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Clifford Stone's Tales

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Subject: Clifford Stone's Tales

Clifford Stone's Tales

Stone and his 'stories' have re-surfaced again. This time
in a new, self-published, book - see Amazon.Com:


Book Description
Publication Date: November 17, 2011

"Sgt. Clifford Stone is one of the most important truth tellers
of our time. This book is a collectorís treasure of his unique
personal experiences in the military with real extraterrestrial
beings. I recognize his truth and honor him for having the
courage to tell it. Clifford carries a time sensitive and world
changing message vital to our very survival, that 'they are not
hostile'. His story educates and opens doors to a new awareness
about whatís really going on behind veils of secrecy which
influences all our lives. He leads us into a whole new way of
thinking and behaving. Clifford Stone raises our consciousness,
touches my heart, and brings me to tears with his fascinating
true story." --Introduction by Paola Leopizzi Harris

With a foreword by Robert Salas. Its unfortunate that Robert
didn't do a web-search on Stone. Had he done so Kevin Randle's
blog-post on Stone would have popped:


Source: Kevin Randle's A Different Perspective Blog


Friday, November 18, 2005


Sergeant First Class (SFC) Clifford Stone

Take as a quick example, the tales told by Cliff Stone. He says
he was not trained as a clerk-typist when he joined the service
but his Army records show only training as a clerk. His record
shows that his only assignments were as a clerk or an admin
specialist or in other roles in that arena. His record shows
that he served in Vietnam, though it is not clear how long he
was actually in-country. His records indicate that he was a
clerk as the Army mission in Vietnam wound down and that he had
no combat experience. He was awarded no decorations for valor.

Stone has said that when he reported for duty in Vietnam, he
requested a combat assignment because he had no training as a
clerk. His request was denied by the company first sergeant. He
said that, during his tour, he would periodically crawl out of
the base camp, through the wire, to engage the enemy. There is
nothing in his record to suggest this is true. When he completed
his Vietnam assignment, he returned to the United States and to
the mundane world of clerk-typist.

Most Vietnam veterans would dispute Stoneís claims of personal
firefights with the Viet Cong and his one-man missions outside
the wire because they simply know better. Individual soldiers
did not crawl through the base camp wire to engage the enemy.
Those who tell similar stories have universally been shown to be
lying about those events.

Stone and the Kecksburg Crash

To provide an additional example of embellishment, Stone has
claimed that he was involved in the Kecksburg UFO crash. His
role seems to have changed over the years, as additional
information has come to light. For example, Stone had said
originally he called the Unsolved Mysteries hotline after they
ran their Kecksburg UFO story. Stone said he had personally
witnessed the armed military convoy, helmeted soldiers and a
flatbed truck carrying the damaged UFO out of Kecksburg. On
Sightings in 1992, Stone made a similar claim (which means the
claim is documented on videotape). Stan Gordon, the main
researcher into Kecksburg, said that Stone told him that he,
Stone, was a civilian and that a friend at Lockbourne AFB, Ohio,
called to tell him that the UFO that was in the news had been
brought to the base. The friend (conveniently unidentified),
picked up Stone and drove him to the base where Stone hid in the
car in the parking lot outside a back gate and saw the convoy
carrying the UFO arrive, stay awhile and then leave for Wright-
Patterson AFB, also in Ohio.

Stone has not renewed these claims since 1992 or 1993. Now,
however, when challenged about his involvement in this case,
Stone claims that he "remote viewed" the site. He hadnít
physically been there but had "seen" it. This seems to be a new
twist to explain how Stone, then a 16 year-old student living
some 90 miles away from Lockbourne AFB and not all that close to
Kecksburg, might have been in a position to see the convoy. So,
in all, Stone has claimed to have been in Kecksburg, then,
rather than being in Kecksburg to witness the convoy and all the
ancillary events, he changed the story to having seen the convoy
arrive at one Air Force base before it was transferred to
another. And, finally he remote viewed it. So, which version is
the truth?

Stone and Project Moon Dust

As added evidence, if such is necessary, Stone has suggested
that it was his research and his inside knowledge of government
UFO investigations that lead us to the secret UFO project known
as Moon Dust. He claims to be the first to reveal anything about
it but when challenged to provide specific information, he has
failed to do so, giving the excuse that he is not free to
discuss all aspects of his military service.

What this means is that we know the code name of Project Moon
Dust was changed after it was compromised in the mid-1980s.
Since Stone suggests that he was the source of the original
information for Moon Dust he released classified information and
since he was part of that project, at least according to him, he
should know the new, and classified code name. But, when we
asked for the new name, he said that he wasnít free to give out
that information. Stone "cherry picks" the information he shares
with us, but the real point is that nothing he provided was key
to learning anything new. In other, more precise words, he told
of nothing that wasnít already available in the UFO community
through other sources. But more importantly, there is no way to
verify his claims because he would refuse to answer the specific
questions, claiming that he was not free to release the
classified details. With no way to verify his claims there
simply is no reason to accept his story as being true.



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