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PRG Update - December 26, 2011

From: Stephen Bassett <PRG.nul>
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2011 10:53:22 -0500
Archived: Tue, 27 Dec 2011 11:36:39 -0500
Subject: PRG Update - December 26, 2011

Paradigm Research Group

PRG Update - December 26, 2011
Archived at: http://tinyurl.com/3oktofa

Disclosure Petition II - the Rockefeller Initiative

Notice: Throughout December the White House "We the People"
website experienced significant technical difficulties. Many
thousands of people had problems creating an account and/or
logging in and/or signing a petition. PRG received scores of
emails from angry and frustrated potential petition signers.
Furthermore, the "We the People" section was frequently down for
maintenance. Consequently, all petitions submitted in December
had little chance of reaching the 25,000 signature threshold for
a formal response - Disclosure Petition II included. PRG has
confirmed these problems with a White House staffer and has been
told they are being fixed.

Therefore, "Disclosure Petition II - the Rockefeller Initiative"
will be resubmitted to "We the People" sometime in early January
accompanied by a considerable amount of media and web promotion.
[Note: the resubmitted petition will have a new direct link.]
This petition is specifically formulated to challenge the White
House formal statement of November 4, 2011 that,

"The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists
outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has
contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition,
there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is
being hidden from the public's eye."

Disclosure Petition I and the White House response generated
more media coverage worldwide than all other posted petitions
combined. The political media have taken notice. Should
Disclosure Petition II quickly acquire the needed 25,000
signatures, the impact on the Disclosure process could be
dramatic. But this depends upon you.

If you already have an account open at "We the People," get
ready to sign Disclosure Petition II in early January. If you do
not yet have an account, go to www.whitehouse.gov/petitions and
create one now. Anyone from any nation can open an account and
sign petitions.

The current submission of Disclosure Petition II will remain
active through December 31. Feel free to sign it for practice.

World Disclosure Day - July 8

WDD is a little more than six months away and all are invited to
consider how to use that day to draw attention to the Disclosure
advocacy process - YouTube videos, small conferences,
documentary premieres, private showings of past documentaries,
email campaigns, article submissions to op-ed pages, iReports,
Twitter blitzes, concerts, Occupy NASA (just kidding), whatever.
July is the one, two, three month. UFO Day - July 2; Roswell
Festival - July 1-3; World Disclosure Day - July 8. 2012 seems
to be about the end of one paradigm and the beginning of
another. Celebrate the new paradigm in July. Say goodbye to the
old paradigm in December.

Dr. Roger Leir

Vince White

Two very good men who have pursued the truth regarding the ET
reality are struggling right now. Roger Leir has been in and out
of the hospital dealing with several conditions. Vince White has
been challenged by severe Parkinsons for many years and, of
course, it is a progressive illness. Roger's friends and
supporters may post messages of encouragement on his Facebook
page linked above where you will also find his email address.
Vince's friends and supporters are asked to email good wishes to
the address above.

PRG is always mindful of the tireless devotion so many have
given to the truth process with little or no compensation save
for the appreciation of their friends and colleagues.

SETI Saved by Space Command



If anyone has any doubts as to how important the SETI program is
to the government's need for a pressure release valve to keep
people from thinking they don't care about extraterrestrials,
they can now set them aside.

Apparently Jodi Foster's quote is not as high as it used to be
and she didn't have enough money to keep the radio telescopes
running after Paul Allen lost faith. So who turned up to save
the day but the U. S. Air Force Space Command. That would be
the military organization charged with ensuring space is
utilized to defend the country against all foes foreign or
domestic. It would seem they want SETI's Allen Array to focus on
those recently found planets just to be sure there isn't any
life on them that could turn up at our doorstep and start taking
away jobs from American citizens, or worse, might show up in
battle cruisers carrying weapons of mass destruction. You can
never be too careful.

Good Science Always Has Political Ramifications

Scientific American recently published a salient piece on the
nexus of politics and science - a connection often misunderstood
and misrepresented.. Now if only this pointy headed publication
was aware the greatest politics/science drama in history is
playing now on a stage in its parking lot. Of course, it was
the SA Editor who wrote Robert Goddard in1940 that Goddard's
idea of a rocket-accelerated airplane bomb was, "too far-fetched
to be considered." Three years later German V2 missiles rained
down on London.

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Paradigm Research Group
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