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New Information About The Trindade Island Case

From: A. J. Gevaerd - Revista UFO <aj.nul>
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2011 12:26:54 -0200
Archived: Fri, 04 Feb 2011 11:48:48 -0500
Subject: New Information About The Trindade Island Case

[The previous post by Thiago Luiz Ticchetti was sent
 inadvertantly and was a draft and not meant for
 distribution --ebk]

Dear Listers:

Those of you who know me personally also know that I take the
UFO research and information circulation very seriously. This is
what I believe that other people who don't know me personally
also think. For instance, I have been persistently announcing
here every steps given and every results achieved in the
Brazilian disclosure process, that happened because a campaign
that my team and I initiated in 2004, resulting in the release
of almost 5,000 pages of previously classified docs from the
Brazilian Air Force, for the very first time in history.

I have also relentlessly stand in the frontline to repel attacks
that the Brazilian Ufology has received from domestic or
international skeptics, specially attacks to our major cases,
such as the UFO sightings in the Amazon covered by the Brazilian
Air Force Operation Saucer, whose commander gave me an exclusive
interview in 1997 and which cases I have pursued for so long, in
a determined position to investigate as deep as possible what
happened there with many trips to the affected areas.

I also did the same about The Varginha Case, the capture of
alien creatures in Minas Gerais state, back in January 20, 1996.
And other Brazilian Ufology episodes, such as the Trindade
Island Case, specially the photos of a Saturn-shaped craft over
the island made by Almiro Barauna on January 16, 1958. This case
is a milestone in Ufology and has been under rigorous inquiry
for decades. The photos have been many times legitimated by some
of the major UFO researchers and image experts in Brazil and in
the world.

Well, during all my UFO life, some 35 years now, I have been in
the forefront to defend the legitimacy of the Trindade Island
Case and will continue to do so until I have any strong,
reliable and consistent evidence on the contrary. Many skeptics
tried to discredit the case and Barauna's photos before, some
with the most childish explanations that didn't stand up for
more than 5 minutes.

I explain it all to you because in the next days you will see
some staggering information coming from my team at the Brazilian
UFO Magazine (the oldest regular UFO magazine in the world now).
These are new information about the Trindade Island Case that
will disturb some of my colleagues here at this List, just as it
has disturbed us in Brazil.

Our consultant Alexandre de Carvalho Borges has been pursuing
the case for over a decade and has been also a great and
relentless defender of its legitimacy, based on the facts that
he and we all very well know and a few that he dug. Well, he
just recently found out, however, information that amazed him
and led him to think otherwise. He found and interviewed what
has been considered so far a real nephew of Barauna, Marcelo
Ribeiro, also a rewarded photographer now in his late sixties,
who claims that he heard directly from his uncle that the photos
were faked and learned from Barauna himself how they were made
and why he never came up with the real story.

This stunning information surfaced last Tuesday and was kept
only in the inner circle of the Director Board of the Brazilian
UFO Magazine for two days, until we discusses how to handle it
impartially and responsibly -- not damage countrol, but
journalism. Over a dozen UFO experts from my team along with
Alexandre and myself made a serious debate of how to announce
the new witness declarations. And even under a few of my team
members opposition, including that of my co-editor Marco Antonio
Petit de Castro (one of the most productive and reliable UFO
researcher in Brazil), we democratly decided to publish the new
info last night.

The entire new story is already in Portuguese in our website and
is being translated into English and Spanish in the next few





Our immediate decision was to keep the Brazilian and the World
UFO Communities informed of the new information, or allegations,
but we discussed for two days how to do so in the best way
possible. It has to be noted that, among other of my team, Petit
is the one who most rejects the new info and has solid ground to
do so, as he rejected other previous new witnesses before. He
was the Brazilian UFO researcher closest to Barauna and
interviewed him on several occasions.

The new information, or allegations, are very serious and
towards a very important case, and we will keep you posted of
the new developments in this. However, it is crucial to state
here that neither we, at the Brazilian UFO Magazine or I as the
editor, support the new witness claims (for more consistent they
may appear), nor we reject them at this point (considering some
contradictions in his report). It has been checked out that,
unlike other people in the past, Marcelo Ribeiro actually was
Barauna's nephew and was very close to him. So it would be
unethical not to recognize it, as well as it wouldn't be
responsible simply to assume that because of his proximity to
Barauna he is OK. So we keep doing what has to be done.

Marcelo Ribeiro claims that Barauna told him and only a few
other members of his family that he forged the photos. He
recognizes, however, that it may have occurred some sighting
onboard the Almirante Saldanha vessel, witnessed by the military
there, but claims that Barauna had taken advantage of that to
make his tricks. Marcelo Ribeiro doesn't' believe in UFOs and is
quite a skeptic about them, which is certainly an issue. As
there are also issues on other of his allegations. However, as
he is who he say he is and his claims are serious, we are giving
you this information.

We at the Brazilian UFO Magazine will keep our position
impartial about these new data. We will keep our search for the
truth on this and any other cases. And until proven a fake at no
reasonable doubt, Trindade Island Case stands.

I sign this joined by the magazine's international relations
coordinator, Thiago Luiz Ticchetti.

Thank you very much.

A. J. Gevaerd
Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine
E-mail 1: aj.nul
E-mail 2: ajgevaerd.nul
E-mail 3: ajgevaerd.nul
Site: www.ufo.com.br

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