information from a number of people that he is continuing to
defame me behind the scenes as well.

I once again ask that you take steps protect me from this
ongoing abuse by Dr. Jacobs, and that you take the necessary
actions to restore my public reputation which has been
deliberately damaged by him as he tries to cover up his
misconduct towards me.

Dr. Jacobs has continued to use Temple University's name to
facillitate his actions, including in his defamatory statement
about me on his website. This includes his following statement:

"Temple also sent her a letter saying it would no longer respond
to her."

I have received no such letter from you. In light of the series
of outright lies that Dr. Jacobs has told throughout his
statement, I assume that this was simply another lie.

However, if you did send me such a letter, could you please re-
send it, as I have never received it, and I would like to have a
copy of it for my records.

Although you told me that you had instructed Dr. Jacobs that he
was not to refer to Temple University, or to use the word
"research" in his future work with people, he continues to
present himself publicly on his website as an academic
researcher. His Biography states that he is "Associate Professor
of History at Temple University", and a glowing description of
his research portrays him as a competent expert who abides by a
"strict scientific and ethical research methodology." In his
public interviews he is routinely introduced as an academic
researcher and Professor at Temple University. This includes his
most recent appearance on Coast to Coast AM, in which the host,
George Knapp, introduced Dr. Jacobs as an "academic researcher",
and as being associated with Temple University.

I have not found any statement on Dr. Jacobs' website that
alerts members of the public to the fact that Temple University
does not consider his work to be 'research', and that therefore
his subjects are not protected by Temple University's
Institutional Review Board. Neither am I aware of Temple
University having taken any steps to alert members of the public
to this fact.

In my opinion, Temple University's failure to investigate and
deal appropriately with such clearly abusive and dishonest
conduct by a faculty member, including his use of his academic
status and Temple University's name both to facilitate his
perpetration of that abuse, and to attempt to cover it up, is a

Temple University is, in my opinion, leaving vulnerable members
of the public open to serious psychological abuse, by Dr. Jacobs
using his association with the university both to procure
research subjects, whether he explicitly states this in his
forms or not, and to help cover up his misconduct after the

The research subject who Dr. Jacobs took on after me, who uses
the pseudonym "Brian Reed", has recently spoken out in public on
the Paratopia show about his experience as Dr. Jacobs' research

Paratopia: Episode 94: Brian Reed Vindicates Emma Woods


Brian Reed was twenty-one years old when he was taken on as a
research subject by Dr. Jacobs. In my opinion, it is clear that
his protections as a research subject were not adequately upheld

I do not accept your characterization of Dr. Jacobs' work as
taking "oral history", and in due course I will be presenting a
case to the OHRP that his research does constitute research as
defined by them, and asking them to review their decision.

If no individual(s) or institution steps up to take
responsibility for Dr. Jacobs' unethical treatment of his
research subjects, I will consider additional courses of action.


Emma Woods

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