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The Myth And Mystery Of UFOs

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Subject: The Myth And Mystery Of UFOs

I've been slow in catching up on hard-copy of late... and
unfortunately have been tardy in getting to Bullard's latest,
kindly sent to me by Editor in Chief: Michael Briggs.

Jerry Clark's review, below, from the dust-jacket sums up
another must-have book for the seriously interested...



Source: University Press Of Kansas


October 2010

The Myth And Mystery Of UFOs
Thomas E. Bullard

University Press Of Kansas

ISBN 987-0-7006-1729-6

When United Airlines workers reported a UFO at O'Hare Airport in
November 2006, it was met with the typical denials and hush-up
that usually accompany such sightings. But when a related story
broke the record for hits at the Chicago Tribune's Web site, it
was clear that such unexplained objects continued to occupy the
minds of fascinated readers. Why, wonders Thomas Bullard, don't
such persistent sightings command more urgent attention from
scientists, scholars, and mainstream journalists?

The answer, in part, lies in Bullard's wide-ranging survey of
the mysterious, frustrating, and ever-evolving phenomenon that
refuses to go away and our collective efforts to understand it.
In his trailblazing book, Bullard views those efforts through
the lens of myth making, discovering what UFO accounts tell us
about ourselves, our beliefs, and the possibility of visitors
from beyond. Bullard shows how ongoing grassroots interest in
UFO5 stems both from actual personal experiences and from a
cultural mythology that defines such encounters as somehow
"alien"-and how it views relentless official denial as a part of
conspiracy to hide the truth. He also describes how UFOs have
catalyzed the evolution of a new but highly fractured belief
system that borrows heavily from human history and mythic themes
and that UFO witnesses and researchers use to make sense of such
phenomena and our place in the cosmos.

Bullard's book takes in the whole spectrum of speculations on
alien visitations and abductions, magically advanced
technologies, governmental conspiracies, varieties of religious
salvation, apocalyptic fears, and other paranormal experiences.
Along the way, Bullard investigates how UFOs have inspired
books, movies, and television series; blurred the boundaries
between science, science fiction, and religion; and crowded the
Internet with Web sites and discussion groups. From the patches
of this crazy quilt, he posits evidence that a genuine
phenomenon seems to exist outside the myth.

Enormously erudite and endlessly engaging, Bullard's study is a
sky watcher's guide to the studies, stories, and debates that
this elusive subject has inspired. It shows that, despite all
the competing interests and errors clouding the subject, there
is substance beneath the clutter, a genuinely mysterious
phenomenon that deserves attention as more than a myth.

Thomas E. Bullard is a board member of the Center for UFO
Studies and the Fund for UFO Research and author of UFO
Abductions: The Measure of a Mystery and The Sympathetic Ear:
Investigators as Variables in UFO Abduction Reports.



Acknowledgments vii

List of Abbreviations ix

Introduction: A Mystery of Mythic Proportions

1 Who Goes There? The Myth and the Mystery of UFOs 25

2 The Growth and Evolution of UFO Mythology 52

3 UFOsofthe Past 97

4 From the Otherworid to Other Worlds 124

5 The Space Children: A Case Example 176

6 Secret Worlds and Promised Lands 201

7 Other Than Ourselves 229

8 Explaining UFOs: An-Inward Look 252

9 Explaining UFOs: Something Yet Remains 286

Appendix: UFO-Related Web Sites 315

Notes 319

Select Bibliography 375

Index 399

An illustration section follows page 165


"A compelling and admirable study that combines lucidity and
intellectual rigor and treats the human context of UFO matters
without losing sight of the UFOs themselves. Bullard outlines in
eloquent prose the difference between the stimulus (puzzling
sightings and encounters) and the stimulated (witnesses,
investigators, theorists, hoaxers, skeptics, and spiritual
seekers) to reveal a complex and shifting phenomenon that
continues to challenge our J understanding of reality."

                  --Jerome Clark, author of The UFO Encyclopedia

University Press Of Kansas
Lawrence KS 66045

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